Shocker and Sandman (BAF) – Marvel Legends (Sandman Wave)

We are finishing off our look at the Sandman With the last two figures: Shocker and of course the Build-a-Figure of Sandman.

This is a surprise hit for me. I was not expecting a lot from this guy. I had expected one last cheap rogue from the Spider-Verse, but he is quite good.

We start with the basic buck for the body, but there is added detail to the arms, with the metallic gauntlets. He also has a set of knee pads, that we do not often see on many of the Marvel Legends figures. I would like to have seen them match the color of the gauntlets, but I can see they should be made from a fabric or something, rather than the metal.

I am impressed with the crosshatch work that went into the paint. There is a whole lot of work that went into that detail. They do it so much for all of the Spider-Men, so it is nice to see them go into the detail with a bad guy as well.


He comes with the, now very used, wrist power. We have seen this on lots and lots of figures recently. This is the first time with this color scheme.


The big bad guy. You knew this guy would make an appearance sooner or later. The only other Sandman that we have ever had in Marvel Legends was way back in 2007 with a Spider-Man Film Trilogy themed set. We are two movie Spider-Men past that, so it is about time we get a real comic version. And boy do we.

He comes angry and angrier. Two head sculpts. There is the mad version, and then there is the extra mad version where his head is messed up.

Along with that, he comes with two sets of arms that can be changed out. One set consists of two hands, one in a fist, and one grasping. The playability is high with this one. The other two hands are a mace and a block hammer.

Now it is time to culminate this wave in a battle! Spider-Verse against the Rogues.


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