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Captain America 3 3/4 scale figures

I picked up one of these just to see how good or bad they are.  I am not really into the 3 3/4 scale figures any longer since the price is going through the roof.

Anyway, I grabbed Captain America in his WW2 outfit since either way, it would be different that other Cap figures.

He comes with a hand gun on his hip, a machine gun, his non-round shield, and a removable helmet.  He is wearing a mask under the helmet.  The figure is well sculpted.  Lots of wrinkles and texture to the outfit.  I am a little bummed by the material of the figure.  The plastic seems a little soft.   The soft plastic also allows for warping in the packaging, so make sure to get him out!   I was having a little bit of trouble getting him to pose right.

On the packaging, it is clearly Chris Evans under the mask.  There is also the Avengers Assemble on the packaging front.  As with the Thor movie figures and Iron Man before that, there are a lot of figures that really don’t have anything to do with the movie.  Snowboarding Cap and that sort of thing.  I do think these figures are well worth it if you are a collector of the movie figures, but again, the plastic is a bit soft and cheap feeling.

I am excited for the movie coming out.  If you read earlier about my feelings of the Thor movie, I am a little apprehensive right now about the story for this one.  I sure hope they are not going to try and shoehorn too much about the Avengers into this movie and hurt the overall experience.

I think we are truly in the Golden Age of the comic movies. We are having big money backing these, with lots of interest outside of the comic world, so the sky is the limit.   And right now, Marvel is the game in town.  They have really stepped up to make some good comic movies.  I sure hope they continue to do so.  There are a lot of great stories out there to tell.

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