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World of Nintendo – Slippy Toad, Fox McCloud, and Peppy

The World of Nintendo figures were not on my radar before late last year. I picked up Mario, and from there, I had to have others. I have most of the Mario Bros. gang, and then I found some Star Fox figures that were a lot of fun too. I like that they fit into scale with one another very well.

I remember playing Star Fox when I was younger on my SNES, and loved the 3D game play. It is so rudimentary by today’s standards, with better graphics on my phone than the SNES, but back then, to go from playing game with sideways scroll, or top-down views of planes flying, this was crazy awesome.

The figures, as with all of the World of Nintendo figures, come with an accessory. The first released figures came with a blind box surprise. That was fine, but pretty easy to figure out what was in the box. Fox McCloud was the only one from this series that was early enough to have a blind box.

Fox is really well done. He has passable articulation, as do most of the figures in this line. They don’t go too crazy, but for most of the figures, the 11 or so POA are enough.

Fox cam with a tiny model of the Arwing that he flies around in. Now he can recreate his favorite scene from Top Gun, where the pilots were playing around with models.

I found Peppy second. I love this guy. He does not have the tough pilot look that Fox has. There is no arrogance about him. He is cuter than he is action hero. But that is part of his charm. He is a short guy, with his head only coming to Fox’s shoulder. Those ears make up for it though. He comes with a supply box. Not the best of accessories, but decent enough for display.

Then there is Slippy. Another rather cute looking guy. I am starting to see why we got Fox and Falco in Super Smash Brothers, but not these two. Slippy come with a bomb.

This is a great team of characters. They look great together. I have never been able to find Falco, but I am still on the hunt. Online places want $24 or more, if they are not already sold out. It could be quite tricky to fill out the four members of this team. At least these three are really well done, and have a place on the shelf with the rest of my World of Nintendo figures.

Master Chief with Cloak

Still looking for that Master Chief with Cloak figure?  Look no further than your favorite discount retailer.  As we continue to toward the holiday season, the toys are filling the wasteland that was the toy department at the likes of Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s.  I found John-117 here at my local Ross last night.  They also had the other Master Chief that came in this two figure wave.  I had him already, but the $9.99 tag on them is fantastic.  You could army build for that price, but who needs so many Master Chiefs?

As with most everyone else, I agree that it is what is under the cloak that matters the most.   He is a great figure.  The cloak makes him pitch forward, and does not lend itself to a very good figure for display.  Take it off, and you get a pretty great Master Chief.  He has really good articulation, and two grasping hands.    He comes with the Boltshot pistol that is huge and badass.   He also comes with Cortana’s dogtags in a secondary hand.  The cloak fits tight to his body, so the backpack comes as a separate piece that you slot in after removing the cloak.

This is right up there for me, for the best of the best Halo figures in the 6 inch scale.  He has the articulation we want, but more importantly, the paint is great.   It is dark, the way it should be, and he looks ready for action.

Keep your eyes out for deals at the discount retailers.  You never know what you are going to find.

“Maybe I can find a working Cortana at Marshall’s.”

Cammy – Street Fighter Bishoujo Statue

I have been waiting for Cammy since I got my hands on Chun-Li.   I knew this was going to be a great pair to put on the shelf.

We moved from the heavy muscles of Chun-Li, to the tighter military muscle of Cammy.   She is presented in her classic green bathing suit.   Of course, she has to wear it so we get a view of her derrière.  I think for Cammy, since she is not wearing a whole lot of clothing, is the detail in her body.   Her muscles are so slender, and they show so well.

Look at the details around her shoulders.  The muscle masses are so fantastically done, with just the tiniest amount of shading to really help the details pop.

Even though she doesn’t have a whole lot of clothing, what she does have really looks good.   Once again, Koto’s details on areas like wrinkles are the best.   You can see how Cammy is turning and pulling the fabric of her suit.   She also has some great creases in her hat, as well as laces on her boots.  The gauntlets she is wearing is a metallic red color, that really make them stand apart from the softer texture of the rest of her attire.

Of course, the pièce de résistance is the ability to have Cammy fight Chun-Li.  Now THAT is a great feature of a product aimed at a fighting video game.   No more single poses for characters.  This time they get to pose to fight… if you so desire.  They look great on their own as well.

Needless to say, I am really excited to see what comes next.  This could be my favorite Bishoujo line yet.  As always, there are tons more pictures on my flickr page.  Click here, or find the link on the tool bar to the right.  –>

Bishoujo Chun-Li – Street Fighter (Kotobukiya)

“She’s got legs, and she knows how to use them.” Chun-Li is one of my favorite Street Fighter characters, and this Kotobukiya statue has done great justice to the original character. She has her amazingly detailed outfit, in beauitful blue, gold and white. Her skirt has a great flow that gives the impression of movement. Her buns have small tassels that help to also convey the movement. As the statue is rotated, it is clear, as with all other Koto statues, that this was meant to be viewed from all sides, making me a little sad that I don’t have a display case in the middle of the room.  This is an excellent figure.  I was a little worried at some of the pictures I saw when she was first revealed.  Her legs looked giant.  She is supposed to have big legs, but I was afraid they were going crazy with it.  Thankfully, with her in hand, that is not the case.  She still looks like she could kick my head off though.  Definitely a must for Chun-Li or Street Fighter fans.  This will also combine with the upcoming Cammy figure to allow the two to face off.  Sweet!

Halo 4 – Master Chief and Spartan Scout (Series 2)

I was browsing my local Walgreens while I was waiting for my flu shot.  I came across strangely small, skinny packaging for Halo figures.  It looks like Series 2 is on a much smaller card than Series 1, which was pretty much the same size as all of the previous Halo figure cards.  The better news was they were on sale for $4 off.  I picked up the Spartan Scout out of the two that were available there at that store.   Later in the week I traveled to another Walgreeens that is about equal distance in the other direction (less than 2 miles), and I found the Master Chief.  I realized I had 20 Halo figures from earlier editions, but I never got the Master Chief.  Now I have never played the game, but the figures are cool enough to hold their own.  I did see the movie that came out a little while ago, and the Master Chief was Bad@$$!   I knew he was a must have figure.  This is the one.

The two figures are amazingly well articulated, as we have come to expect.   They have so much detail packed into those small bodies, and 27 points of articulation.   Master Chief comes with a railgun, while Scout comes with a Sticky Detonator Weapon.   I am kind of leaning toward Master Chief for the win on this one.  The Rail gun is a good rifle.  The sticky gun is okay, but it just looks like a pistol.

Master Chief also comes with a Cortana Micro-Ops figure.  She comes on a disk, but the center comes out so Master Chief can hold her in his hand.  Nice touch there.

As always, the figures are great.  They are a lot of fun to play with and pose.   They stand really well, and take almost any position you put them in. They also come with some special codes to change the skins on your game figures or weapons.  Since I have never played the game, I don’t have a need for the codes, but they are a nice touch to get the gamers to buy the toys too.

As always, more pictures on my Flickr Page.  These were too fun to do a standard photo shoot.  They were a lot of fun to play with.

Mischievous Slinking Cat Xiaomei – Kotobukiya

Xiaomei is another figure I picked up on a whim.  I did not have any knowledge of the character, or where she was from.  What I did know is that she was a cat girl, and I had yet to get one in my collection.   She is from the game, Shining Hearts.

She is a beautifully created figure.  She is as one would expect from Kotobukiya.  Well designed, with perfect proportions, a great dynamic pose, and perfect paint.  The biggest surprise for me upon opening the box was finding a real pillow in there.   I guess I didn’t get past the cute ears and the great tail to see that she was perched on a pillow in the pictures on the box.   What a great surprise it turned out to be.  Not only did it give something for Xiaomei to sit on that is not another disk of plastic, but it also really sets off the rest of the outfit.  The color looks so good with the white and purple outfit, with just a hint of the same teal color in the top part of her outfit.

Along with the pillow accessory, she also comes with two fish.  One fish is just a standard plastic fish.  The other has a magnet, so it looks like Xiaomei is eating it.  Cute idea.  Well executed.

Overall, a great figure.  She is so cute and looks great on that little pillow along with other figures.  She is definitely one to watch out for.  She is a great addition to any Anime collection.

Autobot Blaster – Fall of Cybertron

I thought I was done for the long weekend.  Two posts in two days.  And then I went to a brand new Target I have never been to in search of new shorts.  Yes, September and I am still buying shorts.  Will the weather ever cool down here in California?   Well, as per usual, I had to take a trip down the toy aisle. Looking for the last part to build the Iron Monger BAF, looking for a few more of the newer Generations figures.  What do I find?  Well if it isn’t Blaster.  I had all but given up on finding him.  I had already bought the two two-packs of Autobot Data Discs, getting ready to buy Blaster, but he never appeared.  Sometimes it is best to stop hunting, and then they appear.

Of course it would not be right to sell a figure like Blaster, or Soundwave without at least including one Data Disc figure.   Blaster comes with Steeljaw, a lion looking guy.   This is a redo of Soundwave’s second-best buddy, Ravage.  He also comes with a blaster.  I know, I know, Blaster with a blaster.  Haha!   Since Soundwave comes with his mounted on his shoulder, it is only fair to give Blaster one too.

Amazing what a color change, chest plate, wheel, and head swap can do to really give the figure a new look.   They look so different from one another.   Don’t mistake these two for my last post where Springer and Sandstorm were brothers.  These two do NOT like one another.

Stronger minds prevailed, and we no longer have to live outside of physics.  Instead of these two shrinking down somehow to make music players. they instead go for a vehicle type machine.  Apparently Blaster is a communication truck.  Nothing seems to show that on him, but the box says so, and I will believe them on this one.  I would like to see a satellite dish or something, but I am not going to be picky here.  Nice transformation.  I had lots of practice with Soundwave, so Blaster was really straight forward.

Since I finally found Blaster, I can open the two-packs containing the rest of the Data Discs.   From left to right: Autobot Rewind, Sunder, Eject, Ranhorn.  I have to say I find it so funny that Hasbro has to have the name copyrighted as “Autobot Rewind”, but they were able to get just Eject.  I cannot believe there was never another character named Eject.  Anyway, these are pretty much the same as Soundwave’s Decepticon Discs.  Two animals, and two humanoid figures   The difference is a new figure in Ramhorn that has a body only for the Autobot Discs.   Soundwave had two flyers (Lazerbeak and Ratbat).


With all of his Discs, Blaster has quite a force.

KInda gives me a bit of a Power Rangers feel when I see all the different colors of discs.

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