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Monxo and Wolfwire – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return – Deluxe Class

Wait, is this Titans Return or Robots in Disguise? They love to make Decepticon animals in RiD, but we are getting a bit of overflow into Titans Return. This is not the only animal we are getting in this wave either.

Today we are looking at Wolfwire with his Titan Master Monxo.

Wolfwire is a bright yellow and blue robot. I think he is giving off a really strong Wolverine vibe with the X-Men coloring and bad attitude.

His little head, Monxo is blue and grey. He has a weird back story, where sometime he is a humanoid fleshbag. They went with the Headmaster version. The colors are pretty close, with a bit lighter blue this time around.

As for Wolfwire, this is a pretty darn close redesign of the original version from 1987. The former Weirdwolf slimmed down a lot for this iteration, but he looks very close, including the sword tail and red cockpit for the Monxo to ride in.

Wolfwire comes with a great big gun along with the grey sword. The Titan Return figures certainly do carry a lot of weaponry. His gun of course doubles as a seat for his Titan Master. We will see that a bit later.  He has an opening door in his chest that is similar to the original. This one does not really serve a purpose, except to help push out the torso of the wolf when going through transformation.

In wolf mode, Wolfwire has an opening mouth. It is a bit scary looking with the red teeth. His head is on a swivel to allow the head to swing side to side, and there is even a slight head turn as well.

Moving back, Wolfwire has… ah crud! I just realized I blew the transformation on the front legs. They are backwards and show the empty elbows. Ugh! Anyway, he has pretty good articulation in the fore legs and unlike is G1 counterpart, he can move his back legs too.

The cockpit window flips forward to allow access to the seat.

There is so much room in the cockpit because of the stretch of the waist, that you can actually fit two Titan Masters in there. Pretty neat.

Once closed, the gun can be placed on top of Wirewolf, and he has himself some heavy firepower at his disposal. He looks like a Wolf-tank to me.

Phew! Got the legs the right way around this time!

The gun can also be attached under his body so his back is free for someone to catch a ride. Now he can have his fire power and little help too.

After a few weeks of playing with him, I did notice a problem around the cockpit hinge. Both sides have broken and the hinge dangles loose when the hatch is open. Thankfully there is the rubbery plastic that is attached to the same metal post, so the door does not fall off. It is just a bummer with this guy being so good otherwise.


Transformers Generations: Rattrap

A second outing for the Generations line, into the world of Beast Wars.  Just like Rhinox and Waspinator, this one is dead-on to the original design.  Well, almost.  The original show was terrible 90s style computer graphics, and just doesn’t quite hold up with today’s CG work.   Don’t get me wrong, I still love it.  It just looks terrible.   Rattrap here is a far cry from the poor CG work of many, many years ago.   He is an outstanding representation of himself.

Rattrap looks great in his robot mode.  He has a lot of animal parts showing, but that is really the point with these Transformers.  They didn’t really disguise their animal parts well.  But they sure did hide well in animal mode.  They had to, or they would die.  I digress here.  He comes with a big cannon to hold.  It comes apart near the middle and becomes two smaller hand guns.  One of the better examples of weapons breakdowns I have seen in the Transformers toys.

Fold that bad boy up, and he looks so much like is rat version from TV, it is amazing.  He has posable limbs and an opening mouth.  His tail is the rubber material with the wire in it.  We used to see toys like that all the time back in the day.  Most didn’t hold-up to so much bending.  The wires eventually gave out and left the body parts wobbly.

There isn’t a lot of Rattrap’s robot mode showing, which is a pretty good feat, since there was a lot to pack in there.

From the bottom, you can see just how packed in there he is.   On the upper arm, you can also see the clear bomb that is stuck in his arm.  A small door opens on the top of the arm to allow the bomb to be removed.  What a fun little addition.

In all, another great addition to the Beast Wars figures.  Let’s keep this one going in the Generation line, shall we?  I wanna see more.

Rhinox – Transformers Generations

Finally!!!   I have finally gotten my hands on the Rhinox figure.  I have been wanting him for so long.  My reconnection with Transformers began many years ago when I was in college.   A new friend, Matt, introduced me to the Beast Wars series.  We bonded over our love for Transformers over many nights of watching the entire series on DVD.   Many years later, we are finally seeing some new Beast Wars figures thanks to the Generation line.   Living up to the name “Generations,” we have seen many of the Transformers properties covered.  Now, some Beast Wars.

 I love how close Rhinox looks to his TV counterpart.  His colors look great.  We can really see the difference between the robot and animal parts.  He is very bulky, so there are some slight problems with articulation.  IN his elbows, he cannot make a full 90 degree bend.  He makes up for that with pretty good articulation in his legs.  Speaking of legs, they are very important for the next part of the body… the back.

I was a little worried about where the giant rhino head was going to end up.  The head along with all of the back pieced from snout to tail all fold up together to form a sort of backpack.  It definitely is out of his way, and doesn’t look too terrible.  This is generally why I shy away from the robot to animal Transformers, but this one works.

In the head, the horns, ears, and teeth are all one single piece of rubber.  Slightly flexible so kids won’t stab themselves.   What it really does, is give a lot of extra weight to the backpack.  And sticking out back there, kinda makes Rhinox a bit back heavy.  The legs are pretty good for articulation, so it is pretty easy to get him all set in a pose that allows him to stand well.

Into animal mode.   What a nice looking animal.  He has a moving mouth, as well as some articulation in the shoulders and hips.  I don’t think you will ever get him into a great running pose, but he has a little bit to work with.  One of the best attributes this guy has going for him is are the small seam lines.   There are not giant gaps our robot parts sticking out all over the place.   He is pretty clean except for the back of all of his legs.  There you can see the green of robot parts.  Leading to my favorite feature of Rhinox:

The final part of the transformation from robot to animal is to attach the two guns together and slide them into he abdomen.   The body closes around the guns, and viola!  You don’t have to figure out what to do with two handguns while he is in beast mode.  What a great design feature.


Overall, I am very happy with Rhinox.   He is a favorite from way back, and now he is a favorite again.  Any chance for a few more Beast Wars figures in the future?  Yes there is.   We have already seen Waspinator in the Deluxe line, and Rattrap is scheduled to come out this year, also in the Deluxe line.  With the looks of Waspinator, and now Rhinox, I am very happy, and ready to see what else they would like to attempt to bring back.

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