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Road Trip Finds

I was gone on a 21 day road trip with my wife and dog. We got a travel trailer and took it out on the maiden voyage. 21 days, 11 states, 4200 miles. Along the way I was able to stop in a plethora of WalMarts, Targets, a few Toys R Us’ and a couple of Walgreens. I even made it to a Fred Meyer in Oregon, which is owned by Krogers, so they had lots of Hot Wheels.

The tally of finds was:

Marvel Legends:
6 of the 7 Spider-Man Homecoming
The Walgreens Exclusive Invisible Woman
The Toys R Us Exclusive 2-pack Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson

The Jim Lee Cyclops figure from the Warlock Series

Blitzwing (Voyager Class)
Octane (Voyager Class)
Bumblebee (Deluxe Movie)
Barricade (Deluxe Movie)
Berserker (Deluxe Movie)

Star Wars:
Tusken Raider (Sand People) (40th Anniversary Black Series)

10 Premium brands
Lightning McQueen (Target Exc)

13 Matchbox
75 Hot Wheels


ThunderCats: Armor of Omens

Today, I am looking at the new Armor of Omens for the ThunderCats line by Bandai.  When I first saw picture of the Armor, I was thinking it was going to be in the 6 inch line of figures.  Come to find out, it is in the 4 inch line, and it is a vehicle.   It comes with a giant Sword of Omens and an exclusive gold Lion-O.

Generally when a toy line has an exclusive figure that comes with a vehicle, it is usually a less articulated version of another figure.   This one is no different, with about half of the regular articulation we see in the ThunderCats line.   It does serve the purpose of giving a kid a figure that can plug into the magnet inside the armor if they don’t already have a figure that size.  As with the vehicles we have seen in the ThunderCats line so far, we get lights and sounds.   The eyes have a really cool red glow.

The Armor opens with the chrome lion head pivoting up, while the rest of the torso drops down.   The figure clicks into the magnet holder on his back, and allows the armor to make more sounds, of course including “ThunderCats, Ho!”

In case you were wondering, the standard Lion-O also fits into the armor without his glove or sword.

Since this is a vehicle and not an actual figure, I was a little worried about the articulation for the armor.   It have shoulder swivel, as well as a bend in the arm with a pivot to allow the hand to rotate.   The head also has some movement, but is limited by the long mane down the back.

There is no articulation in the legs, due to the need to use all the way down to the knees to create the opening in the front.  The opening front was really well designed and is well hidden in the body.

There is also a tail that can swivel around.

Here is the family of Lion-Os so far.  4 inch, 6 inch, and now the giant Armor of Omens.  I am so happy this line is continuing, we are getting some pretty nice looking figures and vehicles.

Round 2 of ThunderCats 6 inch Figures: Cheetara

I was SOOOOO happy to hear the news that the new 6 inch figures were coming out for ThunderCats.   Good on two fronts.  First, we get more of the show, which I happen to like very much.  Second, it is great to get more of the large scale 6 inch figures.   Lion-O and Panthro were great starting figures, but there are more members of the team that I really wanted to get my hands on.

First up, and one that was the best surprise to me was Cheetara.   Let’s just say that boys don’t like playing with girls.  Real girls or plastic girls.  Even though some of the best team members ever to grace the TV screen were girls, the boys just don’t want to pretend with them.   Thankfully, Bandai threw us collectors a bone on this one, and really went of it.  Bringing out Cheetara first in the second wave of figures.  Soon to follow should be Tigra and Lion-O’s dad(?).


Bandai did a really good job here, giving her the athletic look that she has in the show, but not making her too skinny or giving her a strange face, the way many of the female toys turn out.   Her coloring is crisp and really well done.   I do have to say I am a little bummed to see the dark posts holding the joints together.  I was hoping for the second round of figures, they would do something about that.   Ah well, at least it is just a little nit-pick.

Sher comes with her staff.  I am glad to report that this staff is make of nicer plastic than her smaller-scale self, and it is really nice and straight.  She comes with the massive amount of articulation that we expect from this scale of figure, and all of the joints are nice and tight.

Though her hair makes her a bit top-heavy, I am really happy with the way they designed to allow her arms to move in any way you want.   It does limit her head movement to just about nothing.  With the long hair and the high collar, there is not much room for movement.   It only effects the dynamic poses.

With the great articulation, Cheetara can be posed in quite a few great poses.  Add in the staff, and she has even greater posability than the other Cats.  One of the best joints are in her ankles.  Her feet can move from side to side as well as front to back.

ThuderCats Ho! Some more.

Looks like the ThunderCats are doing well.   Over at Toy News International,, they were doing an interview with the people at Bandai about their ThunderCats line.  Apparently doing well, since we will be seeing some new toys coming out soon.   More of the larger scale 6 inch figures are in the works, as well as some of the 4 inch figures.  The four inch figures are especially neat since they are keeping them in scale, so the big guys really are larger than the rest.

We will be getting Tygra and Cheetara in the next wave of 6 inch figures.  A nice add since the Lion-O and Panthro figures turned out so well.   Now that I see the line has some staying power, I might have to go out and finally get the Thunder Tank.  I was a bit hesitant about it since I did not know if we would be seeing any more figures.  Hopefully this means we will get another season of the show as well.

ThunderCats – Mumm-Ra and Lion-O

I decided to look at these two for a very specific reason.  Not because I bought them together, even though I did.  Not because they are the leader of their groups, which they are.  But because of their accessories.

Lets look at Mumm-Ra first:

In all of his bandaged glory, you can see that Mumm-Ra has very little articulation.   We also get that with the kids, but more on them later.   Mumm-Ra has a swivel neck, shoulder rotation, wrist swivel and he swivels at the waist.  No movement below the waist.   The details are really nice, with his body being covered by bandages.  It would have been nice to see the articulation, but probably was not done due to the skinny body parts.   Or Bandai was cheaping out on a few of the figures.  You can see the Power Linx square on his back.  Pretty noticeable on Mumm-Ra.

Getting him out fitted fully, he looks much more like the Mumm-Ra we know and hate.  He suffers from the common cape problem of not being able to stand when dressed.  Luckily it is a long cape and he only slightly falls back.

He comes equipped with a dagger and shield.   More on that later.


Lion-O’s paint is fabulous.   There are lots of colors and details and they are all crisp and clean.   He comes with the Sword of Omens, the Shield of Omens and the dagger.  He has all of  the points of articulation we are used to in the 3 3/4 figures, or 4″ figures as Bandai is calling them.   His right arm is slightly hindered by the shield on his shoulder, but not bad at all.

Lion-O’s Power Linx is much tighter to his body and really does not stand out all that much.

Comparison of the two:

Here is where it gets interesting.  Lion-O of course has the Shield and Sword of Omens.   But what are those that Mumm-Ra is holding.  They appear to be a much more evil version of Lion-O’s weapons.

One of two things, or both may happen.  Of course I am guessing, but isn’t that the fun of a great show like this?   Idea 1: We are going to see a flashback to when Mumm-Ra uses the magic stone he got in the last episode and he is going to make a couple of really bad weapons.  At some point the lions get a hold of it and use it for good.

Idea 2:  Lion-O looses the two weapons to Mumm-Ra and they conform to Mumm-Ra’s evil ways.

Any other ideas you can come up with?  I love the speculation game.

ThunderCats are BACK!!!!!

Today I finally got my hands on one of the new 6″ ThunderCats figures.  They were supposed to be out a few weeks back, but I guess they got delayed.  Now at Toys R Us, there are a lot of pegs and no toys.  I am hoping that there was an initial send out of stuff, and there will be more on the way.  I would be sad if the stuff just came out and already gone.

Anyway, I was able to get Panthro.   He is a great character so far in the show.  We are only 4 episodes into it, with Panthro showing up at the end of the 3rd.  He was giving Lion-O a hard time about earning his title as king.  I am a HUGE fan of teams.  Superhero teams, spy teams, and cat teams.  Of course with Panthro being on the outside of the team and not trying to get in, it was a little tough for me.  I wanted to yell at him to get with the program already.   But by the end of the 4th episode, Panthro saw what Lion-O could do.  A team player by the end.

Panthro comes with his Nunchuks.  And on top of that, we get two sets.  One open for him to fight with, and one closed that attaches to the back of his belt.  I am a little bummed that they did not come in the red and blue colors that were not only the trademark of the classic chuks, but also made the transition to the new show.

His paint is really well done.  Showing all of the scars of years of battle in the service of Lion-O’s dad.

18 points of articulation really allow for some great poses.  He has some double joints on the elbows and knees that are pretty standard for the action figures of today.  The plastic is quite a bit softer on these parts.  I am not sure this toy would stand-up to heavy play by kids.

One interesting aspect of the design is that there is no attempt to hide any of the attachment points of the figure.  He has great big holes where pegs hold the arms and legs together.  On the shoulders, there are black lines where the shoulder pivots.  An interesting design choice away from the standard of trying to make all of the parts flush to the next.  On his back he has a bunch of screws holding him together.   Customizers be prepared, you are going to want to take this one apart.  🙂

This is a good figure.  He is solid and sturdy, exactly what you would want from Panthro.   He does loose a bit with the soft plastics.  The paint is very well done, with crisp lines and attention to the details in the show.   I am really looking forward to getting more of these figures and the 4″ as well.  Looks like we are going to get Lion-O, Mum-Ra, and Tigra in the big scale.  I am bummed we won’t get Cheetara.  It would be one more figure to give us all the main characters.  Why do they do this to us.  Maybe in wave 2?

Classic Lion-O by Bandai

As the new ThunderCats show is underway, Bandai has brought out a few goodies for us.  I got the hook-up at SDCC for the new Lion-O figure.

Lion-O comes with the long and short versions of the Sword of Omen.  He also comes with the glove, and a gripping hand, but those I will show next.  I like that he comes with a display stand for the swords, even though they are technically the same sword.

It is really easy to change hands to make his right hand into the gripping hand.  It is not very tight around the small sword though, and the sword lays a little limp.  The glove comes with an insert that allows it to be clipped into a hole in Lion-O’s hip.  The glove has the same ball and socket to allow it to be attached to the left hand.

Fear not my friends.  The sword also fits into the glove just as it did in the original show.

And of course the classic pose of Lion-O with the long sword in the air.  Overall, he is a nice figure.  Good articulation as per the standards these days.  Double joints in the knees.  The paint is not the best.  There is detail work added around the muscles, but the lines are a bit dark and thick.  And he is REALLY glossy.  He is a cat after all, so he should have a furry-ish body.

There is a standard version coming out this month, as well as Tygra.  And of course we will be seeing lots of stuff from the new show any day now…I hope.  Action figures, vehicles, more action figures, good guys, bad guys, weapons.  So much fun.

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