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Autobot Throttle and Autobot Breakaway – Transformers: Generation – Titans Return – Deluxe Wave 3 Complete

Oh, here we go again with the copyright stuff. They call the guy “Autobot Breakaway”, though he was really Getaway. It seems that if you are going to all of the trouble to call him “Autobot ___” then you should be able to use “Getaway.” I will never understand the copyright laws. In the meantime, Throttle was renamed from Getaways Powermaster counterpart, Rev. A robot that turns into an engine named “Rev” is perfect. Throttle is good too, though this time around he is a head, not an engine.

At first look, you know there is something familiar about this bot. Not that long ago, just the l last wave as coincidence would have it, we had another bot that looked very similar. And by similar, I mead the same except for a different Titan Master, and a different paint scheme. That bot was the one and only Chromedome. It has to be hard to be the follow-up character to someone like Chromedome.

The really cool thing about Breakaway is that the paint was applied in such a way that he looks very different from Chromedome. The accent colors accent different parts of the really well done armor.

Breakaway again shares the same weapons as Chromedome, who shares them, and a few armor parts with Blurr. It would be nice if we could at least get a new gun here or there, especially the terrible flat gun they all get for the Titan Master to ride in.

The last three Titan Masters we looked at, Firedrive, Daburu, and Blowpipe, all looked like their G1 counterparts. This time around, Throttle looks nothing like his Powermaster version. The colors are wrong, and the mold is not right. It could not have been further from the original. And we were doing so well with this wave. Not that that is such a big thing. It is quite a change from a Powermaster to a Titan Master, os we have to give them some leeway there.

Transforming Breakaway into his vehicle mode is the same as Chromedome (no surprise there). I think he ends up being a better looking sports car. He is mostly white, but he has some added paint details in red and blue. He is so patriotic for being a Cybertonian. He even has the yellow sun protector above the windshield that he had on his G1 version.

As with his brother, Breakaway has a cockpit that sits one. I still think the canopy opening in the way it does is quite remarkable, a really cool feature.

The guns can be mounted on the roof, which is a nice nod to the G1 version, which could do the same.

I feel like the only thing these guys are missing are spoilers on the trunks. It would have given them that little extra something that we got in the 80s.

The team is all built for Wave 3. Three Autobots and a Decepticon. There is one more wave coming that has been announced, and they are ALL Autobots, so I think the Cons should start to be a little worried, but the Cons do have Tripticon coming some time this year.

Stylor and Chromedome – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return – Deluxe Class

This line of Titans Return has sent me down some rabbit holes in search of G1 continuity of some of the lesser known Transformers. Chromedome was in amongst the Headmasters back in 1987, and he has had one other repaint in a Japanese release in 2014. I know him from the IDW comics, but not much back beyond that. I found a great video on Youtube that shows the first episode of Transfomers: The Headmasters, subbed from the original Japanese show. The voices are pretty terrible, but the episode is a whole lot of fun. And we find out that Chromedome is the leader of the Autobot Headmasters. If you are interested in killing a few minutes, it is worth a watch: https://youtu.be/r1nnnzwtrRU

Now, onto the current version. There is something familiar about him in robot mode. It is hard to pinpoint at first, but there are actually a lot of reused parts from other robots here. The main body is using the transformation tech from Combiner Wars Dead End. Interesting how they went back to the last sub-title for the body. There are a few Blurr parts thrown in down in the legs, which is a good reason why Chromedome is running around with a red version of Blurr’s gun.

In the show, Blurr was a little more dark reddish-brown, and less mud-brown, but in the IDW comics, he is definitely brown. Not a great color for a car, but it does set him apart from all of the primary colors. The bright red plays well off of the brown. It works.

Chromedome comes with Stylor. He is apparently a suave little guy. I am pretty sure he would not be too happy with a brown torso, but that is what we get. I am sure the Japanese repaint will show him with some nice yellow highlights.

Chromedome transforms into a very nice sports car. Mostly brown and tan, with touch of red. Not my idea of a hot paint job, but this is almost exactly the same deco as the G1 car. The only part not painted the correct color is the red shaker hood on the G1 car. The red was added to the back quarter panel for this new version instead.

The cockpit opens to reveal a single seat. It seems like it could have been big enough for a pair of seats. That would have been so awesome to allow a pair of Titan Masters to go for a joy ride together. Stylor will just have to go about it solo I guess.

I am not terribly impresses with the gun placements for the car. The G1 version had holes in the roof for the matching blasters to be mounted on top. Instead, the guns are able to be mounted to the sides of the car right behind the front wheels. Stylor can ride out there and fire the guns if he wants.

Overall, I am happy with this guy. The articulation is all you can want. The molding is clean and crisp, as we have seen with all of the Titans Return figures. Chromedome looks just like his IDW comic version, which is a fantastic nod to the G1 design. Can’t ask for much more than that.

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