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Ash and Pikachu

Gotta catch ’em all!

What fun to have an articulated Ash Ketchum. I have had this one laying around for awhile, waiting to be opened. Today was the day.

Pikachu is not happy that Ash is paying more attention to his tablet than to him. Someone is gonna get shocked here in a minute.

Ash is well articulated. We don’t get a lot of Tomy toys with articulation here in the US. Mostly they are more similar to Pikachu and the other Pokemon that came out in this series. They are solid sculpts, but they are generally done well. The last thing I bought from Tomy was the Zootopia stuff, and they had slight articulation. But Ash wins.

He is a short guy and fits in well with the other 6 inch series figures.

Ressha Gatti ToQ-Oh

I am so excited that I finally got my hands on some Super Sentai from Japan.  I love the Power Rangers stuff, but what I really needed was the original for my collection.

ToQ-Oh is the Mecha or Zord in the Japanese show Ressha Sentai ToQger. This is the show that came after Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, the show that became Power Rangers Dino Charge. Since it was announced that Ressha Sentai ToQger was going to be skipped, I figured this would be a great opportunity to get something from the Sentai line-up in Japan. I felt kind of funny spending massive amounts of money for stuff we would eventually get here…though it seems to be lower quality in some cases.

Red Ressha (1) is the main train of the Red Ranger, who in this series is called ToQ 1gou. He drives a steam locomotive that turns into the center body and head of Toq-Oh.

Blue Ressha (2) is the bullet train of ToQ 2gou. He forms the right torso and leg of ToQ-Oh.

Yellow Ressha (3) is a subway car and left arm of ToQ-Oh.

Green Ressha (4) is another bullet train that forms the left torso and leg of ToQ-Oh.

Pink Ressha (5) is the last subway car, and forms the right arm of ToQ-Oh.


The trains can be kept separate, or connected with male/female tabs at the front and back to make a train as long as you want. The five trains linked form a line about 4 feet long. The Ressha front parts can be separated and attached to allow movement side to side and allow the train to turn in a realistic arc.

The trains actually attach to one another very similarly to the show. Blue and Green slide up against Red and lock into place. Yellow and Pink stick out grey arm attachments and connect.

The trains then start to transform in their tasks to allow the formation of ToQ-Oh. When he is standing, the doors open on his face, and ToQ-Oh is ready to fight.

The five trains are different, but similar enough that they look really good when ToQ-Oh is formed, since there is a good sense of balance.

ToQ-Oh comes with a Fumikiriken, which is a crossing arm that can be a sword or a gun.

I absolutely love ToQ-Oh. He looks correct to the show, and has great details. I would still love to see a Zord with an elbow and knee, but I may never see that one.


This is a two-pack set that came with ToQ-Oh and ToQ Changer.

ToQ Changer or (Transformation Brace ToQ Changer) is the device that allows the ToQgers to change into their outfits. This one is pretty unique as the ToQgers can “Change Stations” and switch their Ressha with one another and change their colors and weapons in the fight.

The sound is nice. I wish I speak Japanese to know what it is saying, but between the Power Rangers Wiki and the subtitles on the show, I can figure it out pretty well.

This is a bit of a separation from Dino Charge, where their weapon is their Morpher. These guys have both. And not to worry, I got a great deal on the blaster. It was not supposed to be in my hands for another week, but it got here early. You will not want to miss that one.


Spider Woman – Marvel Bishoujo Statue

Here it is, December 31st, so I am guessing this will be the last blog post for 2014.  I wanted to go out with a bang, so I am looking at the Marvel Bishoujo Spider Woman. She is a knock-out, both in figure design, and attraction.  Enough with the talk, on to the pictures.

She looks amazing.  Her outfit is SO shiny.  You can see the top light reflecting on her body.  She has a great stance that is quite different from the other Marvel Bishoujo figures.  I have to say, as Koto started to work on the DC statues, their Marvel statues got a whole lot better.  I have a few other Marvel statues that were given to me as gifts, and they are smaller, and nowhere near as nice as the current run of statues.

I love her hair.  It is flowing all around her, giving some good, much needed movement to a pretty static pose.  The addition of the hand being thrown forward added a bit of extra depth to the figure too.

Easily overlooked, the back is not passed over on this one.   She doesn’t have a ton of detail on the back of her outfit, so there is a lot of room to make some great musculature.  It is accentuated by the shiny material that really stands out.

Of course, the Bishoujo statues are known for their faces, and half of Spider Woman’s face is covered with her mask, so the only appropriate thing to do was add a second face, so you can have an unmasked version, or what I call the Jessica Drew version.


In all, a great figure.  Here comes the end of a great year of toy hunting.  Overall, a really terrible year for me personally, but I am looking for a comeback in 2015.   My life is looking to be in a good place, we have a new Transformers TV show coming out, and about a million and a half comic book movies.  Can’t wait to get 2015 rolling.  See you next year… as in tomorrow probably.

Yoko Littner – Sega

Sweet, sweet Yoko, how you make me happy on my shelf.  Not that I didn’t already have a plethora of Yokos on my shelf, but what is one more?   A new pose, and some great hair.  Gotta love Yoko.

A full standing pose this in this statue by Sega.  Somewhat simplistic in design, this statue makes up for it in detail.  From her fantastic outfit, to her long flowing hair.  This is a great representation of the sniper wielding beauty.   Though I do miss seeing her with a sniper rifle somewhere nearby.

This is a well designed figure that looks great from any angle.  With her head twisted to the side, and her upper body coming around, this allows for a very simple yet dynamic stance, that is accentuated by her giant ponytail that flows with her movements.

She is not my first Yoko, and truth be told, she will probably not be my last.  There are some statues that have way more fine detail, but this one stands on her own.  She was a great find at the San Jose Toy Show a few months back.  That is a whole lot of red hair stuffed on that shelf.  I am sure I can make room for more.  😉

Cammy – Street Fighter Bishoujo Statue

I have been waiting for Cammy since I got my hands on Chun-Li.   I knew this was going to be a great pair to put on the shelf.

We moved from the heavy muscles of Chun-Li, to the tighter military muscle of Cammy.   She is presented in her classic green bathing suit.   Of course, she has to wear it so we get a view of her derrière.  I think for Cammy, since she is not wearing a whole lot of clothing, is the detail in her body.   Her muscles are so slender, and they show so well.

Look at the details around her shoulders.  The muscle masses are so fantastically done, with just the tiniest amount of shading to really help the details pop.

Even though she doesn’t have a whole lot of clothing, what she does have really looks good.   Once again, Koto’s details on areas like wrinkles are the best.   You can see how Cammy is turning and pulling the fabric of her suit.   She also has some great creases in her hat, as well as laces on her boots.  The gauntlets she is wearing is a metallic red color, that really make them stand apart from the softer texture of the rest of her attire.

Of course, the pièce de résistance is the ability to have Cammy fight Chun-Li.  Now THAT is a great feature of a product aimed at a fighting video game.   No more single poses for characters.  This time they get to pose to fight… if you so desire.  They look great on their own as well.

Needless to say, I am really excited to see what comes next.  This could be my favorite Bishoujo line yet.  As always, there are tons more pictures on my flickr page.  Click here, or find the link on the tool bar to the right.  –>

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