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Attack of the Drones: Power Core Combiners

The new line of Power Core Combiners are out and combining.   There are going to be 5 in all, and so far I have 3.   My first was the Combaticons, which I bought to see how this line was.    I was impressed enough to get more.  Not quite as impressed with the other sets.  There are some drawbacks with each figure.


Bombshock is the Commander of this team.  He is a good looking Transformer in his standard robot mode.  Two giant cannons over his shoulders makes him a formative foe.  Adding in his 4 Drones and he is quite a hulking beast.   The line of Combiners does not combine Transformers as they used to in the past.  Instead we get a Commander, and 4 “Drones.”   Said to be just as powerful as any standard Transformers, the drones become body appendages.

Good and bad.  It would be nice if they transformed into robots as they are supposed to.   Not all bad since they actually transform into a body part.   No need to have extra hands or chest plates or any of that any longer.

These vehicles are well outfitted for battle in their vehicle modes.   This adds up to a deadly combination when this Decepticon goes up against his Autobot foes.

Up next, the Destructicons.   My least favorite Commander.  And I will show you why…

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