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Bullseye – Marvel Legends Toy Biz – Galactus Series

We are going into the Way-Back Machine here. 2005 to be more precise. Toy Biz was the company, and big articulation was their game. They focused on giving us good figures with lots of articulation, and some extra paint. Most of the time what they gave us was brilliant. They had some things to work through along the way, like the ball jointed hips that really stood out as strange and weird. That is when function won over form, and hurt the overall look.

They also went with super articulation in the hands and gave us articulated fingers. Now, for grasping, that was quite fantastic. Making a fist is a lot harder with straight fingers. You get guys who look like they have never thrown a punch before.

Bullseye came across my radar, and since I wasn’t really collecting Marvel Legends at the time, except for getting all of the parts to the most awesome BAF of all time, the Sentinel. I figured with a couple of great Daredevils that came out at the end of last year, it would be good to have a Bullseye for him to fight.

Overall I like this guy. He is well artuculated as he should be. He has great paint apps that help to tone down the white. I really like all of the pockets and pouches he has all over the place. It adds a lot to the outfit.

I don’t know how many parts of Galactus I am going to end up collecting for this one. The prices for this very first BAF series is up there pretty high.

Marvel Legends – Story Photoshoot (Ultron Wave)

This is a story I took pictures of in the forest. i was walking around looking for a place to do the photoshoot for my review of the figures, and I came across this rocky beach area along the creek I was following.

Good Vs Evil in this Ultron Wave Smackdown!

1 – Bulldozer vs. Ant-Man

2 – Bulldozer takes down Ant-Man

3 – Crushing Blow to Ant-Man

4 – Enter Giant Man to protect Ant-Man

5 – Tiger Shark lurking in the water

6 – Wasp comes in to break up this fight

7 – Grim Reaper wants a piece of this Avengers team-up

8 – Black Ant rings Bulldozer’s bell

9 – Bulldozer is hard to bring down

10 – Ant-Man is back up and taking care of Tiger Shark

11 – Double teaming Bulldozer is the only way to take him down

12 – The bad guys are down

13 – Great job team. You work well together.

14 – Don’t forget about Ultron…

15 – Everybody RUN!!!!

This was a lot of fun to do.   It was 2 months ago, and this was really the kick-off to the change in my photography of toys.  I have been finding it so fun to take more action poses and try to get the figures to stand on their own in dynamic poses.  This was certainly not an easy feat on this rocky ground, with water running along the creek, bugs biting me, and trying to squish myself onto the little beach along with all of the figures…and still take pictures of them.  I am really looking forward to getting out there more, and creating more photo shoots on location.

Marvel Legends – Rhino Series – White Tiger

I did not expect much from White Tiger. Really, she was a means to an end…and that end was Rhino. I needed the torso, and it was either going to be White Tiger or Misty Knight, and I happened to find White Tiger first.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised by her. She is super well articulated, and she really holds her pose. I was really happy with how photogenic she is, for being a mostly white figure.

She has such great articulation.  The double joint in her knees allows for a great squatting position.  I was a bit worried about her arm movement since she only has one joint in her elbow, but she really has good movement there too.

Of course, what I really like about her is her interaction with the other figures.   I mean, she is not being very nice to Chameleon here, but he did pull the gun first.

This is a scene I made for Articulated Comic Book Art. After I did the shot of White Tiger putting Chameleon in a figure four leglock, I wanted to see how well she would do wrapped around his neck. They actually stood on their own, and the idea of the shot was born.
WIth her great articulation, it was so easy to pose her any way I wanted, and naturally if I was going to have her take down Chameleon, I would imagine Kraven being somewhere near by.

Marvel Legends – Rhino Series – Superior Venom

He is a good looking guy. From far back, the webbing around the face takes away from the overall appearance of Venom. The great thing about the original Venom was the all black design. This gets a little muddled from far back.
He comes with four arms hanging off the back. They go into specific ports on the back. Two shorter arms coming over the top, and two longer arms hanging down.

This is Doc Ock, but not the fat Doc we remember from the past.  He is a much more svelte version of himself.

“What do you say, Kraven? You wanna take a shot at taking down THIS spider?”

Kraven originally wanted a Spider for his wall.  Will he even try to take on this one?

“Maybe I will just choke the life out of you, and then eat you!!!”

Overall I like this Venom.   He looks good in his black wares.  He has extra arms that are creepy.  I am not too big on the webs up top, but they are comic accurate.  And I am not too sure about his feet.   I don’t generally like my heroes, or anti-heroes in bare feet.  It just looks dangerous.

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