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Daburu & Autobot Twinferno – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return

Twinferno is an interesting choice of figures in this wave. 30 years in service, and he has not changed much. He still wields two heads as hands. Originally a part of the Monsterbots when he was known as Doublecross, he now finds himself again transforming into a two-headed dragon. He was a part of the Headmaster cartoon, but as far as I can tell, he never did have the Headmaster capabilities. Instead he had two heads that tended to not get along, chastising one another for being dumb. I am sure things are a lot better now that there are two dragon heads, as well as a Titan master. 😉

In robot mode, Twinferno looks like a really nice upgrade to the 1987 version. The colors match with their placement. Mostly grey and black with a touch of white and red here and there.

In the original version, he came with a “rust-ray” rifle. This time around, he comes with dual shoulder-mounted blasters. They peg in on his shoulders.

Because of the placement of the guns on the shoulders, when he moves his arms, the cannons move with the shoulder, and stay out of the way. Now he can shoot you, or bite you.

Not time to fight? Well, the guns can be mounted on his back as well.

Twinferno comes with Daburu, or sometimes knowns as Daburu Leo. He is actually modeled after White Leo, who was a Beastformer, also from 1987. As with Twinferno, this is the first time we have seen him in toy form since 1987. Here in the United States, we did not know them as Beastformers, we knew them as Battle Beasts. And boy did I love my Battle Beasts.

Daburu has some more color on him than most of the Titan Masters we have so far. He has a black toros with grey upper thighs and white everywhere else. I think he definitely needs a touch of blue here and there to connect him to White Leo.

A pretty fun transformation later, and Twinferno becomes a two-headed dragon. His body is pretty wide compared to the rest of his body. He also has a short stumpy tail. Unless the Transformers dragons come with a sword, used as a tail, they tend to have short tails, so this is not a big surprise. He has good movement in the neck, so there is some playability in this mode.

Daburu can sit in a cockpit in Twinferno’s chest. This seems to be standard for our Beastformers in this line.

Though Twinferno has plenty of bite with two heads, that probably still breath fire, his cannons can be mounted to his back for extra firepower.

There is a nice post hole in the belly of Twinferno to allow some flying poses. I used my Bandai Tamashii Stage Act.4 stand, and the post at the end fits well into the hole in the belly. Daburu can feel the wind in his mane as he rides up there on top of the twin-cannons.


I was more happy with Twinferno than I thought I would be. The beast mode Transformers rank pretty low on my list of favorites. They tend to lose something by being able to transforms into a beast of some sort. This time around, they did a really good job. Of course, Twinferno doesn’t have hands in order to have two heads, but that is something that gives him a unique look that is pretty fun.


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