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Cliffjumper – First Edition

Finally, I have my last First Edition figure.   The Prime figures seem to be such a finicky line.  There were figures we could only get at Toys R Us, only at Target, Some we could never find, and some, like this guy, that I finally found after the show is over.

I was at a Toys R Us last weekend, and there was a shelf full of First Edition Bumblebees.  There must have been 30 or so on the shelf.   I cannot figure out what Toys R Us is doing here.   I doubt they would get that many people coming in to find the one figure that they are holding in abundance.

Thankfully, I was able to find the one.  I had the second version of Cliffjumper as well as Terrorcon Cliffjumper.

I really like both figures, but I knew from Terrorcon that I would really like the First Edition it was based on.

He is a well done figure.  His vehicle mode is a solid muscle car.  He really shines in robot mode.   All of his lines are nice and sharp.  All of his colors match well.   He has the strong shoulders and forearms that he had in the show.

And of course there are the flip-around guns.   The Terrorcon version also had the same guns, but they didn’t really look right on a zombie, so they were a bit pointless.  Here though, they are darn cool.

If you haven’t gotten this version of Cliffjumper, go get him… if you can find him.    Prime is over, and we will see a fade of these figures as we move forward.  I still haven’t heard what is coming next.  Only time will tell.

Transformers: Prime, Deluxe Class Series 1, Arcee and Bumblebee

The Series 1 figures have been coming in slowly but surely.  Generally a ton of Bumblebees, and a few other figures thrown in there. Generally Cliffjumper seems to be second most prevalent.  I was excited to get my hands on Arcee to see if she was as great as the First Edition version. And, not thinking Bee could be better, I waited a long time before I picked one up.  Today I am going to look at the two figures, look at how they hold up on their own, and how the compare to the First Editions.


Arcee comes in a blue color with some silver details.  She comes with a gun and a blade that can be attached together or used separately.  Her wheels spin freely, something cycles have trouble doing, especially when the wheels come apart, as the back one does.

She is much lighter in color than the First Edition, to the left.   Her basic design is pretty similar, with only a few minor modifications.  It is interesting that they were able to keep the two motorcycles so close, being that they have few to no parts that transform the same.

In robot mode, she is very much Arcee.  Her transformation is really straight forward, with a lot fewer parts to change to get her to robot mode than the design of the First Edition.  Her “wings” stick out quite a bit further than her cartoon version.

That is quite a gun they gave her.  Nice to see her trademark blade this time around too.

Version 2 is almost a head shorter than the First Edition.  She does not have anywhere near the articulation either.   There are a lot more details on FE Arcee as well.

If you were not lucky enough to get your hands on the First Edition of Arcee, the newest Arcee will be fine.  She is a good design and a solid robot.   If you already have FE, you will probably not be nearly as happy with the new version.


I HATE this version of Bumblebee.  And this is coming from someone who LOVES Bumblebee.  Look at that picture.  They used a blue-clear piece of plastic to make the roof and door sections, and then painted it.  It does not even kind of match the rest of the car.  At least the stripe is in the right place.  And those wheels.  AHHHHH!!!!  Black with metal posts holding them on.  Really?  You guys couldn’t go with silver paint for the rims?

The only redeeming quality of the robot mode is that most of the horrible paint is hidden on his back.  There are so many things visually wrong with this figure that it is not even funny.  He has giant gaps at his shoulders so you can see to the inside of his body.  His head just sits up there on top, out of place (at least it swivels).  His feet look like they were added on later and don’t really connect with his legs.  And I love me some big feet to make a sturdy robot, but come on!  That is ridiculous.

If you have the chance. Get the First Edition.  He will be worth it.  Everything is better.  Details, filled gaps, stance, wingspan.   He is so much closer to the cartoon version.


Coming up next, a look at a guy that seems to really be keeping a low profile in the toy market, figure 004, Soundwave.  He does not disappoint.

Transformers: Prime – Optimus Prime

Today we are looking at THE MAN!  Or I guess to be more correct, The Robot.   But none the less, he is the guy who leads all, and wins always.  How any iterations have we had of Transformers?  Every one of them has Optimus Prime in charge of the Autobots.  Generally out maned, out gunned, and often with some human tag-alongs that are really more trouble than they are worth.  But their worth is what keeps Prime going.

Looking very much like his cartoon counterpart, he is still his iconic self.  When they originally designed this guy, I bet they did not know he would go through so many variations over the years.

He has great range of motion, being articulated everywhere you could want.  He even has the great shoulder articulation we are getting with all of the Prime figures.

This is the “gun” that Optimus comes with.   It is really crappy looking, more of a mix of clear-blue and silver plastic than anything else.   I wish they would just give up on all of the dumb transforming weapons they did back in the Dark of the Moon series.  They were dumb then, and they are feeling even more stupid now.   I just threw mine into the cabinet with the rest of the weapons that don’t work.

If the gun had the ability to be open on its own, I might feel better about it.  But it doesn’t, so I feel Hasbro wasted time, and charged us extra money for something we did not need.  And with Optimus  costing around $26 at Toys R Us, I would have liked to save a few dollars there.

In vehicle mode, Optimus Prime is the big nose truck we see in the movie series.  I know there are a lot of haters out there that wish we could get the classic flat-nosed truck back.   I do think it allows a little more wiggle room for the designers to create better body parts.   The way the arms fold up in here is nothing less than extraordinary.  That is what gives Optimus long arms that look right for how tall he is.

“Robots in Disguise”…except from the back.  🙂  There is actually a really cool transformation here too which allows his shins to fold forward and under the truck cab as you fold the arms down into place.   I am sure that was a tricky piece of design work there.   I was really glad to see the 5th wheel on the back, instead of some post or nothing at all.  The way it closes up, I am thinking they are leaving the option open to make a trailer at a later time.

And then, they say to attach the weapons like this.   Um, I guess if you squint at it, it could be a generator being delivered on the back of a truck.  I don’t know.   Like I said, the gun went into the void of a cabinet with the other stuff I don’t like the figures holding.

And then there were 5….plus Starscream, but he is not an Autobot, so he doesn’t count… this time.   I am sure my Decepticon ranks will grow too.  I am really looking forward to getting my hands on Bulkhead and Ratchet to round out the Autobots.

It seems slow in coming, but I did find some new figures out at Toys R Us last night.  Unfortunately, it was about 14 Bumblebees, one Wheeljack and one Cliffjumper.   Soundwave is supposed to be in Wave 1 too, but he was nowhere to be seen.   The hunt continues.

I did get the new Bumblebee, so I am going to be doing a comparison between the two.  There are definitely tranformation differences, and the new Bee has two arm cannons.   What else?  Guess you will have to come back and find out.

Transformers: Prime – Wheeljack

Wheeljack has been a fan favorite since ’84.  In the new Prime series, we get him once again, and he looks really close to the original.

In his vehicle mode, he looks really similar to the original design.  Originally designed after a Lancia Statos:

They stuck with the classic design of white with red and green deco.  More futuristic in this version, it still has many of the telltale design qualities that people would still be able to recognize today as typical for Wheeljack.

Just to make sure you know he means business, the two swords Wheeljack carries under his chassis can be attached to the front of the car.  How’s this for a brush guard?

And just in case you wanted to make sure nobody drives too close, the swords can also be attached to his rear quarter panel to help him ‘slice’ through traffic.

OMG!  It’s Wheeljack!   They did such a great job, making sure his face looks right.  He has the telltale mask over his mouth (which is not always there), and his big ‘ears’ sticking out the side.  I am glad they went with this head version instead of going with the mouth version.  I know they had a choice, and I am glad they went with what would make all of us G1 fans happy.

Remember how great Wheeljack looked with that big rocket on his shoulder…

Oh, I mean, remember how Wheeljack was so cool because he had two samurai swords and looked a lot like he should be Drift?  Um, I don’t remember Wheeljack having swords.  That’s right, he didn’t.  Guess they wanted to move away from the giant missile on the shoulder thing.   Let’s make him a bad-ass by giving him swords instead.  Okay, I am down with that.   They are a pair of nice swords that can be held in his hands, or attached to the holes in his shoulders.

A little shorter than Bumblebee, he is the gap between Bee and Cliffjumper that keeps Cliffjumper from looking like a MiniCon.  Wheeljack is a great addition to the team.  He has a great look that fits in with the other figures.  He also has some great transformation.  He takes about five or six steps just to get his legs transformed.  They really did a lot of work on the figure to make him just right.

The hunt continues.  There are a lot of new figures still out there I have not seen yet.  I guess they will continue to trickle out.

Transformers: Prime – Cliffjumper

It has been a while since the “First Edition” series of Transformers: Prime figures came out.   As I am writing this I realized I blogged about Bumblebee, but I have Arcee and Starscream pictures sitting on my desktop waiting to be added.  All in due time I guess.    I did a little more research into the “First Edition” line and found out that I missed the first version of Cliffjumper, as well as Tericon, Bulkhead, and Optimus. I find that to be one of the biggest problems with early waves of figures. They get under ordered or not ordered at all.

Today I am looking at the main man, the tough guy of tough guys, Cliffjumper.  This version appears to be better than the first version.

Generally speaking, Cliffjumper was just a red version of Bumblebee.  Not this time my friends, not this time.  He is uniquely all his own.

A classic muscle car appearance, that is different from all other vehicles to date.  He is an outstanding vehicle.  He rolls well, the lines are nice and tight.  And he look so close to his cartoon counterpart.  He has his trademark horns on the hood, and great sidepipes angling out behind the doors on both sides.

CJ comes with a Battle Hammer.   What is that you ask?  Beats me.  Just another gimmick that Hasbro has come up with to show that the toys come with accessories.  Personally not my favorite, since we saw CJ blowing up the bad guys with an awesome arm cannon.  That would have been a good one to have.

The Battle Hammer can be mounted in the roof or the side of the car.  There are holes in both.  Unlike some of the previous Dark of the Moon figures, CJ does not have a special cover that slides into the hole.  He is just left with a hole in the roof.  Luckily the hole in the side does not look quite so out there and obvious.

In robot mode, CJ has a short powerful stance.   Unlike the facial redesign of Bumblebee, Cliffjumper managed to hang onto his horns.   He has really good articulation all over, as we expect from the more current Transformers.  He has nice big feet to allow him to stand firmly on the ground.  He also comes with hands that can grip all standard weapons that have come with the figures over the past few years.

The Battle Hammer looks way better in his hand than on his roof.  It can be stored on his back since the roof is still there.

The proof is in the picture.  Bumblebee is quite a bit larger than Cliffjumper.  They do not have anything in common between the two of them.  So much for the “brother” aspect.  I am guessing since there are so few characters in Prime, they really wanted to differentiate between the figures the do have.

Now I have a long standing love for Bumblebee.  I have more Bees than any other figure.  But to be honest, I REALLY like Cliffjumper better than Bumblebee in this case.   He is a better looking vehicle, and he looks closer to the classic design in his robot mode.

Coming out at some point I guess, we will get Deluxe figures of Wheeljack, Soundwave, Bumblebee (2nd mold), Ratchet, and Arcee (2nd mold).  Later we will see Vehicon (2nd mold), Knock Out, and Hot Shot.  We will also get the Voyager Class, called Powerizers, of Optimus Prime and Megatron.

I am not too sure about all of these 2nd molds so early on in a line.  I guess they had a lot of stuff to work out.  I am really happy with what I have seen so far.  Looking forward to more soon.

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