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Roadburn (Chase) – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return (Legends Class)

“I will get you out of that stasis pod! Ki-yah!!”

Roadburn is the second part of wave 4 of the Legends Class of Titans Return along with Brawn. The wave in this series is small here at the end, with only 2 figures in each wave.

“Maybe we need someone bigger to lend a hand, Brawn.” “No Bee! We can do it!!!”

Roadburn is supposed to be the Throttlebot, Chase. I read that up until very close to release, he was actually going to be Chase. But there is a Chase in Rescue Bots, and Hasbro didn’t want to confuse the kids. Oh well, Roadburn is a good name too. I was really surprised that they went with Roadburn (Chase) instead of going with everyone’s favorite second to Bumblebee, Cliffjumper. It seems that when we get a Bee, a CJ is not far behind. I do see where they were going with this idea though. The time frame of the Throttlebots more closely aligns with the Headmasters of the G1 time frame. But funny enough, Bumblebee wasn’t Bumblebee in the Throttlebots, he was Goldbug.

We only have to go back one wave to see his twin, Bumblebee. The same body design is used again for Roadburn. That is a good thing. This is a great little car, and he comes with a bit more detail in the paint department to make his look different enough.

Poor Brawn is a third wheel in this hatchback duo.

We still have a little ways to go with the Titans Returns line. This is such a fun set of figures we have seen in all of the different scales. I think Hasbro has really hit it’s stride here with the Generations line. Combiner Wars was great, the Titans Return line is better. What will we get next? Can’t wait… but first, there are more of these figures to get. Yay!

Brawn – Legends Class – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return

Ah Brawn. Wait a minute. Didn’t we already take a look at Brawn a few months ago? Oh, why yes we did. We looked at the Titan Master Brawn. Not to get mixed up with the Legends Scale Brawn. Why we have two Brawns, I do not know. It seems like there were enough characters that we did not need to have the same guy twice as two different characters in the same iteration (Titans Return). Oh, you mean like two Optimus Primes? Yup, like that.

Well, this is a pretty great little guy, so I am not going to be sad about getting this version too. He comes out of the box as a nice little Legends Class figure. Just the way he should be, nice and small. In the G1 continuity, he was a Mini Vehicle, so it makes sense that he would be that way again. The color scheme is right on. A yellow torso, with green covering the rest of his body, save for the silver forearms and head. The original head on the G1 toy did not have a face, but thankfully they did give him a face in the cartoon, and today we get a face yet again. A grumpy face, but a face nonetheless.

Oh hello, who is this little guy? What do you mean you are Brawn too? The two have met. That has to be rather embarrassing for one of them. I don’t know which one though.

And look at that. They get along with one another. And now the big Brawn gets to use a gun that matches his paint scheme. That does not happen a lot with the Titan Master figures and bigger scale figures. You can see Brawn’s shield with the spare tire on it. A gun and a shield? Nice!

The gun is pretty big for Brawn to carry, but who cares? The weapons are meant for bigger guys to wield, but that is not going to stop Brawn.

When he transforms into his vehicle mode, he looks pretty close to the G1 version. He is an SUV that looks to be part Land Cruiser, and part Jeep. The colors once again match up pretty well with the G1 scheme. One change is the exposed arms as the sides of the truck. They look like steps and gas tanks. Pretty nice touch. There is even a bit of yellow on the front bumper too.

The shield makes up the back portion of the body. The gap in the legs are covered allowing for a better overall look. There is a lot of space down low back there. The wheels are just kind of hanging off to the sides. The front is so well designed, but the back is just kind of left off.

The shield can also be mounted on the roof using the 5mm port to give lights up front. The vehicle looks a bit more like a military Hummer in this configuration.

And let’s not forget about little Brawn. He can sit inside of big Brawn. Brawn driving around with Brawn inside of him. That has to be one of the stranger things to happen in Transformers.

The design of the cockpit allows for a Titan Master to stay inside of Brawn in robot mode too. That does not happen often with the Legends scale figures, if ever before. That would make for a great hiding place.

And finally the head comparison. The Titan Master head is a bit wider and a lot more grumpy. They are similar, but they are not the same. I like that they didn’t make an exact copy.

This guy is great. I am really happy with what Hasbro has done with the Legends Scale, bringing in some of the classic smaller vehicles and actually making them accurate to the larger figures from other scales. Now the search is on for his Wave 4 brother, Roadburn.


Brawn – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return

Brawn is the second Titan Master I am looking at from Wave 2. He is a classic character from the G1 show. Strangely, he was not a Headmaster, so it is odd that he would be represented as such. On top of that, it looks like we will be getting a nice little Legends scale figure next year. And the Legends scale vehicles such as Wheelie are able to carry around the smaller Titan Masters. Brawn will get to drive himself around on the lookout for robots to control with his head mode. Wrap your mind around that one!

Anyway, let’s look at the figure. Out of the package, you get a tiny Titan Master, Brawn, in all of his green and yellow glory. He comes with a jeep just like his G1 vehicle mode, with the exception of this one having treads instead of tires. Neat!

Brawn transforms into the head, flips face down, and becomes a roof for the jeep. Nothing terribly special going on here, but it does look really nice together.

With a few flips of the wheels, Brawn’s vehicle turns into a flying motorcycle… I think. It looks like it should fly to me. Brawn gets to ride in his robot mode this time around.

A couple more twists and a flip, and the handle slides down out of the base, and we have a gun. Brawn once again folds down a bit and slides into the big gap in the gun, and he is ready for some action. I did find it difficult to keep the handle of the gun out while I was trying to slide in into Hardhead’s hand.

Finally, if you can get Brawn away from his vehicle, he creates a head that is a pretty good representation of the G1 Brawn, gruff scowl and everything. The head is a great design, and the colors work well. It is so funny to me that they do such a great job on the head, but cannot seem to get any paint on the robot side of these little guys. At least the faces look great.

I am really happy with this guy. The vehicle is one of the best we have had so far. I am looking forward to tracking down the last one in Wave 2, while I wait on Wave 3.

A snow trip brings forth some new Transformers

We had to do a little grocery shopping, so we went to Grocery Outlet.  Never being there before, I did not know what to expect.  Well, they have a toy section… and better yet, they had Transformers… and better yet, they were for a REALLY good price.   The figures were from Revenge of the Fallen.  A ways back, but I did find one I did not have, Brawn.

So, after buying him, and playing with him overnight, I knew it was a good time for my first ever snow photo shoot.  Of course, since I don’t live in the snow, it is a bit hard to have snow photo shoots, but this was a lot of fun to do.

Brawn is on Snow Patrol looking for trouble.

Looks like Brawn has found himself some trouble.

Brawn is neck deep in the snow, waiting to spring his trap with his back-mounted gun.

I also took pictures last night after I got home for any of you that were like me and did not get to see Brawn before.  Here are the studio pictures:

Face Close-Up

Two Handguns

Tough SUV

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