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Queen’s Blade Rebellion Branwen (Yamato)

The real reason for getting my new photo booth up and running is not to take pictures of Transformers.  Of course, that is a good plus, but I had bought my most expensive anime statue to date, and I did not think the old way I was taking pictures would do her justice.  Today I present to you, in all her glory (literally), Branwen from Queen’s Blade Rebellion.

What we start with is an 11.25 inch statue on a real wood base.  She is expertly sculpted with just the right amount of everything, everywhere.   There is a lot to admire about this giant statue, but I think my favorite part is her hair.  The sculpting on her hair is some of the best hair sculpting I have ever seen on any figure.

She has cute little pouty lips with the slightest bit of gloss on them that accentuates the delicate features of her face.   Her piercing blue eyes really stand out on a stature that is otherwise a mixture of mostly earth tones.  I really like the cables that go around her body.  They really give a sense of movement.

There are a lot of variations you can make with this figure.  Her ball and chain (super heavy by the way) is removable as well as her sword.   Her small shield seems to be removable, but I could not figure out how to do it without risking breaking something.  She is also a cast-off figure.   Her bikini is removable.   The back of the bikini top as well as both ends of the bottoms, go into small tabs between the corset and her skin.  It is not noticeable at all.  If you want to see those pictures and many more from this set, go to my flicker page to get a full view.

Bome Volume 26 – Akira

She is from an anime called Sukapon-Do.  I have no clue what it is about, who this character is, or much of anything else other than I thought it was a great looking sculpt when I saw it on Amazon.com.  She has beautiful pink hair.  Okay, the hair color is not really the beautiful part, but something to be expected with an Anime figure, right?

The base is not a part of the figure, thank goodness.   It is nice and all, but I wanted to put her in my display case, and the base would block light to the lower shelves.   Her clothes are very detailed with lots of waves and folds.   Speaking of clothes.   I did not know until I got her in the mail that she has cast-off clothing.  I was a bit surprised by that, but not necessarily a bad thing.  😉

Thankfully though, the clothes do not fit poorly or have funny seams where the clothes have to come apart to come off.   With Akira, her body comes apart at the waist, and her top comes off, as does her skirt.   Under, she is wearing a corset and a thong.  The corset does not leave anything to the imagination.   Hence why you don’t see a picture of this here… since I do actually write sometimes on my lunch break at work.

In all, a really nice figure.  Not too small, with great design.

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