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Power Rangers Legacy Wave 2

How in the world did I miss posting this set? I looked down the backlog of figures I have photographed, and there sits this beautiful team ready to go.

This time around, the focus has shifted away from the three member team of Ninja Storm, to the larger team of In Space. Of course, we are still getting members of the Mighty Morphin team as we continue to fill that team as well.

First up is the Red Ranger. Andros is set up here in the standard body that we see in our males. He comes with the Astro Blaster and the holster to hold it in. The figures come with great articulation and lots of good clean paint.

Andros comes with the body to the Astro Megazord. It is clean and well done. I think it is going to look great when all complete.

Along with Andros, we get the In Space Yellow Ranger, Ashley. Ashley is on the female body. The female bodies are smaller versions of the male bodies, but more feminine. Ashley wears the yellow skirt that is a bit restrictive for the legs, but not as bad as the older 5 inch figures that had very tight rubber skirts that didn’t move.

Ashley comes with the left leg of Astro Megazord. The details on the Megazords are outstanding. So far, we have the Ninja Storm Megazord complete. This guy has a ways to go.


Moving on, we are getting a few more of the MMPR team. The Blue Ranger, Billy looks great. There is something about the blue that pops just right. As with Jason, Billy comes with the Blade Blaster. It is in the folded up configuration. It would have been so nice to get a second version in the gun mode.

Billy of course comes with the triceratops left leg.

After Billy comes Zach, our Black Ranger. Just like the Blue Ranger, the Black Ranger just looks cool. I think it has something to do with the darker paint that makes these guys look really good.

Since Zach uses the Mastodon, and the body is paired up with the T-Rex, we already have the torso. So Zach comes with one of Megazord’s arms.

Sweet, sweet, Kimberly. The crush of many, and a great fighter. As the Pink Ranger, she was under attack many times for being thought of as the girl in pink on the team. But she is a tough one. Her outfit looks great. It will be great to pair her up with Trini, in the next wave.

As with Zach, Kimberly’s pterodactyl is a part of the torso, so she comes with an arm. With that, the Megazord is starting to look nearly complete. It is missing a tiger leg, and it will be the second complete Zord.

We are getting there with the MMPR team. We need the Yellow Ranger to fill out the main 5. We already have the Green Ranger, and what better way to end the MMPR team than with the White Ranger.

This time around, we only received two members of the In Space team. Next time we will get the other three members, including Black, Blue, and Pink. I am sure Bandai has to do some special thinking about this one. They do NOT want to release two characters of the same color in the same wave, even if they are from different shows. That could really mess some people up.

We are up to 10 Rangers so far in this new 6.5 inch scale. I did take a quick look at the first two Power Rangers movie figures that are a Toys R Us exclusive. Some birthday luck this weekend granted me the rest of that team. So we will get the other 4 members of that team out of the boxes and assemble the Megazord to see how it stacks up to the original team.

As always more pictures on my Flickr Page.  Link to the right —->

Star Wars Black Series: Speeder Bike with Biker Scout

I have a few of the 6in Black Series figures, but there was none that I was more excited about than this one. The Biker Scout is far and away my favorite of the Storm Trooper types, and to get a scale Speeder Bike to boot?  Too much!

The Scout looks absolutely fantastic. He has all of the slimmer armor of the Scout, with some good paint detail to show his time in the environment. No shiny white for him.

He has the great movement we have come to expect from the Black Series 6inch line.

The bike is pretty well done. Pretty much an upscaled version of the original toy, but with greater detail and accuracy. Gone are the little feet that allow the bike to stand, this time going with a stand that has balls to allow posing of the bike in flight.

The stand works pretty well.   There are three balls on the points of the stand to allow for some dynamic poses.  There is one tall leg for flight, and two shorter legs for more of a hovering look.

Let’s not forget that there is an actual figure to go along with the bike.  He looks great!  From the massive points of articulation to the paint apps, he is bound to be a fan favorite.

And of course, when all else fails, there is the tiny holdout blaster in the boot.  And boy is it tiny.  It comes banded to the leg.  Once loose, it is easily lost. Be careful.

And because I know someone will be wondering:

Two scales to show just how impressive the larger scale really is.


Round 2 of ThunderCats 6 inch Figures: Cheetara

I was SOOOOO happy to hear the news that the new 6 inch figures were coming out for ThunderCats.   Good on two fronts.  First, we get more of the show, which I happen to like very much.  Second, it is great to get more of the large scale 6 inch figures.   Lion-O and Panthro were great starting figures, but there are more members of the team that I really wanted to get my hands on.

First up, and one that was the best surprise to me was Cheetara.   Let’s just say that boys don’t like playing with girls.  Real girls or plastic girls.  Even though some of the best team members ever to grace the TV screen were girls, the boys just don’t want to pretend with them.   Thankfully, Bandai threw us collectors a bone on this one, and really went of it.  Bringing out Cheetara first in the second wave of figures.  Soon to follow should be Tigra and Lion-O’s dad(?).


Bandai did a really good job here, giving her the athletic look that she has in the show, but not making her too skinny or giving her a strange face, the way many of the female toys turn out.   Her coloring is crisp and really well done.   I do have to say I am a little bummed to see the dark posts holding the joints together.  I was hoping for the second round of figures, they would do something about that.   Ah well, at least it is just a little nit-pick.

Sher comes with her staff.  I am glad to report that this staff is make of nicer plastic than her smaller-scale self, and it is really nice and straight.  She comes with the massive amount of articulation that we expect from this scale of figure, and all of the joints are nice and tight.

Though her hair makes her a bit top-heavy, I am really happy with the way they designed to allow her arms to move in any way you want.   It does limit her head movement to just about nothing.  With the long hair and the high collar, there is not much room for movement.   It only effects the dynamic poses.

With the great articulation, Cheetara can be posed in quite a few great poses.  Add in the staff, and she has even greater posability than the other Cats.  One of the best joints are in her ankles.  Her feet can move from side to side as well as front to back.

ThuderCats Ho! Some more.

Looks like the ThunderCats are doing well.   Over at Toy News International, http://toynewsi.com/, they were doing an interview with the people at Bandai about their ThunderCats line.  Apparently doing well, since we will be seeing some new toys coming out soon.   More of the larger scale 6 inch figures are in the works, as well as some of the 4 inch figures.  The four inch figures are especially neat since they are keeping them in scale, so the big guys really are larger than the rest.

We will be getting Tygra and Cheetara in the next wave of 6 inch figures.  A nice add since the Lion-O and Panthro figures turned out so well.   Now that I see the line has some staying power, I might have to go out and finally get the Thunder Tank.  I was a bit hesitant about it since I did not know if we would be seeing any more figures.  Hopefully this means we will get another season of the show as well.

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