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Marvel Legends Multi-Packs and Exlcusives

We are going to take a quick look at a few multi-packs that came out a few years ago.  I was not able to find them initially, but they were available in the secondary market (Amazon) for great deals.   They have been sitting on the floor way too long, and wanted to be let free to play.

Amazon Exclusive – Age of Ultron 4-Pack (2015)

This is the Amazon.com exclusive set from Age of Ultron. It contains a really large new mold of Thor, a retool of Black Widow, a new tool of Bruce Banner, and a retool of non-Legends Hawkeye. The set is okay. I really wanted to get my hands on a decent movie Thor, and of course the Bruce Banner. We have had Hulk, but this is the first time we get Bruce.

Black Widow is a fine figure. The colors on her outfit are kind of fun. They are not very movie accurate. She comes with a set of batons to break some bad guy heads. Hawkeye is the weakest of the set. It is clear that he was not a part of the Marvel Legends line originally. His face seems a bit smooshed, and the rest of his proportions are way off too. Not what we are used to with the Marvel Legends movie figures.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Three-Pack (2015) (Toys R Us Exclusive)

This is a fun set of great characters. We get Agent Coulson carrying his really big gun. He comes with two heads, the alternate head wearing sunglasses. They did a great job of capturing the likeness of Clark Gregg.
The second figure is Nick Fury. He comes clad in his black outfit and black trenchcoat. He comes with two handguns that have working holsters, one on the hip, and one on the chest. Then there is Maria Hill. She uses the Agent 13 body with a new head sculpt.

This is a great set to fill out some of the non-super powered characters in the MCU.

Infinite Three-Pack (2014)

This set, I found for a good deal on Amazon I think. It was a super sale, and I could not miss getting my hands on Ms. Marvel. And she does not disappoint.
She comes with Captain America, who I think is a reused version. And then there is Radioactive Man. We can’t have too many bad guys, and to have one that is opaque and glowing is pretty fun.

The Rest of the Thor MiniMates:

I went to see the movie, going with high expectations from the two Iron Man movies.  I was less than impressed by this one.  I was let down by the story.  It is the story of a god finding more to life than fighting.  Well, there is so much back story that they packed into the movie that there was relatively little time allowed for Thor to spend on Earth and get a grasp of humanity.   Now, there are a lot of guys who would change their ways overnight to be with Natalie Portman, but come on, this is a set-up for what might be the biggest movie ever produced.

Anyway, as this is not a movie review site, we will move ahead with the figures.   The figures available in the Toys R Us Two Packs were reviewed here.  These figures were only available in Marvel MiniMates Wave 39, and not a part of the Toys R Us Two Packs.

The two characters are Jane Foster, and Agent Coulson.  They both come with a Frost Giant.

Jane comes with just her pretty little self, but Coulson comes with a hand gun and a megaphone, apparently for yelling at Destroyer.  The Frost Giants have nice armor and a really good paint job.   All figures are well made and painted nicely.

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