The Phantom – Star Wars Rebels – Hasbro

When Episodes 1-3 were coming out, I was very into the 3.75 inch Star Wars figures. I have armies of Clone Troopers and ships up the wazoo. As we moved toward The Force Awakens and beyond, I was turned off by the lack of articulation, with Hasbro going back to the 5-point bodies, but still charging the same amount or more. Rebels came out, but it was on Disney DX, which I was not going to pay extra for on an already crazy priced cable TV package.

Finally it came out on DVD and I got it from the library to watch. Needless to say I absolutely loved the new team and the show. The problem then was that I wanted to ships, but they had been long out, and most of the stores don’t have them any more. And online was crazy for pricing. In comes Amazon Warehouse Deals. They sell items that may not look too beautiful, but that is generally just in the packaging, and the insides are okay. I found The Phantom for a good price and pounced on it.

When it arrived, I was not surprised to see the box really scratched up, dented, and taped back together. I have bought a lot of stuff through the Warehouse, and I have only ever had one item missing parts, so I was not worried by the look of the box.

Inside we get The Phantom all closed up, like it looks when it is attached to The Ghost. This is a pretty standard type vehicle for Star Wars. It has the look, and the details, but it is slightly undersized compared to how the show’s ship would actually be.

There is an opening cockpit that can hold one figure. In the actual ship, there is space for two seats as well as room behind for 2 more seats, so it is already on the small side.

The back end opens up and allows for the seating of one more figure, and a droid, with some extra room to spare. In the show, there are drop seats that line the side. They are molded in there, but don’t function. The back part is a bit closer in look, but I would like to have seen the back door open, since there are a lot of scenes with the characters hanging off the back.

One of the best gimmicks of this ship is the fold out wings. They fold out by hand and stay in position as you swoop the ship around. I was worried that the wings would be really floppy, but they stay right where they should.

When the wings fold out, the engines are exposed along the sides, and they are amazing. The details are spectacular.

The front guns can slide out of the covers. I went through the whole first season of the show, and didn’t notice just how far out the front guns extend from the front of the ship. They are SO long.

There are also cannons that slide out along the edge of the wings. This is not a part of the design of The Phantom, but an addition to the toy only.

Now this Phantom is outdated, since season 2 when Hera met with Quarrie and ended up with a much needed upgrade. They added a droid socket and an engine upgrade to allow for a hyperdrive. That also lets Chopper drive the ship from outside the ship, and the team relies on him more after that.

I love this ship, and I am glad I was able to get my hands on it. It is now happily flying around my hobby room amongst the other Star Wars ships.

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