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Is that for me?

Three of my great loves, bikes, anime, and figures.   And they are all in one figure?

I was poking around over at Entertainment Earth just to see what was upcoming and new.  And the little graphic of a bicycle caught my attention.    Turns out it is a bike messenger girl.   Way too cute.   It is based on designs by Suzu (Atomic Bom).    I think it would be a must have, but has a $109 price tag attached to it.   I am going with a maybe on this one… but boy is it tempting.


Ever have one of those great surprises in a day?

After work yesterday I has to run an errand for a science class. Starch. Lots of liquid starch. I decided to go to SaveMart since they always have what I needed before.
While in there, I went to the frozen food aisle. Of course that is where they keep the Hot Wheels.
Giving a quick once over, nearly all of the cars were from the 2011 line. So, either I had the ones I wanted, or did not care about them.
But, not being able to leave it at a superficial
Look, I started to dig. In less than a minute I came across a Treasure Hunt car. Now I don’t care about the TH cars usually, but there was one I always wanted, the Datsun 240Z. And here it was in my hand. Totally worth braving the torrential downpour.
They bagger at the counter said I couldn’t open it. I know they are worth something since they are limited, but I really just wanted the car. What do you think, open or no open??

Die, toy poachers

Today was my fun day for venturing out to hunt for some toys. After a failed attempt at Toys R Us, I went to the nearby K-Mart. Shopping at K-Mart is something akin to trying to get gas in the Mad Max reality. There are a lot of people who would rather be anywhere but at K-Mart, just trying to get out of there, but only having two employees at any given time.

I try as hard as I can to NEVER go into the wasteland that is K-Mart. But, since it was early in the day on a Saturday, I was hoping for the best. Well, it turned out to be worse than I thought.

On my way in, I saw three guys carrying out four cases of Hot Wheels. These damn poachers cleared out the store. I am pretty sure that particular K-Mart will not halve any more Ho t Wheels for quite some time.

I hate seeing these guys walk out of the store with something that I know will end up on eBay. I know they could be collectors, but I actually heard them discussing eBay as they passed. The
Hesse guys are going to sit on them for 9 months and then unload them as people are getting desperate for that one color or whatever they need.

Maybe this blog should have been titled: How eBay killed hobby toy collectors. I don’t want them all, not even most, but there are a few Hot Wheels I do like to collect for aesthetics or classic designs. I hate to think that the guy who is selling the 6 Ecto-1s from two years back is also going to be the guy who is going to keep me from getting this year’s KITT.

Wondercon 2012

I am not sure if I should be happy about the move or not.  It was so close to get up to WonderCon from my house.  Just a 45 minute train trip and a few stops on BART, and I was there.  I could go for a day and be happy until the next year, looking at all of my goodies on the way home.

Now, since the Moscone Center is undergoing renovations, it would not have been available for Comic Con International to hold WonderCon in San Francisco.  Go down to San Jose, Santa Clara, or even back to Oakland.   Nope, we are going down to Anaheim.  Not far from the world famous Comic Con stomping grounds of San Diego.   It was really nice to have WonderCon close to home.

I guess the silver lining is that since it is across from Disneyland, I will more than likely be able to go down there this year.  My wife loves Disneyland with a passion, and we have some friends who are both fans of Disney and the Cons.  So I guess we get a year of a win-win.  The Anaheim Convention Center is a great place too, since it is one of the largest in the world.  Guess there would not be a better place to hold a Con.

Guess only time will tell if we will get our Con back, or if I will have to make the yearly trek down to LA.

If it ain’t here…

It probably hasn’t been released yet.

They set up a special aisle at a local WalMart for all of the Transformers they have in stock. Unfortunately quantity is not quality. They have tons of the same figures. Oh well, I am patient.

MLiS: Vote for the next Captain America Exclusive

At TRU online, you can vote for the next Captain America Exclusive figure for MiniMates. It is such a cool concept. The art is great, and I WANT THEM ALL!!! But we have to choose one, so go ahead and do it. I promise there will be one that will catch you fancy.

My Life in the Stock Market

I am not big on the Stock Market, but when Toys R Us makes the news, I am interested. There is an article I was reading where Toys R Us is thinking they will raise $800 million in IPO (Initial Public Option).
Toys R Us has apparently been hemorrhaging money, and the CEO has been working to get things under control, under a new company.

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