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Ezra Bridger’s Speeder – Star Wars: Rebels (3 3/4 scale)

I have not been collecting a whole lot of vehicles in recent years from Star Wars, but there have been a few that have stuck out at me. This is not one of them. I passed on it many times. Until it went on clearance at Target. I figured, I love speeder bikes, so it would not be a big loss if it was a stinker of a vehicle.

Thankfully it is pretty good. It comes with Ezra, and he has his lightsaber. Both are good.

Ezra’s lightsaber hilt can be attached to his hip. That is a nice touch for anyone who wants to play with the figure. I figure a 5 POA figure is a waste for trying to play with, or even pose for photography. It is too static a pose for any good use.

There is a hatch in the back of the speeder to also hold the lightsaber hilt.

The blade of the saber can be stored under the vehicle. It is a nice way to keep it safe when Ezra is just cruising around.


The speeder is a larger bike than the classic speeder bikes the Empire uses. This one is more utilitarian, with a bulkier frame. More for everyday use. The front handles slide forward and back to allow different sized figures to ride on the bike. That is a nice addition as well.

There is a lot of good paint on this one that gives enough detail. It looks well used with some scuffed paint here and there.

Overall this is a fine vehicle for the scale. I can see how there are people that passed on it. If you are not a fan of Rebels, there would be no nostalgia feel to the bike. I do like the extended universe, and seeing different vehicles is always nice. There are still plenty around at many Target stores, just warming pegs, looking for good homes before the next Star Wars movie comes out and takes up all of the pegs again.


Elite Speeder Bike with Black Trooper

I was all set to skip any of the 3.75 inch Star Wars figures.  That is, until the Elite Speeder Bike came out.  I have 3 standard Speeder Bikes (one that explodes), 2 Snow Speeder Bikes, a BARC Speeder, and the 6 inch Black Series Speeder Bike and Scout.   I think it is safe to say the Speeder Bike and Scout are pretty high on my list of favorite things from Star Wars.   So, when the opportunity, and a sale at Toys R Us presented itself, I jumped at the chance to get the new Speeder Bike.

First thing out of the box, it seemed to be on the small side.   Well, as I looked at it more, and compared it to the original Speeder Bike, I think it actually fits the riders much better.  More on that in a bit.   It seems as though we are not going to see any Scout Troopers this time around, flying all over creation with their screaming bikes.   I am a little sad about that.  As for the Stormtrooper they put in the box, he looks to be fairly standard, except for one thing.  Thankfully they gave the Trooper some knee movement, or this would have been a complete disaster.   As it is, the Trooper sits up way too straight.  As we got to the end of the line of the original trilogy figures, they were sporting so much articulation, that they could ride their Speeder Bikes slouched over like they do in the movie.   Here, this guy is not articulated enough for a good pose.  At least he can reach his pedals.

You don’t get a button this time around, but this Speeder Bikes comes apart like the original.  There is better detail under the hood this time around, with the actual engine showing.  This will be nice for diorama people, who want to show figures working on their bikes.

Hmmm, what is this ‘+’ here in the back?  Could they be getting ready to come out with a speeder bike that launches from something?  That would seem about right.  The original Speeder Bikes had many different uses over the years with some minor changes.  Another thing to note about back here:  The fins open and close on this one, just like the original, but they are not controlled by the foot pedals any longer.  The pedals do move in and out a bit too.

The newly updated Elite Speeder Bike is a bit shorter in length, height, and overall size. It has a more flared out back end. The structure in the front looks to be a bit stronger with more support moving toward the fins.

Overall, it looks to be very similar, as if it is an actual upgrade to the original Speeder Bike, but a little smaller to be in scale with the 3.75 inch figures. The original speeder bikes have been the same for just about forever, with the riders not being able to reach their feet to the pedals.

There you have it.  It is similar to the original Speeder Bikes, but not the same.   It would have helped a lot to have a Trooper with better articulation to really get him in a good riding position.   Overall, this does not give me a lot of hope for further vehicles or figures in the 3.75 inch scale.   I was really bummed to see the lack of articulation in the Rebels line of toys, and thought it would come back for TFA, but it seems to be holding at very little articulation for now.  We will just have to wait and see what the future brings.

Captain America 3 3/4 scale figures

I picked up one of these just to see how good or bad they are.  I am not really into the 3 3/4 scale figures any longer since the price is going through the roof.

Anyway, I grabbed Captain America in his WW2 outfit since either way, it would be different that other Cap figures.

He comes with a hand gun on his hip, a machine gun, his non-round shield, and a removable helmet.  He is wearing a mask under the helmet.  The figure is well sculpted.  Lots of wrinkles and texture to the outfit.  I am a little bummed by the material of the figure.  The plastic seems a little soft.   The soft plastic also allows for warping in the packaging, so make sure to get him out!   I was having a little bit of trouble getting him to pose right.

On the packaging, it is clearly Chris Evans under the mask.  There is also the Avengers Assemble on the packaging front.  As with the Thor movie figures and Iron Man before that, there are a lot of figures that really don’t have anything to do with the movie.  Snowboarding Cap and that sort of thing.  I do think these figures are well worth it if you are a collector of the movie figures, but again, the plastic is a bit soft and cheap feeling.

I am excited for the movie coming out.  If you read earlier about my feelings of the Thor movie, I am a little apprehensive right now about the story for this one.  I sure hope they are not going to try and shoehorn too much about the Avengers into this movie and hurt the overall experience.

I think we are truly in the Golden Age of the comic movies. We are having big money backing these, with lots of interest outside of the comic world, so the sky is the limit.   And right now, Marvel is the game in town.  They have really stepped up to make some good comic movies.  I sure hope they continue to do so.  There are a lot of great stories out there to tell.

Marvel Universe: Iron Spider-Man

I am not a big collector of the Marvel 3 3/4 figures, but there are a few I do need.  And when I saw they were coming out the Iron Spider-Man, I knew that was one I needed for my Iron Man collection.  Since I have been collecting everything else created by Tony Stark, why not the suit he built to get Peter Parker to join his team?

A combination of Spider-Man’s style with Iron Man’s colors, and it was an instant classic.   Gaining four extra “legs” really did give Spider-Man an advantage… for a bit.  But he is used to being the underdog, and could not stay on top for long.

The pod on his back is the mounting point for the four “legs.”  They are on ball joints so they can be posed.  A really nice feature for the smaller scale.  And a big advantage is that he can actually stand on his own, even with the legs attached to his back.  I was expecting with the pod and legs that he would end up falling back too easily.   Not the case thank goodness.

Probably too tall for the scale, since Spider-Man is eye-to-eye with Iron Man, but he is proportionate for the most part.  He does have that long torso look that seems to be a curse of the Spider-Men in the 3 3/4 scale.

I am really happy with the overall look and design of the figure.

My Life in Surprise (Iron Man 2)

It was only a few hours after I wrote about the lack of new Iron Man 2 figures.  When I got done with work, I figured I would take off on a little Friday journey to see what I can find.  Low and behold, on a peg at a TRU, I found three figures I have been waiting for:

#13 Inferno Mission Armor, #29 Guardsman, and #31 Titanium Man.    It is strange that he three I found were odd numbered, but maybe that is just strange to me.  🙂

Now I am only missing the middle bunch.  I think it is a little strange that they released the first 12 and then skipped the middle 8 and then continued on before skipping a few at the end.  I think Hasbro is out to get us.

I don’t yet know what the middle bunch are going to be, but I know there are going to be some humans in there.  The #27 place is one that I am dying to get my hands on!    I want HULKBUSTER!!!!

My Life in Galactus Scale!

Can you believe it?  The fine people as Hasbro have been working hard to bring us a world in 3 3/4 scale, and now they are producing a GIANT Galactus.    I am talking huge!   A new exclusive for the San Diego Comic-Con was announced, and it was a big announcement.Now, having a 19 inch Galactus is one thing, but these guys put it on a 27 inch blister card.  WHAT?!?!    Yup, a giant blister card for those Mint on Card kind of people.   If you are afraid of having to wonder around Comic-Con with this behemoth, it actually comes in a suit-case type carrying case (as described in the current issue of Wizard).

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