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Beeside – Combiner Force Bumblebee and Sideswipe (Robots in Disguise)

I took a chance on this set, and boy is it not very good. In the Generations line, we went through the Combiner Wars, so it makes sense that Robots in Disguise would try to follow suit, by bringing us Combiner Force. The execution is not very good robots, not very good cars, and not very good combining.

First off, the cars. We get Bumblebee and Sideswipe. I cannot imagine these two getting along as a Combiner, but we will go with it for now. The vehicles are about the same size as the Legion scale vehicles. They are similar in design, but it is clear that they are NOT going to transform anywhere near as well as the Legion scale.

The most notable change are the large black squares with green arrows. One is on the nose of Sideswipe, and the other is on the tail of Bumblebee.

Let’s look at them transformed into robot mode. Ugh! These are terrible. Bumblebee has a flip up head, feet, and fold out arms. He has no articulation except for the side swing of his shoulder joints, and I don’t think that even counts. Sideswipe has a similar transformation, except that his legs pull apart.

From vehicle mode, you stick the two black boxes together. The spoiler of Bee’s car flips up to make a chest, and the hood separates to show a new head that is somewhere between Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. He gets joints at the elbow this time, with 5mm ports to hold weapons in his hands (though he does not come with any). Bee’s part is spring loaded. Sideswipes body has to be separated manually, by pulling his legs apart. And that is what you get.

He has articulation in his elbows and that is all. I think he is somewhat better looking in this mode, now being more interesting, but he is far from the cool looking art we get on the front of the box, where the red and yellow are combined.

Looking at the different scales of Bumblebees, you can see over at the left, the Legion scale. Next comes the nearly identical scale of the Combiner Force, followed by the Mini-Con (Commander) scale, and finishing off at the Warrior scale.

Overall, this is not a good Transformer. It is totally gimmick based, and not a very good gimmick at that. Only half of Beeside actually pops open. The player still has to manually transform the bottom half. I am a huge fan of Transformers, these two being #654 and #655 of my collection. This is nearly the most disappointed I have been with a Transformer in the whole collection. I was not expecting much, and I have stayed away from the 1-step and 3-step Transformers, but I was expecting a bit more with this set. There are a few more sets coming out in this series, but I am going to skip them.


Marvel Legends – Dormammu Series – Enchantress and Nico Minoru

Today we are going to look at the ladies of the Dormammu Series. First up is Enchantress.

She is a fairly basic figure. Not a hard one for Hasbro to choose. Take the basic thin female body, give her a new head sculpt and a skirt, and you are done. The colors are really nice. With a good variation of green, she really shines.

Her head sculpt is almost there. I think they made her lips a little too wide, and it gives her a rather large mouth. I like the tiara they gave her, and her hair is really well done. Nothing worse than making a rather good figure, and then giving them a blob of hair, like they did with the last Jean Grey.

Since she is magical, Hasbro gave Enchantress some power effects. This time in bright neon green. We are going to have all of the colors of the rainbow here in a little bit.

To me, Nico Minoru is a much better figure than Enchantress. There is a lot more going on with her. She has a more unique look, she is built on a smaller body, and she has some interesting accessories.

Nico’s face sculpt is really well done. She is pretty, and has a little bit of a rounded face, that is pretty standard for how she looks in the comics. She has had a lot of different hair styles, most of which entail having an explosion of hair out the back of her head. I really like the style Hasbro went with, using a wild bun on top of her head, and a few stands falling to the sides of her face.

Nico comes with The Staff of One. This is really well executed. It could have easily ended up as a hunk of plastic, but what they did was really nice. They created the staff with gold plastic, and then created the purple power that surrounds it with a completely different piece. Together they are fairly heavy, and tend to pull Nico off to that side.

Nico also comes with a really special accessory. She comes with a second arm, known as her Witch Arm. In a battle, Nico lost her arm, and her life. The Staff of One brought her back to life and gave her a new arm. This new arm has a gauntlet made from part of the Staff of One. The new arm is a totally different cast than her first arm, including the gauntlet and a texture on her transparent purple hand and arm.

These two are welcome additions to my Marvel collection. It is always a welcome sight to see more females added to the ranks. Hasbro has been going in the right direction, giving us more dynamic female characters. We are seeing a lot of different body types, which is really nice. They are not all going to look like the typical super hero lady, and they shouldn’t.

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