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Firedrive and Autobot Hot Rod – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return

Hot Rod has been a favorite character of mine for as long as I can remember. I have always been partial to leaders like Optimus Prime, and characters who live beyond their potential like Bumblebee. Hot Rod encompassed both of those. I like the idea of an unwilling hero being thrust into the spotlight and forced to lead.

Hot Rod comes with a pair of blasters that are mirrors of one another. It is clear by the way they are made, that they combine and have a tub for Firedrive to ride in.

The blasters are usable when they are together, though it is a bit hard for Hot Rod to hold onto both handles this way. His arms just do not want to bend like that.

Hot Rod is teams up with Firedrive. He looks like the anti-Hot Rod. While Hot Rod runs around with red, orange, and yellow paint, looking all bright and cool, Firedrive is grey. Firedrive’s name is taken from Hot Rod’s Targetmaster partner Firebolt, back in 1987 (yes that would be 30 years ago).

I do like this little guy. He is pretty much like all of the rest of the Titan Masters, with arm, head, hip, and knee movement. Nothing too special here, but I like how tiny they are.

When Hot Rod transforms, he is in his element. He forms his sports car. And not just any sports car, one with a HUGE spoiler on the trunk. That will allow for some major downforce. Add in the six side pipes, and he is living up to his name.

The cockpit allows for the seating of one Titan Master. Firedrive will feel right at home in the grey interior.

The car is so nice and sleek, very similar to the G1 version of Hot Rod, and pretty much all of the other versions too. He is one guy you just don’t mess with the design of.

The gun can be mounted on the sides of the car with ports right behind the front wheels. They are low, and stick out past the front rather far.

Put the guns together, and Firedrive has a place to ride high with some major fire power. This is a nice twin-cannon nod to his Targetmaster version where he rode with Firebolt who also mounted to his hood.


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