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Power Rangers Dino Charge Archelon

As we continue into Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, there are a few more chargers that I need to get my hands on. That is the problem with making a display to hold one of each. After a while there are only a few gaps left that need to get filled.

In this case I picked up the DIno Super Charge Series 1 set that came with #21, #6, and the Archelon figure. Really I was after the #21 Dino Slow Charger. I already have 2 of the #6 and I am not really after all of the mini Zords.

Upon opening this one, I was surprised by how much I like the Archelon. It is a Zord version of one of the largest sea turtles ever to live on Earth. Some 13 feet long and 16 feet wide, that is one big turtle. We don’t really have a sense of how big this could be on the show, since it isn’t really a Zord that we will see. I imagine something similar to Tor the Shuttlezord would be pretty awesome.

When the charger is used, it causes everyone to slow down. Of course, Bandai America is taking artistic license with it, and they are going to produce a Zord that can be used with other Zords. It looks like the main shell will have some sort of circular saw blade. I think the transformation will be pretty cool when in use. We have seen this with some of the other toy only Zords, so I think this one will be good too.

I just look at the design on the mini Zord, and I cannot get over the details. It has seams all over, and what look like extra plates of metal to make it stronger. The fins look like wings that can be used to cut through the water. And let’s not forget about the 4 jets in the back. We are getting an arm-sized version, but I could definitely see a riding version of this one.

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