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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Raphael and Michelangelo

With these two, I have the complete set… of four.  Not a whole lot to worry about getting in this line-up.  I am not that interested in the human figures, so with the addition of April, this line is done for me.   I can’t imagine they would come out with anything more that I would have to get.  I have been surprised in the past, so we will see.


Hmmm.  A face only a mother could love.  There was so much poo-pooing of the Turtles when the first trailer came out.  GAH!  Turtles with noses.  Michael Bay just can’t leave well enough alone.  Well, I think the problem was the design of the first face we saw, Mikey’s.   He does not have the best face of the four by far.

Moving on to the rest of the body.  A crazy 3-piece nunchuck along with a regular nunchuck.  No thanks.  That just hangs out there really weird.  One of the big problems for me is the lack of articulation on the wrists.  They can’t turn their hands to hold any poses.

He has on quite an interesting outfit.  No shirt, but a sweatshirt around his waist.  He has on either scuba pants or yoga pants. Can’t tell which.  And then there are the shoes with the toes cut out for his giant toes.   This is an awful lot of stuff going on with these figures.


I think Raph is my favorite of the movie figures.  He is much more toned down with more of a standard brown color of clothing.  I like the full head mask he wears.   He has some great details on his body, including the scaled skin the others don’t have.

I wish the figures (other than Leo) came with a place to hold their weapons.  It is strange to me that they don’t have anything on their belts.  That is one of the fun things about the Ninja Turtles that we just don’t get here.

Here we are.  Four Turtles and a Lady.  I really like how different each of the Turtles is from one another.  From the differences in outfits to the changes in skin color.  This is by far, not my favorite Turtle line, but they are a pretty good showing.  Now we just have to wait for the movie.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Movie Figures

I had to finally get my hands on some of the Ninja Turtles for the upcoming movie.  After the great showing of figures for the cartoon, I didn’t have high hopes that these would compare.  And in a lot of ways they don’t.  I wanted an array to look at, not willing to get all of them at once, in case they are really terrible.  Thankfully they are not terrible, they are mostly good figures.

April O’Neil:

I grabbed April, knowing it would be harder to find her later.  She absolutely looks like April O’Neil.

April is a fairly straight forward figure. She comes with her camera bag, a nice camera, and two sais, which I am guessing actually belong to Raphael. She cannot hold the sais very well.

She has good motion in her arms, though she doesn’t have any elbows. What is it with TMNT, and having humans with missing articulation?  She has the same motion in her hips, no knees. Her head has a joint, but it doesn’t work well with her long hair.


I had to get Leonardo.  He is my favorite Turtle, so I figured, he would be a good one to look at first.  Leonardo comes with his katana blades. They fit into sheaths on his back that can be removed.

He is fairly back-heavy of course, sporting the big shell. He needs to stand hunched forward. This is only a problem since he looks down at the ground. His neck is only a swivel joint. It would have been so much better if it had a pivot as well.


My third choice was Donatello. He has so much going on. He is covered in tech, from goggles to a backpack that looks like it is out of Ghostbusters.

He is a lot thinner than Leonardo. I really like that they made the figures look so different from one another.

I think the figures could use a lot of touch-up with more paint colors.  There are a lot of unpainted straps and pads, as well as some areas that could just use a wash.  I am inclined to pull out some paints and see if I can get these guys looking even better.

I like the figures.  They are not my favorite, but I think I will have to at the very least get the last two Turtles.  It is not a huge wave of figures, so I won’t have to break the bank getting all of them.  I think they are a good deal at under $10 too.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Support Staff

Part 2 of my look at the new Ninja Turtles will focus on the supporting characters of the show.  This includes, Splinter, Shredder, Kraang, and a Foot Soldier.
First we will look at the leader of the Ninja Turtles, Splinter:

Splinter is a great looking rat.  He has a lot of color in his face that really makes him stand out.   He is wearing a robe that is made of a rubber type material.  It has a slit down the back that allows for his tail to hand through.

I was a little disappointed with the articulation of Splinter.  He has good shoulder articulation, both a ball and swivel.  But that is where the majority of the articulation ends.  He has a twist at the end of his sleeves for wrist artic.  His head is also on a swivel.  His legs have joints at the hips to allow his feet to be moved forward and back, but he really cannot stand unless they are in one specific place.  He does have some articulation in his tail where it meets his body.

Unlike the Turtles, and April, Splinter only comes with his staff.   No Ninja Arsenal with this figure.

Now, onto the bad guys.


Second figure into the support staff, and I saw a trend coming.   No knee joints.  This is not going to make for fun playtime when all of the bad guys can only stand there.    Shredder has his trademark bladed armor.  It is a bit bulky on his wrists and around the feet. The rest of it is really nice.  He comes with a small sword and two throwing stars.  The sword is WAY too small.  He cannot even hold it in his hand without it flopping around.  And, he does not have a place to carry it.  Everyone else comes with some sort of sheath for their blades.  Not for Shredder.


Ah, yes.  The alien brain himself.  Kraang is in his robot body, who is equipped with two laser guns.   As you might expect with a super thin figure like the robot, it does not have much along the lines of articulation.  Think of it like a giant-sized Battle Droid from the Star Wars line of figures.  They share a pretty similar stance.  The robot does have a little bit more movement in the shoulders.    It does have one stance it can hold, otherwise it will fall over.

Kraang himself is a rubbery little guy.  Easily removed from the body of the robot, Kraang has a whole bunch of thin tentacles.  I can see these being broken off by kids really easily.

Foot Soldier:

By far, my favorite of the bad guys.   He again, does not have knee joints or elbow joints, but he does come with two swords, and 2 throwing blades.  He has good articulation other than the lack of the joints mentioned.  His coloring is very basic, but that is what you would expect from the soldiers of the bad guys.   We will be looking at a variation of the Foot Soldier next time, when we look at a few of the vehicles.

The thee bad guys so far.  It will be fun, if we get some of the animal based bad guys.  Hopefully they will have the knee and elbow articulation of the Turtles.

All together, that is quite an array of color.  The heights are really well done, leaving the Turtles a little shorter than the humans.  The four Turtles are better figures overall, but the other figures are not terrible.   All of the figures are well made, and well executed.

Up next, we will look at two of the mid-sized vehicles, the Ninja Stealth Bike, and the Dragon Chopper.  Both have some nice features, and both come with a figure.  You will not want to miss these two.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 2012

The 80’s are alive and well.  We have seen the revival of Transformers, not only for the big screen, but also for Television.  ThunderCats has made a return as well, but probably not as big.  I still love the show, and the toys are great.

Now it is time for a little Turtle-Power!  The triumphant return of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is here.   We have seen a few previous attempts at bringing back Leo and the boys, but this one looks like it may stick around for a while.  The show, coming out late September, looks like it is going back to the roots of the original team.  No more time traveling turtles.  This time it looks like it is going to be straight forward with a focus on the boys and what they are best at doing… beating Shredder and his Foot Soldiers.

Of course I am interested in the show as well, but it was the look at the prototype figures for the new toy line that really got me excited.   And today, while going through Toys R Us, looking for something else (wait and see what that was), I saw a display of obnoxiously loud packaging.  What was that?  Of course it was the new packaging for the Turtles, in all of its glory.

Very reminiscent of the packaging of the original line, with the bright green and purple, this was already a plus going in the favor of Playmates.  Since they are being produced by the same company, just 24 years later, they probably still have some of the original reference material around to work from.


Leonardo, the leader of the Ninja Turtles, was my must-have figure.   I took a gamble on him, and even if the toys did not pan out and show to be any good, I would at least have my favorite guy,  He comes with his trademark Katana blades.   One is slightly longer than the other.   It is also nice that they are in a metal color, which I think the original was not.   He also comes with what they are calling a “Ninja Arsenal.”  This is the set of little weapons that came attached together.  We will look at the little weapons in a bit.

Playmates did a really good job with the posability of the figures.   Head rotates and tilt, shoulders rotate and tilt, elbows tilt, wrists rotate, hips rotate and tilt, knees rotate and tilt.   He has nice big feet to keep him standing.  He is slightly back-heavy, but you would be too if you had a shell on your back.   There are lots of great details in the sculpt.   His skin has great texture.  The pads look good and worn.  His wraps on his hands and feet are amazing.

His shell is solid on the back, with a hole for his Katana sheath to be attached to the straps in the back.  The front of his shell is a rubber material.  It allows for some extra movement around the hips so the legs can come forward.

April O’Neil:

Looks like they are going with a teenage April this time around.  I sure hope she is at least a writer for her school paper.   I decided the other figure I was going to grab today was April, since the girls are notoriously under-produced and therefore really hard to find.  So, I figured I would grab her while I saw her.  April comes with a Training Bo Staff.  I would like to see what makes it different from Donatello’s Bo Staff, but I will have to wait on that one.    She also comes with a “Ninja Arsenal” but this one is in brown.  It will be neat to see how many different Arsenals they actually produced.   We will also look at April’s Arsenal here in a little bit.

April is quite a bit less dynamic than Leo.   Since she is skinny, it is hard to make some of the articulation work, and still make it okay for kids to play with without ripping her arm in half at the elbow.  She does have articulation at the head, as well as the shoulder, wrist, hips, and feet.  I would liked to have at least seen some knee articulation.  It is hard to get her into any great poses with straight legs.  She can hold the Bo Staff with only one hand.  Other than that… she has big feet.  Good for standing I guess. 😉

April is a little taller than Leo, which is what we want to see.  She is supposed to be taller than the Turtles, so good to go there.

The Arsenal Weapons:

Leo’s on the left, comes with an extra Katana sword, which has some more details than his regular swords.  It also has a spike, two throwing stars, and three throwing knives.  A good set of weapons there.   April’s Arsenal comes with a wooden sword, a kendo stick, a baton, two throwing stars, and two… rocks?  I am not sure what they are, but they look good for training of some sort.    I think they did a great job creating extras that work with the figures.  We will have to see what everyone else comes with.

Final Thought:

This is showing to be a great set of figures.  I am definitely hooked.   I am looking forward to getting the rest of the Turtles, as well as Splinter, Shredder, Krang, and a Foot Soldier.  It looks like TRU got a jump on the competition.  Most online retailers are saying they will not be out until August.  These are very solid figures.  They look good enough for the fans of the original series to collect these and be happy with the designs.

And I know you are dying of curiosity:

Yes, the TMNT figures fit in pretty well with the ThunderCats figures.  As I said, the 80’s are alive and well.  🙂

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