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Scorchfire and Windblade – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return (Deluxe Class)

Well, hmmm….  apparently this post was written, but I accidentally left it as a draft, rather than actually posting it.  So, it has been in the depths of the interweb for 4 months, but now here is Windblade, with Scorchfire.

Windblade won the Fan Favorite award to be made. She has appeared in the comics, Robots in Disguise cartoon, and now has a number of figures across the lines. This is her best version yet. She is a bit bulkier in the legs than her previous release, but that is okay with me. Too skinny of legs means harder to pose, and easy to fall over, taking all of her other shelf-mates with her.

She comes with the TItan Master of Scorchfire. He is an all new figure to go along with her all new figure. It wouldn’t do to have a G1 Headmaster go along with a figure that wasn’t around back then. The head mode shows off Windblades fantastically sculpted and painted head. This is probably the most detailed head in all of the figures of this line.

In robot mode, he is very black, except for his face visor. It is hard to see the details on these really dark Titan Masters.

When figuring out what figures share which bodies, some are more obvious than others. Windblade shares the same skeletal system with Scourge and Highbrow. It is clear that it is only the skeletal system since they are three very different figures.

Windblade comes with two swords. They can combine to form one double-sided sword.

It also doubles as a seat for Scorchfire. In order to live up to his name, when Scorchfire rides in the sword, it gives Windblade a flaming sword power.

Her swords can be stored on her back. A fantastic touch to leave her hands free, but not have to set her swords down someplace and forget them.

In her alternate mode, Windblade becomes a VTOL jet. No surprise there. Scorchfire can ride in the cockpit like a good Titan Master should.

The jet is well done. It is a touch bulky in the back, but that seems to be the theme of the Titans Return line of jets. Junk in the trunk.  The fan blades move, and the swords can be mounted on the wings.

If you want something weird, the swords can also be mounted to the top of the jet, allowing Scorchfire an outdoor seat, though I don’t think that is too safe.

Overall, I like this one. There are still a lack of female Transformers, but it is all the more exciting when we get them.


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