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Walmart Bonus Packs


I am afraid this is the only way we will be able to get our hands on Prowl. The Beast Hunters line is all but dead, and The Mart is trying to get rid of it all. Unfortunately they packed him with the Bulkhead from wave 1. I didn’t really like him all that much, and don’t really need a second, but it is the same price as the single packed figures, so I will probably end up dropping Bulky into a donation bin somewhere. Give a kid a happy Christmas and all that.


Beast Hunters Deluxe Series 2, Wave 2: Starscream, Ripclaw, Bulkhead, Smokescreen

Wave 2 of the second series of Prime has begun to hit the stores.  It is an interesting wave.  Some good, one bad, and a couple just plain awesome.

005: Starscream

The Beast Hunters version of Starscream is pretty nice looking.  We get lots of colors out of this one.  He has a lot more of an angular design, and a pretty good transformation.  First look, you know this is the Prime Starscream.  You can see it in his face, and general build.  Take a closer look and you can see that this is an all new design for Starscream.  PS, don’t ask about the giant antenna sticking out of the back of Starscream.  I don’t know what it is, or what its purpose is.  Hopefully we will find out when the new season starts.

Compared to the first version of Starscream, he is a bit smaller.  You can see he has everything from the wings, to the knee points, to the shoulder shields.  All of it has been updated and changed.   He stands a lot better than his Prime counterpart.

And here you are thinking “My that is an awfully big weapon Starscream has there.”  Then you remember, “Oh, that’s right.  Starscream often gets himself into trouble with weapons that are way to big for him.”  Somehow, Starscream always manages to get a hold of big weapons, thinks highly of himself, and then gets them taken away.

Fear not!  He can carry it Giant-Anime-Sword-Style.

Vehicle mode is where I felt Beast Hunters: Soundwave got into a little trouble. Starscream has no such problems.  He kinda looks like his old self in the fact he has wings.  Other than that, he looks nothing the same.  He does borrow the wingtip design from Soundwave, so they have something in common.  I really like his transformation.  It is always hard to get Starscream’s legs tucked in with the skinny jet body, but this one is okay.

Where Soundwave totally failed was attaching the extra Beast Hunters weapon.  At least with Starscream, it tucks up under his body really well, and hangs in tight.  It looks like an external drop tank that actually has some aerodynamics to it.

006: Ripclaw

First off, check those directions.  They have to do some finagling to get him into the packaging.  A few parts are a bit out of whack to tuck him all in there.  He is a really nice sized Deluxe figure.  I do have a couple of worries about him.   Like with Lazerback, there are a few rubber parts.  One is on Ripclaw’s upper head.  The whole piece is rubber.   The other is the center of his tail.  This is the part I really worry about.  Left in the heat, or if kids play with him too much, or are too rough, he will be loosing that tail and everything on it.   Maybe this would be a good one to invest in and hold onto a packaged copy for a few years.   You know people will be searching for “Ripclaw with intact tail.”

He has great coloring, and of course he comes with a gimmick weapon.  Unlike all of the other weapons so far  that are shooting weapons (except for Starscream’s), Ripclaw has a really neat weapon which is a claw that grabs when the middle pin is touched.   It has a pretty good grip, and it is removable from the tail to be held in the hand.

He is not as bulky as Lazerback, but with that tail, it does give him some height.

He has a sweet looking robot mode.  There are some great transformations in his legs, hands and head area.  He looks like he better designed than Lazerback, with equal thought put into his robot mode.  His wing move in this mode, and he still has that tail.  There is no doubt he is a dragon in his other mode, but he is definitely a robot now.

Beware the Claw!  On his tail or in his hand, this is a great weapon.  I think it is a little better as a tail weapon rather than a gun type weapon, but he looks like he is going to kick butt in the new season of the show.

007: Bulkhead

I love Bulkhead.   Always have, always will.  That is probably why I HATE this Bulkhead.  I knew there was going to be a problem when I saw Bulky was going to be released under the Deluxe line.  That means a smaller figure.  NO NO NO!!!!   And he is:

A head and chest shorter than the Series 1 Voyager figure.  That does not bode well for Bulkhead.  He is without his bulk.  The overall design is well and good, giving Bulkhead a knight look.  But he is so small, and he feels so flimsy, that his design does not make up for it.

Vehicle mode?  Not much better.   There are a lot of colors here.  It looks like he was wrecked and put back together with pieces from differently painted cars.   His side windows are not even close to his front window color.   Don’t they make a darker blue?   The front end hangs down almost to the ground.  The front wheels fold in on themselves.   His hands hang out of the bottom of the chassis.   So no, there is not much going on here that works.   I do like the front hood scoop though.  Pretty aggressive and cool.

008: Smokescreen

Out of the box, this is how he looks.  That blue thing around his head is pretty damn stupid looking.  My fingers were crossed when I bought him that this could be fixed.

Apparently it is supposed to be pulled back and hooked into little hooks on his shoulders.  Okay, that is a little better… but not what I REALLY wanted.

AH HA!!!  WOO HOO!!!  That is what I wanted.  A Prime Smokescreen.  Take off all of the Beast Hunters stuff, and you get a base model Smokescreen.  Tomy tried to pass off a repainted Knock Out as Smokescreen back in Japan.  I guess they did not really like it all that much, since it pretty much looked like a white Knock Out.  I was sad we did not get Smoke before the first series of Prime ended.  I am glad I have him now.  No Beast Hunters gear required.

Transform him, and you have his awesome vehicle mode.   By far the best vehicle in the wave, and gives Wheeljack a run for the best race car.   He has wrap-around windows, clear glass over the headlights, and look at the details down along the front bumper.  Outstanding.  He is really tricky to transform at the end.  Mostly getting his arms folded just right since they become the roof and hood of the car.  Kids are going to find this part a bit tricky.

And, because I have it.  With the Beast Hunters accessories.   Pretty nice across the front.  Looks like he is ready for Death Race.   I don’t know if they were thinking of going Bublebee’s way and giving him extra missiles on the side, but he has little ‘c’ clamps on both sides that look like they should be holding something.

There we have Series 2 Deluxe Autobots in all their glory.   3 great cars, and a clunky (tiny) truck.  Sorry Bulk!

I am starting to think they would have been a little more accurate calling the show “Dragon Hunters.”  Ah well, this is starting to look like a tough team of Predacons.  Just wait until I unleash Predaking.  He is on his way soon.

As always, go to my Flickr page to see more pictures.

Transformers: Prime, Beast Hunters, Commander Class Optimus Prime, Predaking and Bulkhead. Extra visit by Smokescreen

A quick look at the smaller side of Transformers. We have one Legion Class figure, and three of the new Commander Class figures. Not only do we get to get away from the rubber weapons from the earlier waves, but we get firing weapons for the Commander Class figures. Not necessarily a good thing though. Read on and enjoy.



Isn’t he cute. I did not like the Legion Class figures originally, but they have grown on me. There are some more intricate transformations as we go along, and they are finally done with those horrible rubber weapons.

I can’t help but think they were planning on a Smokescreen since he was in the last season of Prime, and then there was the push toward Beast Hunters. So, we get a standard looking Smoke to go along with a BH version of Bumblebee. Who knows, maybe Smokescreen gets left behind. You know, the most junior in ranking has to watch the base.

Optimus Prime:

I am digging this new Optimus. Big and bulky, and quite different than the first two seasons of the show. This just gets me REALLY excited for the larger scale version I hope to find some time… anytime… hopefully.

What do you do when you catch your “beast?” I guess you turn into a truck that doubles as a jail. At least that is the way it looks. Those big wheels are going to make driving anywhere a breeze.


As with Lazerback, Predaking still holds onto his beast heritage, but he does a lot better job of hiding it in robot mode. He does have his head sticking out of his back end like a reverse tail. There are a lot of similarities between Predaking and Megatron, especially in the chest area.

You should not be surprised that there is a lack of articulation in this scale. The front legs do have a knee, but the back legs do not. He is pretty rigid when in beast mode overall. His cannon becomes his tail. I am wondering if this is a theme with all of the Predacons. Lazerback’s gun also became a part of his body in beast mode.


Ah, my boy Bulkhead. The big lug stays big, and gets a bit of a color upgrade. We have seen him dark green, we have seen him dark blue, and now bright green, orange, and brown. I am not going to say this is the best color scheme, but I have seen worse. I am liking his new head with the horns. He has the addition of spikes all over.

And gone are the transforming hands. Well, I guess they are still there, but we get a new weapon for him. I was pretty excited about this “Nova Hammer,” but once I played with it, I was a bit less impressed. We are getting these firing missiles with Bulk, Optimus, and Predaking (Click on any photo to go to my Flickr site and see more). Optimus and Predaking make sense. With Bulkhead, the missile is the handle of the hammer. It makes the hammer head spin freely around up there. Boo!

Turning to vehicle mode, he does not look a whole lot different than he did before. He has the giant spikes in the front that could do some major damage. They also help to hide all of the robot parts tucked up under there.

This is a good start to the Commander Class. I am really looking forward to Optimus in the larger Voyager Class. I am not so sure about Predaking right now, but I will probably get there.

Transformers: Prime – Commander Class, Dreadwing, Ironhide, Ultra Magnus

The Commander Class of the Prime series figures has been going on for a while now.  They started at with a little DVD way back when the series of toys came out.  Generally reserved for the bigger of the characters, these smaller figures still have really good detail and articulation.   They allow for a much closer sizing between the larger and smaller figures in the show.

This is being called”Series 2″ as it is the second series under the Cyberverse line.  The first line of Commander Class figures came out under the Dark of the Moon movie line.  We started with Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, Megatron and Starscream.  Now we are adding on the next 3, Dreadwing, Ironhide, and Ultra Magnus.

Let’s go in order.  Number 005 of the series is Dreadwing:

As soon as I saw Dreadwing on the show, I knew I needed to see him in toy form. The unfortunate thing is that Dreadwing is a gigantic robot in the TV show, and he is about the same size as the other figures in the Commander Class.  What Hasbro needs to do is make him in the Deluxe line, and then he would be just about perfect in proportion to the Commander and Legion Class sizes of figures.

Dreadwing does not disappoint in the Commander size.  He came with a transformation page that is the size of some of the gigantic Voyager size figures.  He has good articulation in his arms and legs.  The color scheme is really well done, with only minor paint misses here and there.   He comes with two weapons, a big gun and a sword.  The two can combine to make a really good weapon as well.

Here you can see him relative in size to other figures, Commander Class Megatron, and Legion Class Vehicon.  He is not anywhere as tall as Megatron, but at least he has a lot going for him.

In plane mode, he looks pretty close to his TV couterpart.  Looking like a Blue Angel on steroids.   It is hard to hide all of the body parts when we are looking at this small scale, but they did a pretty good job there.


To me, Ironhide is one of the weaker Commander Class figures.  He has an overall appealing look, but there are some things that stand out.  Most notably are the truck parts around his forearm.  They really did not have any place to go, so they kind of hang there off the back of the arms.

He does have great feet and legs that give him a good stance.  he also has a face that is really close to the original G1 Ironhide.  He comes with two cannons, which is what you would want to see wit a “Heavy Weapons Specialist.”

His truck mode is pretty tough, with lots of great details, and big tires.  His transformation is really easy, and looks good.

Ultra Magnus:

Sometimes hero of the Autobots, and sometimes jerk (Animated verions).  He is usually seen with a big hammer, broad shoulders, and longer ears than Optimus.  Check, check, and check.   Visually, Ultra Magnus looks great.  Red, blue, and silver make for some great details.

Mine has a huge problem with the shoulder joints.  He cannot hold up his own arms, much less the hammer.

What happens when a Decepticon is too far away to smash with your hammer?

That’s right.  Attach it to your arm, and blow him out of the sky with your cannon.

His truck mode is fine.  Nothing special here.   A flatbed truck which can accommodate the cannon or a Legion Class vehicle.  His transformation from robot to vehicle is extremely simple.

So, here is Series 2 in all of it’s Commander Class glory:

Standout favorites?  Optimus has some of the best transformation from robot to vehicle.  Bulkhead has a great robot and vehicle mode.  Dreadwing is really nice too.  Megatron has a vehicle mode I don’t like in any class, so that is a hard one to get behind.  Starscream needs to eat a little more.  He is too skinny and falls over too much.   Ironhide and Ultra Magnus make nice robots.  Not quite as good in vehicle form, so they will probably exist in robot form.


Next time, we will talk about the return of the Generations line of TransformersFall of Cybertron anybody?

Transformers: Prime – Bulkhead Voyager Class

Bulkhead is a great character.  I know there was another Bulkhead in the Energon continuity, but the real Bulkhead came about in the Animated continuity.   Taking many of the cues of the great character developed in the Animated stories, the Prime Bulkhead is very similar.  Not being a farmer, but a construction worker, he is underestimated as a blue collar worker of Cybertron.

Bulkhead’s face is spot-on.   There are a few issues here in the torso.  The headlights are in the completely wrong place.  In the initial version of Bulkhead to come out, the torso was much better.   There is also a little bit of weirdness around his head where it looks like is head is just sitting up there, since it is flip-out, and sits really far forward.

The Weapon:  I have hated, and will continue to hate these flip-out weapons they are putting with all of the Voyager class figures.   It is pointless, as it sits on the arm, and is not a part of the arm.  In addition, it only stays down when the lever is being pushed.   Why do we need to have a mace with a light behind it?  BUT, the good thing is it is detachable, meaning that as an improvement over the first version, the mace does not have to sit on the back of the SUV.

And, what would Bulkhead be without his weapons?  A very strong dude.   The has the mace on one arm, and a hammer mounted on the other.  I am guessing we will see that hammer again if we get a Voyager class Breakdown.

In all of his mace-less glory, Bulkhead looks really close to his vehicle mode in the show.   The transformation has some good stuff going on with it.

And, once again that additional weapon is nothing but an appendage that is really out of scale.  It makes Bulkhead look more like a TV news van than an SUV.

Getting in a shot with the boss, and the doc, Bulkhead is really in scale in the Voyager class.   I am really glad they went for it and gave us the BIG Bulkhead.

He is really hard to find.  Once again, a happy accident, where I was just wandering around a store and found him.  I have not seen another since.  Good luck.

Transformers: Prime Commander Class Part 2: Bulkhead and Starscream

Today we are going to take a look at the rest of the Commander Class wave 2 figures: Bulkhead and Starscream.  Last time we took a look at the two leaders of the teams.  This time we are looking at a couple of the soldiers.  They could not be more different.  Bulkhead is loyal, strong, and straightforward.  While Starscream is skinny (to a fault), more mentally fit, and a backstabber.  He definitely gives a bad name to being a Decepticon.


We will start with a look at that back stabbing Starscream.  In the Commander Class version, he is pretty straight forward as far as tranformations go.  He does not have anything that stands out that makes him fantastic.  His hands are sculpted into the nose of his jet mode, and does detract from the appearance a bit.  I do like how his wings and tail fold up, and out of the way.

It is interesting how, mounting the weapons on his arms, is the storage method of the weapons, as all of the Commander figures have.  The weapons can also be held in the hands, which make quite a menacing weapon to be sure.

Much like his boss, Starscream has a lot of funny bits that hang off of his jet mode that hinder the “disguise” part of the toy.  Most notably are the feet that are right in the middle of the jet’s body.  There is also quite a gap down the middle of the nose.   Overall, he looks quite a bit like his Deluxe class version, an looks like his cartoon version in both modes, but not my favorite.


Speaking of my favorites…  Bulkhead is done just right. He is a well designed robot and vehicle.  I think both are pulled off well.

Starting in robot mode, he is really well done, representing his tough self that we know and love.  The design follows closely with the Animated style, going for the top-heavy, big jaw that has made him a fan favorite.   The sculpt is fantastic, as Hasbro really handles the design and gets it sized down to the Commander Scale.

As per usual, Bulkhead comes with a storage hole for his weapon, a big fat mace for smashing the Cons.  From the back, there are a lot of hopes and gaps in the body, but that is to be expected in the smaller scale… and who wants to look at them from the back anyway?

And then there is the vehicle mode.  I think this is by far the best Commander Class design.  Not only does it look right compared to the show, but the design does a really good job of hiding all the robot parts.  The front end is low, but not necessarily recognizable as body parts, as we saw with the Decepticons from the same series.

Bulkhead and Optimus vs. Megatron and Starscream.   Good pairings to face off in the Commander Series.  I do like this larger scale compared to the much smaller Legion Class.  The figures have much better articulation and transformation.

Drive vs. Flight.  Generally the way the lines are drawn for Transformers.   They do get a bit blurred here in the Prime version.  I am hoping to see some of those driving Decepticons here in the near future.

Big vs. Small.  My only two Legion Class figures to give a comparison in size between them and the Commander Class.  I think Arcee looks okay in that scale compared, but I think Ratchet is too small. He should be much closer to Bulkhead’s size.  I do understand why Bulkhead was chosen though.

Coming up next, it is comparison time.  I have the new versions of Arcee and Bumblebee in hand and photos taken.  I am going to compare them with the premiere versions and see if the new figures are an improvement, or a dud.   I have side by side looks at both.

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