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Bumblebee – Transformers: The Last Knight (Deluxe Premiere Edition)

In the last post, I said I skipped Slash because he was a repaint. Well, Bumblebee here is a repaint too. But, he is Bumblebee, and I do so love Bumblebee, so I will take the repaint of this one.  That does not mean I love this one.  Getting him out of the packaging, there is not a lot to love, much less like about him.

I will be following the same criteria I did with Barricade. I will be going with a five star rating for three areas: vehicle, robot, and weapons. One star is not good, and five stars is the best.

This is the Premiere Deluxe version of Bee. He is a repaint of the Age of Extinction Bee, so he is a 2014 Chevy Camaro Concept, and not the 2018 that is featured in the movie. That one is coming in Wave 3.

Vehicle: ***

This area is hard with Bee. This is a really good Camaro, but there are just too many pieces to try and put together, and they do not hold in vehicle mode. On top of that, when he is transformed, he is a tripod. Only three of his wheels sit on the ground at once.

On top of all of that, the yellow plastic and the yellow paint DO NOT match up. I can only imagine that this has been something very hard for Hasbro to do right, since nearly every Bumblebee with paint and plastic mixed, have a problem with the paint. Yellow is a finicky color to work with.

Robot: ***
Weapons: **

The robot mode is okay. We have seen this version something like 4 times before. Each time the paint got better. And then this… A touch of black on his chest, and a few dabs of silver. I would think that this figure paid for itself over the years, and at least deserved some added paint to be similar to the Takara version that came out back in 2014.

All of the top of the car folds into three pieces to make a more compact backpack than Barricade’s. That gives Bee a lot more freedom in the legs.

He has the flip-down mask that we do get to see in the movie once again for a second, though it is still not screen accurate.

As for the weapons, he is given the two throwing stars that are very dumb weapons. I would actually have given him 0 stars since we do not even see them in the movie. But there is a redeeming feature of Bee.

His right hand has a flip-out cannon, which is in the movie. And not only is it in the movie, there is a really cool scene where he uses it against Barricade while he is in vehicle mode. That in itself gets 2 stars.

Vehicle: ***
Robot: ***
Weapons: **

Overall, this figure is a skip. Chances are, Transformers fans have at least one of this version, if not more. This is a filler character to get the ball rolling for the initial wave of figures. Put out the garbage while people are fighting over the
“Premiere Edition” figures. Just hold on until wave 3, and we will get a proper version of The Last Knight Bumblebee.

Hot Wheels Camaro, Part 2

Here we go. The car has been cleaned of all paint. Some was hard to get off, especially in the panel lines.
I sprayed the car with Tamiya primer. It went on so clean and smooth…except for one little hair on the door.
Up next, the special part of this little project that will hopefully turn this into quite a car.


Hot Wheels Camaro


I have had a project bouncing Around in the empty spaces in my head for months now.
I wanted to do a project with one of my Camaros, but I love my Camaros, so I did not want to destroy one in the process, and they are hard to find.
Well, a few days back, I found a Camaro to replace the one pictured from 2011. It was a strange find since we have 2013 cars in the stores now, but it was a happy find.
The body has been removed from the chassis, and is currently taking a dip in Super Clean to see if I can get the paint off.
The project begins…

I love Bumblebee in any form

There have been a few Bumblebees over the years.  A VW Beetle, a hatchback, Cybertronian modes, and of course a Camaro.   Today we are looking at the new Battle Blades Bumblebee.  This time, Bumblebee’s variation is in the weapons.

Sorry about the dog butt in the photo. 🙂

He has is famous slide down battle mask, and his arm cannon.  This time we also get treated with a flip-out energy axe.   The mask pulls down.  It is a little tight which is nice.   When deployed, there is a bit of a gap in the front, but a necessary evil.   The cannon is hidden in the arm.   The pod opens in half and then the cannon folds out.   It is nicely hidden when not deployed.    Finally the all new battle axe.   It also folds back into the arm pod.  This one has spring action.  When the button is pushed the axe flips out.  Then the blade has to be opened manually.

His “much less menacing” robot mode.  The figure is really well made.  All of the parts are nice and tight.  He has a very good footprint, allowing a lot of posing potential.  I really like the mix of colors in his robot mode.   It is clear to still see the Camaro, but he has a great robot look to him.

This car has a great design.  I am really happy with the choice.   I think Bumblebee would have looked a bit funny if he were actually a VW in the movies.  As with most of the movie figures, there are a lot of seams where the car comes apart.   I think most of them are really well placed.  He is tricky to get back together since the car body come apart into so many different pieces.

What can I say, that is one mean looking car.   His chest plate sticks out just a little under the front.

I have stated before that I HATE the little feet that so many of the movie figures sport.   Well, here is the drawback of having big feet.   They do stick out under the body of the vehicle.  If I have to see the parts, or have tiny feet, I go with seeing the feet in vehicle mode.   It does not take away too much from the vehicle.

I really like this vehicle.   As posted earlier, I only had the black version of the movie Bumblebee, so I am happy to have the yellow version.   As a lifelong Bumblebee fan, this one does not disappoint.  I just hope he gets his voice so we can hear some of that famous banter that get throughout the rest of the franchise.

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