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Decepticon Hazard and Blitzwing – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return (Voyager Class)

Well, here is the “not a big surprise” of the series. When we got Megatron a ways back, we knew that Blitzwing would not be far behind. And he wasn’t.

He looks great. Tan and purple with a bit of grey, and a bright yellow helmet for good measure. He comes with a cannon and a sword.

It hasn’t been that long (2013) since we saw the last Blitzwing, and that one was pretty good. This one also (and has to I guess) triple change from a robot to a tank and a jet.

He and his predecessor, Megatron look very similar, since Blitzwing is a retool. Not a very extensive one either. Pretty much a new head, chestplate, and non-removable cannon tip on the turret.

Blitzwing comes with the Titan Master Hazard. He is a retool of Doomshot, who was Megatron’s Titan Master. Of course this time coming with a different head attached to his back.

So, here we go with transformations. First up is the tank. This is the same as Megatron. He makes a good tank with a swiveling turret. The colors do not exactly scream “camouflage,” but then most of the Decepticons are not so worried about the “Robots in Disguise” part.

There is a cockpit on top of the turret that allows Hazard to ride up there and control the gun.

The two weapons can be mounted on the tank too. The gun gives extra firepower, while the sword just hangs out on the back. Maybe that helps with shielding.

Next up we have the jet. I love how the tank is more tan, while the jet is more purple. The overall look of the jet is well done.

It has a nice look, and the silver metallic stickers are very reminiscent of a time long past.

The tank turret sits pretty far down off the bottom. It is not very aerodynamic, but I am sure Blitzwing likes to have the extra fire power down under there.


This is another example of a triple changer that works. Many times, something gets bumped and there is a part of the triple change that looks terrible or forced. That did not happen here. I guess since Blitzwing has been a toy since 1985, Hasbro/TOMY has had a lot of time to make sure this works. And it does.

Road Trip Finds

I was gone on a 21 day road trip with my wife and dog. We got a travel trailer and took it out on the maiden voyage. 21 days, 11 states, 4200 miles. Along the way I was able to stop in a plethora of WalMarts, Targets, a few Toys R Us’ and a couple of Walgreens. I even made it to a Fred Meyer in Oregon, which is owned by Krogers, so they had lots of Hot Wheels.

The tally of finds was:

Marvel Legends:
6 of the 7 Spider-Man Homecoming
The Walgreens Exclusive Invisible Woman
The Toys R Us Exclusive 2-pack Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson

The Jim Lee Cyclops figure from the Warlock Series

Blitzwing (Voyager Class)
Octane (Voyager Class)
Bumblebee (Deluxe Movie)
Barricade (Deluxe Movie)
Berserker (Deluxe Movie)

Star Wars:
Tusken Raider (Sand People) (40th Anniversary Black Series)

10 Premium brands
Lightning McQueen (Target Exc)

13 Matchbox
75 Hot Wheels


Transformers Generations: Doubledealer

A repaint and rehead of Blitzwing, I am sure Doubledealer is WAY less crazy with only one face, and probably only one psychotic personality.

There is a lot to repaint on this guy from the drab tan color we got a while back with Blitzwing.   I was not really on the lookout for Doubledealer, since I was not terribly impressed with Blitzwing in the first place.  There were so many great triple changers that came out before:  Sandstorm, and Springer.

His robot mode is pretty good.  I am not crazy about those terribly flat feet he has, but a small part compared to an overall good robot.  He came from the box with his gun tucked down his back.  I liked it that way, and decided to leave it to change his appearance from Blitzwing.

These boys are both taking the Decepticon purple to heart, thought Blitzwing went a little further with his.   The two still look very similar to one another.  The paint doesn’t do a whole lot to make the bodies stand apart, and there are a few parts on both figures that have a little more detail than the other. It is nice to see a repaint that is not less painted than the original version.  You may want to note that the name Doubledealer refers to his being a double agent of sorts.  He is more of a mercenary than anything, working for the side that pays the best.

The jet.   I really like the colors in jet mode.  We get to see a lot more of the purple in the wings.   The shark mouth on the front nose is a great touch that really adds a little something extra to this mode.  In his jet mode, you can see his Decepticon emblem right in front of the cockpit, high on the nose.   Don’t get any ideas, he doesn’t play fair…

From the front, the tank mode looks pretty good.  It is pretty tight and  well designed.  It falls apart in the back part, where you can see the nose of the jet as well as the engine nozzles that just hang off back there.  Right at the front of the tank, under the cannon, he has an Autobot emblem.   Hmmm, who will pay the best.

Doubledealer is okay.  Unless you love you some triple changer action, or you like your mercenaries best served evil, this is not one you will need to track down.   Of course, there are not many Transformers who sport both an Autobot and Decepticon emblem, so there is that.

Blitzwing – Transformers: Generations Triple Changer

The third triple changer, Blitzwing.

This is how Blitzwing came out of the box.   You know, they have to fold them up a little differently to get them to fit inside a box.  Um, I think there is something highly inappropriately about the transformation.  😉

Back to our regularly scheduled review, here his is correctly set with the cannon set up.    He comes with a gun and a sword.  Generally, figures with so much going on are a little weak in a few areas.  With the two other figures, Sandstorm and Springer, there was not much going on there that was not good.   Unfortunately, with Blitzwing, there is a lot going wrong.   He is quite loose in the legs.  The feet look terrible, and they are not great for holding him up.   There is some stuff going on in the other modes as well.

I am liking the look of the jet overall.  Very Macross with the big backpack on the back.  I was able to get my nose closed, but there are some people that were not able to get it under the windshield.  I was a little worried about making the jet mode, as I had to really force the tab under the windshield.  I am afraid over time, the folded up body will destroy the tab.

The rear stabilizers are very loose, and want to flop all over the place.  The back end was kind of thrown together.  The feet are supposed to be the closed up kind that we see coming across from Macross to the Transformers Universe.  Too bad the feet are so thin, they don’t really make a quality engine back there.

Looking down, the wings are a bit on the weak side.  A little skinny.  That is not totally their fault in the design.  The wings fold-up when Blitzwing transforms into tank mode.  Overall, this is a pretty good mode.  There are some strange things going on here, but a decent jet.

My biggest problem in the jet mode, that also transfers the problem to the tank mode is the wrong piece.  It doesn’t happen too often, but I was given a wrong piece on the left stabilizer.  It is a second right wing.   That makes it upside down in jet mode.   In tank mode, it fold up the wrong direction.

Finally, in tank mode, Blitzwing is looking realy good… from the front.   It is really cool, how well he folds up, and doesn’t look like a triple changer… from the front.    In the back, the engine/feet are just hanging out.   There is no good way of posing them to make them look like they are anything but annoying.   Guess we could just rip them off for this mode.  They do pull out of the post fairly easily.

Definitely third in the ranking of the three triple changers.  There are a lot of problems with Blitzwing that makes it hard for me to say “grab him.”   I would not want to steer you wrong on this one.   You need to really want this classic triple changer to make up for all of the negatives here.


More pics as usual: Flickr

Transformers Generations: Preview

Looks like the Generations line is seeing another Springer.  But before you get too bent out of shape for seeing yet another helicopter, this one is a bit different.  He is going to be teamed up with Blitzwing.  Aaaaaaand, if you know anything about Blitzwing, you know he is a triple changer.  Tank, robot, and jet.   Well, they are doing the same with Springer.  Car, robot, helicopter.   These should be really cool when we get them in hand some time in the next month or so.

triple changers 1 Triple Changers 2 Triple Changers 3

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