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U-Wing – Star Wars: Rogue One – 3 3/4 inch scale ship

Let’s take a look at something from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

The U-Wing. A starfighter that doubles as a troop transport. It saw a good piece of action in Rogue One. It is too bad it was created so recently, as it could have been very useful in the original trilogy that followed Rogue One. There are a bunch of cool things we saw in Rogue One that didn’t carry over to the original trilogy, but that is to be expected. Today we are going to look at the ship.

It comes in a good sized box. I was surprised to see so much room left in the box. The biggest complaint I saw was how relatively small the body actually is. It seems that they could have gone 10-20% larger and still stayed inside the box.

There are a lot of parts in the box. The body, Cassian with a gun, two super long wings, four engines, and 2 NERF darts. If you read my A-Wing review, you will know I have no love of the NERF gimmick. At least this time around, the blaster can be tucked up in the body, so it isn’t so blatantly annoying, like it is with the A-Wing.

First let’s look at Cassian. It is a typical figure we see in this modern, but not Golden Age of Star Wars. It should be the Golden Age, with figures that have good articulation. But no, somewhere along the line, Hasbro went backwards from the Clone Era where we got super articulation, to going back to 5 points. Ugh.

Well, he is very static with such a small amount of articulation, but I am not terribly worried about it, since I am really only interested in the ship. My figure focus is in The Black Series with the 6 inch figures. He comes with his blaster, and a holster on his hip for carrying his gun.

He comes with a seatbelt. HAHA!!!

Onto the ship. Let’s put Cassian in the…wait a minute. What is this cockpit they have him going into? The cockpit in the movie is big enough for two people and extra space for moving around. This one has room for one pilot and that is about it. This is where the smaller size comes into play, and there are plenty of people bummed about it.

Moving on to the outside of the ship. It has those great engines that connect the U-Wing to the X-Wing in design and function. That was a great touch. It has the fat belly, but it is a bit on the slim side for allowing soldiers to jump out of the door that is way too small.

Other than the size problem, this is a really nice ship. The details are really well done, from the mold lines, to the paint. It does look a little too clean, and could go a long way with a bit of weathering, which I will probably get around to one of these days. There are four landing struts that are moved down by hand. Two are under the body, and two are in the bottom engines. Having four struts really makes a strong platform for the ship to settle onto terra firma.

The biggest excitement for this vehicle when it was premiered in the trailers was the swept wing that stick out way in front, and then sweep back to make the ship very long. It totally changes the look of the ship. If you look at the bottom, you can see the NERF blaster sticking out. It is dark in color, and slides up and down easily. Thankfully it is out of the way for the most part.

Taking a look at the top of the ship, you can see the lever that gets pulled to make the wings sweep back.

Overall, this is a really nice ship. There are issues with size, and adding an unnecessary NERF blaster to the bottom, but those are fairly minor, and the design of the ship is very appealing, and fun to play with. It is big and has moving parts. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Star Wars: Rogue One – Target 3-Pack, Jyn Erso, Captain Cassian Andor, Imperial Death Trooper Specialist

Boy is that a dusty box.  I was doing a lot of scratch building for a new diorama, and I didn't see how much stuff was stuck to the box.

Boy is that a dusty box. I was doing a lot of scratch building for a new diorama, and I didn’t see how much stuff was stuck to the box.

Target has been getting some larger packs while other stores are getting single figures as their exclusives. The Target 3-Pack consists of Jyn Erso in her Jedha outfit. The people that went out and got her on Force Friday were not happy when the news came out a few days later that she would be included in this 3-pack with the exact same outfit and gun. Thankfully my Force Friday was more miss than hit, so I didn’t find her, and was happy when the news came that she would be available in the 3-Pack. Along with her is Cassian Andor in his flight jacket. This is different than his first release in his cold-weather gear. He also comes with a very special weapon. Finally in the set comes the Imperial Death Trooper. They forgot to mention on the box that this is the Death Trooper Specialist. Similar to the very loved Sandtrooper, the Specialist comes with a pauldron over their right shoulder, and additional weaponry across the webbing. This version is missing the Long Range Blaster Rifle that we have seen in the previews, but more on that later. For now, let’s bust this pack open and see what have to play with.

Jyn Erso:

Jyn is a fantastic figure. I have seen some problems with the eyes, though mine look up slightly, all three packs at my Target seemed to be okay. She comes in her head scarf. The gun is packed separately, but fits in to the holster on her hip. The holster has a strap to keep the gun securely in place.

The head scarf is removable to show Jyn with a bare head. She has her hair back in a low bun, but with parts hanging down on both sides of her face.

The gun is a nice little thing. It is well painted in black and silver.

For the fans that got her early, they will be a bit erked to have to buy her again to get the other two characters. And they have good reason to be bummed. There are many version of Jyn we could have seen, and I don’t think we are done yet.

Captain Cassian Andor:

This time around, we get Andor in his flight jacket. He matches Jyn with their stripes down the sleeves. The sculpting on this one continues to be great. He is not as heavily padded as he was in his cold-weather gear from the first release, so they had to do a little more work to make the sculpt work. And boy did it. The shirt has an open flap, a little similar to Luke’s shirt flap. He has a low-slung belt holster. A strap goes around his leg to hold it in place. A really good look overall.

Cassian comes with the blaster he came with in the Eadu release, but this time it has a bit of something different going on. There is an extra tab on the back to let you know it does something special. And that special has something to do with the two extra gun parts that come in the box. There is a longer front and a stock for the back.

The parts are better molded than the usual E-11 Blaster Rifles we see every Imperial come with. They are usually a bit soft in the mold. Not this gun though. It is crisp, clean, and well painted. The parts fit snugly together to make a really well done blaster rifle.

This is a great team of Rebels. I am excited to see them on the big screen soon. But that is not all, there is one more guy in this box.

Imperial Death Trooper Specialist:

The Specialist is similar to the first release of the Death Trooper, but it has the pauldron with extra ammo, and grenades attached to the webbing. Is that enough to warrant getting this 3-pack?


For those that already got Jyn, I would say it is still worth it. This guy looks different enough from the other Death Trooper. He looks pretty hard core. He comes with the standard modified E-11 blaster rifle and the SE-14 blaster pistol, both molded in grey plastic.

I have already modified my two sets from the Death Troopers I have. I repainted them black and added silver scratches and scrapes as they appear in the movie.

I mentioned before the Long Range Blaster Rifle that the Specialists carry in the movie previews. I went ahead and built my own. I made two, since I figured it would be just as easy as making one, and who knew who was going to have to wield one of these? I made them out of scrap styrene and wire for the piping along the sides.

With the addition of K-2SO, this is a Rebel team that is coming together nicely. I think we are out of Rebels for now. I have some more Imperials coming in soon, and the battle is really going to heat up.

K-2SO and Captain Cassian Andor (Eadu) – Star Wars Black Series – Rogue One

Last weekend, Force Friday did not grant me a lot in the 6 inch line of Star Wars. I am not going after any of the 3.75 inch figures, but I may get some of the vehicles. I cannot do it on principle. They give us 5 points of articulation, I am not biting on that garbage. The figures look great, but I want something more than figures that just stand on my shelf.

Though I only found two figures (one at Target and one at Walmart) after going to 3 Targets and the Walmart after work). I was a little bummed I didn’t find Jyn, later that weekend I felt vindicated since I saw there was going to be a special Target 3-pack with the same Jyn inside, so I don’t want to buy the same figure twice. This is probably why her figure is sitting at $15 on Amazon, while the rest of the figures are continuing to climb. I am certainly looking forward to getting my hands on the Death Trooper and Shoretrooper, but the two I found are certainly getting me started on the fun to come as we approach Rogue One.

I am excited I found K-2SO and Captain Cassian Andor in the same weekend. Andor reprogrammed K-2SO from his ways as a killer, and now these two look like they are going to be the Han and Chewbacca of Rogue One. This is definitely going to be a pair to watch out for, moving forward.


“The Captain says you are a friend. I will not kill you.” About all we have about this guy so far, and already the people are excited about seeing more of this Imperial turned Rebel as we move at a slower and slower speed toward Rogue One.

This guy is everything I expected and more. From watching the first trailer for Rogue One, it was sure that this was going to be one imposing figure. K-2 stands over 7 feet tall, so in the Black Series, that means standing over 7 inches tall.

The proportions are exaggerated to create this droid. The main torso and head are about the size of a standard human. Then they went and lengthened the legs by half again. The designers added equal length to the thigh and calf to allow for what I can only assume is faster running speed. When they redesigned the arms, the length was all added to the forearms with a similar look as a chimp.

The details on K-2 are outstanding. The torso is mostly a shell, but there are lots of added details on the chest and back.
Under his torso, on his upper waist, there is even more detail.

One area I wondered about was in his joints. At the elbows, knees, and ankles, his joints are hollow like giant washers. I was wondering how Hasbro was going to pull that one off. Well, they did it very well. The joint section attached to the lower arm is actually clear plastic. Part of it is painted to match the rest of the joint, and then they added a swivel above the elbow to allow the arm side to side motion
With the knee, it is a joint system of top and bottom put together similar tot he elbow, but both the top and bottom of the joint have a swivel, since the knee moves more dynamically than the elbow.
Way down at the ankle there is a third set of joints. Once again we see the clear plastic inset. This time there is and added piece of articulation that allows the foot to bend in and out, as we have been seeing over most of the Hasbro figures as of late.

Way up top, K-2 has a metal skull set atop a toothpick of a neck. I imagine this would have been a prime place for the Rebels to attack the Enforcer Droids.
The K-2 figure has two ball joints, one on each end of the head. That gives him so much motion.
To finish off the articulation, K-2 has great movement in the shoulders with a very wide range of motion. He also has a funny double joint going on in the hips I am still trying to figure out.

Captain Cassian Andor (Eadu)

The creator of K-2SO, and the guy sent to watch over Jyn Erso, since she is a bit of a live wire.

I am glad to see that the rest of the Internet is wonder what “Eadu” is at the end of his name. In The Force Awakens” we got Finn (JAKKU) where we know Finn to have landed a few times. It seems Eadu is probably a name of a place as well, but somewhere with a fairly cold climate. The outfit is similar to the clothes the Rebels wore on Hoth. In the trailer it looked like there were lots of places smushed together. We saw Jyn in her Jedha outfit, and I am thinking Jedha and Eadu are different places, but the desert can be cold too, so Eadu could be a city on the moon of Jedha. We will see I guess.

The outfit that Andor is wearing is as we would expect. The details and paint are right on. The jacket has lots of wrinkles and folds, and helps break up the solid blue color. The bottom of the jacket, below the waist, is rubber. It is broken on both sides to allow the wearer to access pockets or holsters.

Andor comes with three accessories. He has a large blaster (well detailed, but solid grey plastic), a smaller handgun (same grey plastic, but silver paint apps) which fits into his holster, and his hat. The hat has a lot of color painted on all over. It sits well on his head. The motion of the head is a bit restricted with the hat on, but I am sure anyone who is wearing a giant jacket and then puts on a big hat with a scarf attached to it, will also have some trouble moving their heads.

The articulation is pretty good. We expect a lot from Hasbro now, so when it is not perfect, we really take note. He has all of the standard, neck, shoulder, elbows, wrist, hp, knee, and ankle. One that is really missing is a swivel somewhere on the leg. Generally we see a swivel joint either on the thigh or at the top of the boots. This really hinders our ability to pose the figure. Most of the time, if the figure is a bit top heavy, we can swivel that leg back a bit to steady the figure. Not this time around, and that is a bummer.

Overall, I am loving the starting point for the Rogue One figures. I love that they were released early, so we can all sit around and photograph and stare at these characters we don’t yet know. I am looking forward to adding to this collection of figures as we move closer to movie day, December 16, 2016.

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