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Shining Blade – Sakuya – 1/6 (Kotobukiya)

Sakuya is quite a girl.  Okay, I really know nothing about her.  She is another character from a video game, and I was drawn to her by her fabulous outfit, and the giant sword that is the size of her body.

She is a slender figure with a great body.  She is accentuated by a great dress, and an amazing pair of pony tails that coil at the end.   There is a lot going on in this figure.  I am glad she is 1/6th scale to make sure all of the details are there.  This figure is definitely driven by the sword and the base.   The flames of the base make for a great base unlike any other in my collection.  Not just another plastic disk.   The sword, with it’s giant size still looks like it could somehow be wielded by this petite creature.   I think it may be due to the transparent appearance of the center part of the sword.

She has a happy appearance on her face.  I didn’t expect this from a girl standing in a fire wielding a giant sword, but whatever floats her boat.

In case one is so inclined, the underskirt can be removed to show a little more leg and cheek.  I am not really sure why there was so much trouble to allow the viewer to remove the small piece of clothing.  It could be due to the way the figure is built, and it is actually just the way she is assembled.  With the way Kotobukiya takes care in packaging, she has to come all apart to get all of the plastic from between parts that could rub together anyway.

In all, a great figure.   She is standing tall (quite literally, in the 1/6th scale) on display in my collection.  She is very bright and noticeable every time I go in the room.   I have seen a lot of people use her sword for other figures as well, since it is a separate piece.  Pretty versatile there, but she looks weird not holding anything at all.

Mischievous Slinking Cat Xiaomei – Kotobukiya

Xiaomei is another figure I picked up on a whim.  I did not have any knowledge of the character, or where she was from.  What I did know is that she was a cat girl, and I had yet to get one in my collection.   She is from the game, Shining Hearts.

She is a beautifully created figure.  She is as one would expect from Kotobukiya.  Well designed, with perfect proportions, a great dynamic pose, and perfect paint.  The biggest surprise for me upon opening the box was finding a real pillow in there.   I guess I didn’t get past the cute ears and the great tail to see that she was perched on a pillow in the pictures on the box.   What a great surprise it turned out to be.  Not only did it give something for Xiaomei to sit on that is not another disk of plastic, but it also really sets off the rest of the outfit.  The color looks so good with the white and purple outfit, with just a hint of the same teal color in the top part of her outfit.

Along with the pillow accessory, she also comes with two fish.  One fish is just a standard plastic fish.  The other has a magnet, so it looks like Xiaomei is eating it.  Cute idea.  Well executed.

Overall, a great figure.  She is so cute and looks great on that little pillow along with other figures.  She is definitely one to watch out for.  She is a great addition to any Anime collection.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu – 1/7 – Swimsuit ver. (Griffon Enterprises)

Haruhi is a fun-loving girl. What better way to spend the summer than in a bikini with a super soaker?

Not many that I can think of… for girls of course.  I am a guy, so I would look pretty weird in a bikini.  I have done it, but I think it looks better on Haruhi.  Anyway, I digress.

Haruhi comes apart at the waist to allow the removal of the sash.   The clear green is too cool looking not to leave on, but I included some pics just to show how she looks.  Enjoy!

She is a solid figure.  Well designed, and a fun pose unlike any other in my collection.

More pictures on my Flickr page.

Sill Plain – 1/8 – Rance VI ver. – Kotobukiya

Today, a quick look at Sill Plain.  A figure from an Anime game series Rance, that I have never seen, but the figure was calling to me.  There is something about the curly hair being blown up, along with the flowing cape.  I was in!

The sculpt is fantastic, as we always expect from Kotobukiya.   The paint is amazing.   All of the white, and the pink hair has a pearl tint to it that gives an extra something.  She is a bit on the small side compared to many of the other Koto figures I have, but with the flowing cape and look, if she was larger, she would take up a lot of room.  In all, a great figure.

Wonder Woman – Variant Play Arts No. 2

I have been waiting for a long time to get these figures going.  Then I had to wait for an extra half-week while I waited to get my camera back from being cleaned.  It had been 8 years of photography all over the world.  It was time for a cleaning.  Boy was it worth it.


The mold is fantastic, as we would expect from Play Arts.  WW has long shapely legs, and it continues up from there.   The has the great articulation that we expect from the Play Arts figures, but with the larger scale of these Variant figures, I think the job of making a beautiful, womanly body is easier for them to accomplish.   Besides her open/flat hands, WW comes with three extra hands.  Two fists and one holding hand for her shield.  She also comes with an extra necklace that has a post on the back to allow her shield to be attached to her back.

If there is one thing I want from my female figures, it would be legs.  And WW has legs to the moon.  Shapely on top.  Great boots down below.  I cannot say they are the best boots for fighting, but come on, not much about WW is best for fighting.

If you were like me, and thought you did not need the new Batman because you already have the Arkham Batman, well there is a bit of a problem.  WW is a full head taller than Batman, so a lot out of scale. Doesn’t do anything for Batman’s ego.  Poor Batman.

As always, lots and lots more pictures on my Flickr page.

Queen’s Blade Rebellion Branwen (Yamato)

The real reason for getting my new photo booth up and running is not to take pictures of Transformers.  Of course, that is a good plus, but I had bought my most expensive anime statue to date, and I did not think the old way I was taking pictures would do her justice.  Today I present to you, in all her glory (literally), Branwen from Queen’s Blade Rebellion.

What we start with is an 11.25 inch statue on a real wood base.  She is expertly sculpted with just the right amount of everything, everywhere.   There is a lot to admire about this giant statue, but I think my favorite part is her hair.  The sculpting on her hair is some of the best hair sculpting I have ever seen on any figure.

She has cute little pouty lips with the slightest bit of gloss on them that accentuates the delicate features of her face.   Her piercing blue eyes really stand out on a stature that is otherwise a mixture of mostly earth tones.  I really like the cables that go around her body.  They really give a sense of movement.

There are a lot of variations you can make with this figure.  Her ball and chain (super heavy by the way) is removable as well as her sword.   Her small shield seems to be removable, but I could not figure out how to do it without risking breaking something.  She is also a cast-off figure.   Her bikini is removable.   The back of the bikini top as well as both ends of the bottoms, go into small tabs between the corset and her skin.  It is not noticeable at all.  If you want to see those pictures and many more from this set, go to my flicker page to get a full view.

Bishoujo Huntress

Today we are going to take a look at Kotobukiya’s Huntress statue fromt he Bishoujo line.  These figures are amazingly detailed, and in my opinion, the DC girls have come out way above the Marvel line-up.

Out of the box, Huntress is flawless.  Probably because she is boxed amazingly well, and is also wrapped in plastic to help keep her from getting rubbed around.  Straight away, she has a dynamic pose that looks like she is atop a building over Gotham.  Wind is blowing through her hair, and her cape is billowing.  There is really nothing wrong with her in any aspect.

Up close on her face, you can see her delicate details.  Of course we need those, or it would not be very Bishoujo.  That is really the only aspect of her that makes her “anime.”  Her hair is fantastic.  We have been seeing a lot of the wind-blown look in the line so far, and we get it here again.  They went with the fade of the hair to become sort of transparent at the ends of the blown part.   I makes her hair look a little grey.  I think the concept works much better on hair that starts light.

The detail work is top notch.  There is not a bit of the costume that does not have a buckle or a wrinkle to show how thoughtfully the figure was designed.  She definitely needs to be displayed with good lighting to be able to look upon all of the gentle shading as well as the shiny metallic paint of the purple.  She gives Batgirl a run for her money in the shiny department.

Here she is with her Batman sisters.  When they are side-by-side, Huntress seems slightly larger in scale than Catwoman and Batgirl.  They all have their gargoyles to stand on, which really helps give them a great pose.  Each is unique and allows them to stand together and look good.

It is the other, new figure, that really allows for the scale to work.  She stands a little taller than Power Girl, but Power Girl is throwing her hips into quite a contrapposto stance (Oh yeah, come back to me Art History class).

What a fantastic figure.  This statue looks great on the shelf with the others.   The variation from skin texture to the texture of the costume are outstanding.   We get the figures in their comic costumes, and not re-imagined like the Ame-Comi figures (though I do love the Ame-Comi figures too).

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