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Decepticon Berserker – Transformers: The Last Knight (Deluxe Premiere Edition)

Since I went to see The Last Knight this morning, Berserker is even more of a strange choice of figures to make. He was in the movie for a handful of seconds only. Megatron wants him freed, and we get to see just how crazy he is. He is strapped down, Steve Buscemi style ala ConAir. And for good reason too. He is CRAZY!

But enough about the character, let’s look at the figure.

Vehicle: *

Ouch, this vehicle SUCKS!!! First off, it is clear that they used Crankcase from Dark of the Moon as the basis for this figure. A Suburban with police lights on the roof. That is okay, but the real problem is that they tried to (like with Bumblebee) make too many cuts to the vehicle. It does not stay together in any way shape or form. And that is a really bad thing.

There is virtually no playability with the vehicle at all. Even if you can get it to stay together somewhat, it falls apart with the smallest bit of pressure.

Robot: ****
Weapons: ***

In robot mode, he is still rather Crankcase looking. Dreads and an ugly mug. He really shines in robot mode, despite his vehicle mode. The car parts fold up really nice to allow him to showcase his robot mode (which is all we see in the movie).
It is strange to me that they would make a new character that looks so much like the old one. We know Crankcase bit the dust in Dark of the Moon. Maybe they were brothers. Who knows?
He has very unique legs, with the ankle being reversed and high up on his leg. He has shorter feet than most of the other oversized feet the movie figures generally have.

Despite having the Predator-type dreadlocks, he does have really good head articulation due to a double joint on the neck.

He comes with a pair of spiked weapons. They are nasty looking things. They can be wielded in his hands, or they can hang off his back with the tab on the handle. They can also be placed in the undercarriage of the body when in vehicle mode. Maybe the best part of his vehicle mode. They are not the best weapons out there, but I like that he actually comes with weapons, and they are very fitting to the character.

Vehicle: *
Robot: ****
Weapons: ***

The vehicle mode is a mess. He will probably never go back into that mode as long as I have him. The robot mode is so much better, with good articulation, nice detailing, and an overall great appearance. If you are not a completist, you will probably want to skip this one. He is hardly in the movie at all, and will not be missed in your collection. If however you do not think that it is fair that there are 17 Autobots, and only 5 Decepticons in the Deluxe, Voyager, and Leader Classes, then you may want to pick him up.

We will see what the rest of the line brings us. I am not overly excited about the figures so far, and the rest of the line looks so-so. I am glad we still have figures from Titans Return to look forward to. They have been consistently solid every time.

Road Trip Finds

I was gone on a 21 day road trip with my wife and dog. We got a travel trailer and took it out on the maiden voyage. 21 days, 11 states, 4200 miles. Along the way I was able to stop in a plethora of WalMarts, Targets, a few Toys R Us’ and a couple of Walgreens. I even made it to a Fred Meyer in Oregon, which is owned by Krogers, so they had lots of Hot Wheels.

The tally of finds was:

Marvel Legends:
6 of the 7 Spider-Man Homecoming
The Walgreens Exclusive Invisible Woman
The Toys R Us Exclusive 2-pack Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson

The Jim Lee Cyclops figure from the Warlock Series

Blitzwing (Voyager Class)
Octane (Voyager Class)
Bumblebee (Deluxe Movie)
Barricade (Deluxe Movie)
Berserker (Deluxe Movie)

Star Wars:
Tusken Raider (Sand People) (40th Anniversary Black Series)

10 Premium brands
Lightning McQueen (Target Exc)

13 Matchbox
75 Hot Wheels


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