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LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Senna

McLaren Senna Side

Well, how about that, two LEGO sets in two days. I was at Target this morning wandering the aisles, and I saw the new McLaren Senna. I had so much fun building the Ferrari F40 the other day, I jumped at the chance for a second build of the week.

I had built the McLaren 720S a while back, but I was not terribly impressed. I felt that there was a lot left to be desired with that build. but I could tell there were some pretty neat parts being utilized with this set. What a difference two years makes.

Senna with 720S

I think one of the best parts of the build was the color choice. LEGO could have gone a lot of ways with the build, but they decided on grey with a touch of orange. Now grey is a bit of a risky move, since it can be a bit on the boring side. But the orange was a nod to the earlier release of the 720S and the car the Senna was based off of.

Senna with wind tunnel fan

The build went really easily. It was a lot of fun, especially at the back end. It took a huge number of parts to make the whole rear of the car. So much detail. There were not too many stickers. 20 for the whole car. One of the best is down at the bottom of the door. In the 1:1 car, there is a window down there. LEGO took a short windshield, flipped it over, added stickers and it is held in place with a piece locked on top of it. Someone sure did have fun working outside the box on that one.

Many of the Speed Champions vehicles either come with a way to change race cars into street cars, or they come with some sort of accessory. This one came with a wind tunnel fan. Not the most inventive, but I don’t think my Ferrari team will let McLaren use their big one, so this one will have to do.

A lot of fun to build and a great looking model when finished. A lot better than the 720S with more of a dynamic feel all around. Get this one for sure.

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