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Off-Road Lightning McQueen (Radiator Springs 500 1/2)

I am a huge fan of the Cars (and Planes) franchise. When I heard they were coming out with yet another short, I knew we would be in for some fun. Add in some toys, and we have magic. This is the first of the cars, of course Lightning McQueen. He has been outfitted with off-road gear in order to race the other off-road vehicles in an epic race around Radiator Springs.

The vehicle is a classic Lightning in the style of the ending of the first movie. I think pretty much where all of the Mater’s Tall Tales take place as well.


He has a great addition of wheels with large travel to accommodate the off-road terrain. He gets a bit of extras on top as well, including a roof rack with a spare wheel as well as lights.

This is probably the dirtiest toy review to date, but it didn’t seem right to take a look at an off-road vehicle and have it clean and shiny.  I have plenty of those.  This one had to be different.

Mater’s Tall Tales – Take Flight – Autonauts Lightning McQueen and Mater from Moon Mater

Usually we come to an end of a series and then it goes away.  Disney is not letting the Cars line die out any time soon.  As Cars 2 toys still warm the pegs at every major toy aisle in existence, every so often we are gifted with a new car or two.   In this case, we get 4 of the large scale “oversized” vehicles.   Lightning and Mater in their space clothes, as well as a couple of support aircraft for their return to Earth.

Lightning looks great.  Take a general Lightning model, add a jetpack, wheels, and a really great helmet, and you have one of the best Cars figures to date.

I will say one of the best for Lightning, because Mater IS the best figure to date.  There was so much work done with him.  Boosters all over, a hood, white paint, touches of gold paint, an external fuel tank, and of course the great clear helmet.

I was pretty sure I was done collecting the Cars line of vehicles.  But these two were too good to pass-up.   They stand out in the collection with a great unique look.

Cars 2 – Ridemakerz Lightning McQueen

This past week I grabbed the newest of the Cars 2 toys to be released.   We have a ton of new dicast vehicles, but the local Toys R Us’ are filled with these big boxes of cars with lots of accessories.  There are three sizes.   This is the Deluxe kit including a car, and a lot of accessories to play with right out of the box.  This is not a set for the faint of heart, costing nearly $40.  It does however come with a lot of great accessories.   I really wanted the green Lightning McQueen, so I was going to get the starter set that comes with the body and tires (wheels sold separately).  Then I was going to add on a blown engine and some of the 8-barrel wheels.  Seeing all of that and more, really made this set a good deal for me.

Out of the box:

Think that is enough accessories?  Just a drop in the bucket for what they have available.

So, here is a base Lightning McQueen.  He is sporting the new headlights (no more sticker headlights for an international racer).  He comes with the standard fin he will have in the movies and the side pipes that are unique to him.  Both are removable for changing accessories.  The body is quite solid and really rolls well.  I was a little timid about a product from a company I had not heard of before.  But the paint is flawless and the plastic is high quality.

I am thinking this is distracted driving.   How can he see with that giant thing on his nose?   I don’t see how.  So this is what I was after.   The great blown engine.  It has movable air intakes and there is a braided wire for the fuel line.  Way better than I would have expected.

A little more of a subtle hot rod.  I REALLY like the side pipes.  They remind me of the Shelby Cobra or the Corvette Stingray.   I can’t wait to try them out on some of the other vehicles in the line (Mater, Finn McMissile, and Francesco).

And in case you were wondering, here is a size comparison.  This is a huge increase in size from the standard Cars Dicast toys.

If you feel the need to set up a little engine shop like I did, you will not be disappointed.   You do however need to go to Toys R Us to get your stuff… unless you live by one of the Disney parks where they are setting up a temporary shop.

Ridemakerz get to produce Cars 2 giant vehicles

Today the “Cars 2” line of toys has gotten a LOT bigger. Disney teaming with Ridemakerz has produced a fabulous line of large scale vehicles that all you to customize Lightning, Mater, Finn, and Francesco.
This is one of the deluxe sets which come with all of the parts to build a custom Lightning. There are also less expensive starter sets available.
I can see I will quickly run out of money and space with this great line.

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