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Brother Voodoo and Baron Mordo – Marvel Legends Dormammu Wave

Continuing the Dormammu Wave of figures for the Doctor Strange Movie, we have two guys that sound like they should be bad guys. Brother Voodoo and Baron Mordo. Usually the portrayal of Voodoo and Barons in movies and comics are for bad guys. In both of these cases, they are allies of Doctor Strange’s, for at least a little while.

Brother Voodoo:

First up, Brother Voodoo. Even his look does not say “good guy.” He comes with a pretty well done dynamic outfit. The look of the skin tight suit is taken from 2009 when Brother Voodoo became Doctor Voodoo and took over as the Sorcerer Supreme. His outfit really fits what Billy Tan had drawn back then. From the hand painted white markings on his chest and thighs, to the red cape. They even gave him a great sash that makes it look like it is blowing in the wind. The head sculpt is well executed with the mix of black and white dreadlocks.

His staff leaves a lot to be desired. It is a new item, but it does not seem to fit in to me. I am thinking I may go back later and make him one that is more fitting.

Baron Mordo:

Baron Mordo is played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, whom I have a yearly date with, as my wife and I have watched Love Actually every Christmas, since the movie came out. 12th annual viewing just a few weeks back. Though there were never any Love Actually figures (that I know about), we do get Chiwetel Ejiofor in toy form with Baron Mordo.

The likeness is pretty good. These are not 1/6th scale Hot Toys figures, so the likenesses are not going to be spot on to the actors, but this one comes pretty close.

He is wearing his tunic from the movie, and as with Doctor Strange, Hasbro did a really good job of executing the layers of clothes, and including realistic wrinkles and folds.

This is a great take on the character, as opposed to the comic character that seems a bit more cartoony, much the way that Steve Ditko drew back in the day. He was over the top evil, even teaming up with Dormammu. The movie version of the character seems to be much more layered, with some good reasoning for how he acts at the end of the movie.

Baron Mordo comes with Dormammu’s leg, but he also comes with some flaming skulls.  Those are pretty awesome, just wait for my Dormammu review.  They could be the best accessories ever!


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