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Hot Wheels motorcycles for MiniMates

I wanted to see if there were Hot Wheels vehicles that would fit in with the scale of MiniMates. Of course, the only vehicles that had a chance of working were the motorcycles vehicles. Since Hot Wheels are made based on size in the packaging rather than actual 1:64 scale, the smaller the vehicle, the bigger the scale when being made into Hot Wheels.

First off, Nova is riding the Honda Monkey Z50. A strange bike to be sure. It is a goofy bike, so it looks okay being on the small size. The really nice thing about this bike is that it has flat tires, so it can stand on it’s own. This bike can easily be a background piece to a diorama, and it would fit in just fine.

Captain Marvel is riding the 4 Wheeler. This one I was pretty sure was going to be too small, but it was part of a Parks Department set I had, so I figured I would give it a try. It is too small. She can ride it okay, but quad bikes are generally a whole lot bigger than this. Definitely a kid’s size for the MiniMate scale.

The UNSC Gungoose from HALO was really the bike that got me thinking about Hot Wheels vehicles working in this scale. The seat seemed narrow enough to fit the sitting pose of the MiniMates, and it seemed to be quite big. It is a whole lot bigger than the 4 Wheeler, and it’s bulk is helped by the rubber wheels. Silver Sable is sitting on the back for cover. It actually works quite well. It is another vehicle that looks good sitting as a prop piece.

Luke Cage is riding the HW450F. This dirt bike is about as perfect a scale match as you will find with the MiniMates. The only problem is that it cannot stand on it’s own. You will need to find a way to assist the stance. A wire behind would probably do the trick.

This was a fun experiment. The dirt bike (HW450F) works the best for scale, and at only $1.00 a piece, you can outfit a whole squad for not much money. A bit of paint, and you are good to go.

The UNSC Gungoose is a good choice too. They are a bit on the pricey side, since they are a part of the Entertainment series with metal parts are real rubber wheels. I would not expect to see a whole bunch of versions of this vehicle to come out. But the machine guns on the front, and seating for two make for a story all their own.

The hunt will continue for the best accessories to find to make dioramas even more dynamic.

Road Trip – 5310 miles and an uncountable number of toy stops

I went on a 3 1/2 week road trip across America. We started here in California, went the northern route across Montana and North Dakota. We ended up in Wisconsin to see some friends before turning back and going across Nebraska and Iowa to see some friends in Colorado. From there it was a hard push home back to California. In all is was 5310 miles towing a travel trailer. There were lots of breaks along the way, mostly at Walmarts. Most of them were bust, but when I hit it big, It was really worth the stop.

In Star Wars, I was able to find the much desired Ashoka Tano. Along with her, I found the new Luke, Jango, and Kanan Jarrus.

In Colorado, there were clearance Halo 5 figures I didn’t yet have at Target. Looks like Target is clearing out most of their toy departments here at summer.

Marvel Legends proved to be very good. I first only found Iron Man for the Giant Man series. Then I hit it big time and found the rest of the wave. I also found Agent Venom at a Walgreens. I went in looking for the new figure, Namor, but came away with a super figure. It was also on sale, listed as Ant-Man, so that was an extra bonus.

In Transformers, I found the first wave of Legends figures in the Titan’s Return. Later I found the First wave of the Deluxe figures. They are so sweet looking. I also found a couple of Robots in Disguise figures. Quillfire was the first figure I found on the trip, early on just a few days in.

In Power Rangers, I found some great stuff, including Titano Charge Megazord, and the Archelon Zord. I found the missing charger I needed to complete the numbered part of the charges, and I found yellow ranger from Super Megaforce.

Then there were the randoms. Planes – Tractor Buck, TMNT – Dire Beaver, a couple of Hot Wheels, and two packs of MiniMates that were exclusive to Walgreens.

It was a great 3 1/2 weeks of travel. And getting to stop often to stretch the legs and look for good stuff in random states made some of the boring driving better.  I left in the middle of reviewing the Marvel Legends Absorbing Man series, and had more in Transformers I was ready to look at.   Not to mention some of the Japanese figures I have gotten my hands on right before I left.   There is a lot of stuff I was ready to tackle, and now the pile is huge.   Glad I have a few more weeks before school starts up again, and my life is sucked up with teaching.

Halo 4 Spartan Soldier Red/White – Walgreens Exclusive

Ho, Ho, Ho! Now I have a machine gun too. A little nod to my favorite Christmas movie, Die Hard.

Doesn’t this guy look like an elite trooper for Santa? The red and white color scheme, and I would think he should give off a peppermint smell.

He was a Walgreens Exclusive figure a while back for Halo 4. I missed him the first time around, since the Halo figures had fallen off my radar. Well, on the look for Halo 5 figures, I stumbled upon him in a store. Also fitting as Walgreens has a red/white color scheme. Could have worked well for Target as well, but they ended up with a teal guy. Oh well.

The details on this guy are second to none, as we find with most of the Halo figures. I think there is something a little better about this one, with black low lights that really help the rest of the figure to pop, and really show off the armor well.

Master Chief with Cloak

Still looking for that Master Chief with Cloak figure?  Look no further than your favorite discount retailer.  As we continue to toward the holiday season, the toys are filling the wasteland that was the toy department at the likes of Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s.  I found John-117 here at my local Ross last night.  They also had the other Master Chief that came in this two figure wave.  I had him already, but the $9.99 tag on them is fantastic.  You could army build for that price, but who needs so many Master Chiefs?

As with most everyone else, I agree that it is what is under the cloak that matters the most.   He is a great figure.  The cloak makes him pitch forward, and does not lend itself to a very good figure for display.  Take it off, and you get a pretty great Master Chief.  He has really good articulation, and two grasping hands.    He comes with the Boltshot pistol that is huge and badass.   He also comes with Cortana’s dogtags in a secondary hand.  The cloak fits tight to his body, so the backpack comes as a separate piece that you slot in after removing the cloak.

This is right up there for me, for the best of the best Halo figures in the 6 inch scale.  He has the articulation we want, but more importantly, the paint is great.   It is dark, the way it should be, and he looks ready for action.

Keep your eyes out for deals at the discount retailers.  You never know what you are going to find.

“Maybe I can find a working Cortana at Marshall’s.”

Halo 4 – Master Chief and Spartan Scout (Series 2)

I was browsing my local Walgreens while I was waiting for my flu shot.  I came across strangely small, skinny packaging for Halo figures.  It looks like Series 2 is on a much smaller card than Series 1, which was pretty much the same size as all of the previous Halo figure cards.  The better news was they were on sale for $4 off.  I picked up the Spartan Scout out of the two that were available there at that store.   Later in the week I traveled to another Walgreeens that is about equal distance in the other direction (less than 2 miles), and I found the Master Chief.  I realized I had 20 Halo figures from earlier editions, but I never got the Master Chief.  Now I have never played the game, but the figures are cool enough to hold their own.  I did see the movie that came out a little while ago, and the Master Chief was Bad@$$!   I knew he was a must have figure.  This is the one.

The two figures are amazingly well articulated, as we have come to expect.   They have so much detail packed into those small bodies, and 27 points of articulation.   Master Chief comes with a railgun, while Scout comes with a Sticky Detonator Weapon.   I am kind of leaning toward Master Chief for the win on this one.  The Rail gun is a good rifle.  The sticky gun is okay, but it just looks like a pistol.

Master Chief also comes with a Cortana Micro-Ops figure.  She comes on a disk, but the center comes out so Master Chief can hold her in his hand.  Nice touch there.

As always, the figures are great.  They are a lot of fun to play with and pose.   They stand really well, and take almost any position you put them in. They also come with some special codes to change the skins on your game figures or weapons.  Since I have never played the game, I don’t have a need for the codes, but they are a nice touch to get the gamers to buy the toys too.

As always, more pictures on my Flickr Page.  These were too fun to do a standard photo shoot.  They were a lot of fun to play with.

Halo: Micro Ops – Wave 1

Halo is getting a smaller release, Which is great for people like me who love the vehicles as much as the figures.  Of course getting a Warthog or a Falcon in the size of the standard Halo figures would eat up a lot of cash as well as a ton of room… though a giant Falcon could be really cool hanging from the ceiling.

There are three sizes of packaging and what they come with is equivalent to that size (highlighted sets are featured here today):

Small Blister:
-ODST Drop Pods (2)
*Ghost vs. Wolf Spider Turret
*Warthog and Mongoose

Large Blister:
-High Ground Bunker

Small Box:
*High Ground Gate
-High Ground Tower (October 2012 release date)

All of the sets, except for the High Ground Tower are out now.  I have found them at Target, and a few at Toys R Us.  It looks like lots of online retailers are carrying them as well.  I have also seen some info about the upcoming Wave 2, which have some more great looking vehicles.
The first four sets I bought have really great vehicles.   The details are outstanding, as we would expect from McFarlane.  The High Ground Gate comes with two soldiers, a gatling gun and a Warthog.  The only problem is that the Warthog does not come with a driver.   So, it is more of a static vehicle unless we get more drivers in future sets.  The second Warthog comes from a small blister pack.  It comes with a driver as well as someone to fire the anti-aircraft gun.   The two Warthogs have slightly different paint patterns so they do not look like a copy of one another.
Along with the Warthog in the small blister pack, it comes with a Mongoose.

The Mongoose has a driver as well.  All three vehicles have rotating tires for a little bit more fun.  I like how sturdy the vehicles are made.

In the other small blister pack I bought, it contains a Ghost with an Elite Spec Ops pilot.   There are some really great moving parts on that to allow the pilot to fit into the vehicle.

The set also comes with a Wolf Spider Turret.

It rotates, and it can also close down when the gun is removed.

Then we come to the large blister.  The first I bought was the one that made me decide I needed some of the Micro Ops sets.  It contains the Falcon.

Rotating blades, rotating engines, rotating front gun, and highly moveable side guns, this thing is ready for action.  Don’t forget the opening canopy with a place for the pilot.   There are 4 seats in the back of the Falcon.  Unfortunately, we don’t get anyone who can sit in there.   We do get two soldiers to go along with the pilot, Carter and a UNSC Trooper.

I am really amazed at the amount of detail put into these small figures and vehicles.  This is really a vehicle driven line, with collectors getting toys they would never get otherwise.  Nobody would make them since nobody could afford them.   The large scale Mongoose seemed to sell well, in fact I have two of them.   The Warthog did not seem to sell as fast, many sitting for a long time.  I guess they sold well enough since there are sets out now to change the gun to another weapon platform.

I guess the only thing to do now is start on a base to display these.  I can’t leave them in my backyard all of the time, and they are too well detailed and weathered to leave on a shelf.  I know I will have to get the tower when it comes out.  That will add an extra level of height that will make this really stand out.   Off to the hobby shop for so supplies.

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