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Protectobots 2 and 3 Packs (Evac Squad and Emergency Response)

I got these on Amazon for a super low price.  I am glad is was so low, because most of them are terrible.

Protectobots 3-Pack – Emergency Response

First Aid, Groove and Streetsmart.  These three Protecobots are repaints of Prime Series Figures.


First Aid: A repaint of Ratchet (Prime), he is no where near as dynamic a character as the original.  I was really excited to be getting a first version of Ratchet, as the original has some great transformations.  He looks okay in vehicle mode.  A little bit white.

Here is where things really fall apart for First Aid. Firstly, he is very white. He has the same detail paints as Ratchet, but with them all being blue, he is a very stark white color.

The real problem comes with his legs. For some reason, when they made First Aid, they remade the knees in rubber instead of the hard plastic. What we end up with is a very drunk First Aid. He cannot stand up straight, or he starts to sag under his own weight. Ugh!

Even his knives are wonky. They were shoved in a section of the box that was too small, so the tips are bent.

Nothing beats the original.  He is better in all aspects.


This was the guy I was really after in this set.  I love Smokescreen, and I was so happy when we finally got him under the Beast Hunters subgroup.  And then we got another version of him as Prowl with a new head.

Well, following the police theme, Streetsmart has Prowl’s head.  Just like with First Aid, Streetsmart is awfully white.  He has just a few touches of blue here and there.  Some red really would have helped him out a lot.

Boy is Streetsmart white.  Even compared to the mostly white Smokescreen, it is apparent that even a few touches of color here and there would have helped a lot.  I mean come on! Even the G1(1986) version of Streetsmart had red on him.


The worse of the 3-pack.  A repaint of Arcee, this is basically just Arcee with some white paint here and there.  When “He” is transformed, it is really just Arcee.  The Legion Class figures are the smallest and generally the lightest on detail, but there were parts on this one that were falling off.

The entire cowling of the motorcycle on Groove’s back fell off.  It was missing something to hold it in place.   No wonder I passed on the Legion Arcee the first time around.

There you have it.  Streetsmart is pretty good, if not a little too white, First Aid is a drunk with wobbly knees, and Groove is a lady-bot. Even with all of the problems, you can’t beat the $12 on Amazon for these three.

Protectobots 2-Pack – Evac Squad

Hot Spot and Blades.  These two could not be more different from one another.  Hot Spot (Repaint of Grappel) is a big burly crane truck.  Meanwhile, Blades (ROF Blazemaster) is a skinny little helicopter.   I think the problem with this 2-pack that was better in the 3-pack is that these two are not from the same Transformers lines.  One was from the Generations line, while the other is a movie figure.  It starts to really show a difference when they are in robot modes.

Hot Spot:

I am a huge fan of the Solar Storm Grappel. He sits on my nightstand in my bedroom. The only Transformer with that prestige.

I was excited to get my hands on another version of him, as the Generations blue Hot Spot is still eluding me.

This version of Hot Spot is really close to the original except for the crane instead of a water cannon. I think a guy named Hot Spot should be a fire truck, not a crane, but oh well.


We had a great version of Blades back in the 2008 Universe series. This is not that Blades. This is a horrendous attempt to get a helicopter, and they reused Blazemaster, who was a horrible robot too.

Just look at this guy. Top heavy, with a sunken head, arms with no hands (though he does have thumbs), and chicken legs with little toes. Not even the blades on his arms would decide which direction they should face. This is NOT a quality piece. He is being transformed back into the helicopter where he will probably remain for the rest of his days.

Hot Spot, win.  Blades, lose.  At least this set only cost about $13 on Amazon, and it looks like the price is going down.  So $13 for a Voyager Class Hot Spot is pretty good all things considered.


So, if you see something you need, head over to Amazon.  They are both being sold for less than half the price, and it makes for good deals if there is one you really want in each set.  Just be warned, they are not great sets, and there are some real stinkers in here.

30th Anniversary Bumblebee and Blazemaster

Well, we are still a while away from 2014, but Hasbro wants to kick off their 30th Anniversary of Transformers a little early.   They are coming out with two, two-packs to kick things off.   They are Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, each with a smaller figure that transforms into a weapon.   I have not seen Optimus, and I have only seen Bee at one Walmart.

Bumblebee has a bit of a look of the War for Cybertron Bee in this robot mode.  Upon closer inspection, he has a bit more of a look to the hatchback version he has had in the past.  You know the one with the controversial jet ski trailer.  Anyway, he has good movement in his arms and legs.  He has large enough feet to stand well.   It is funny to see a Bumblebee figure with all of his wheels mounted on his arms.

He comes with Blazemaster.   A helicopter with a Gatling gun mounted on the front.  I think this is a bit of homage to Armada Hot Shot who was kinda the Bumblebee of the series, and had a mini-con that was a helicopter.

Blazemaster turns into a large cannon for Bee to use.  The rotors turn into what I can only assume is a shield when the blades are spinning.   This is a good look for Bumblebee.

Bumblebee loses some points with me when he is in vehicle mode.  The wheels are pretty weak, and he is slammed to the ground.  Not much rolling for this guy.  One would think, after all of the Legion class figures, they would be getting these smaller figures down to a science.   I guess they don’t always get it right.   Blazemaster can be mounted to the roof for a large cannon.  Unfortunately, there is not a good place for the rotors.

And there you have it.  Another Bumblebee.  A unique Bee that shows where the franchise is going as we end Prime here at the end of this season.  New looks to classic characters.  The small figures are just a taste of what is to come in the next year.  I am excited.

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