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Power Rangers Ninja Steel Basic Figures

New year, new Power Rangers Team. This time we are going to jump to Ninninger. Nope, no Toqger. Skipping the Power Rangers that run around on trains. I mean come on! That would entice a whole bunch of kids who love trains to jump onto the Power Rangers bandwagon. We have also skipped Go-Busters to get here too.

So far, I am impressed with the outfits they are wearing. The helmets are really cool, with the color for the helmet, and then some metal around the faceplate. Except for White Ranger who went with the white and a touch of pink, ala Alyssa’s White Ranger in Wild Force. This time though, they have a White Ranger with a touch of pink, as well as a Pink Ranger. I am a big fan of the five member teams with two women right off the bat. In Dino Charge, we had to work our way up to a second female Ranger.

The figures are standard for what we have seen before. They have somewhere around 13 points of articulation. They are not the best articulated figures in the world, but better than the current run of Star Wars figures. One advantage we get this time around is in the lady Rangers. They have split skirts that allow for lots of leg bending, so that they can do more than just stand there like every other female we have had in this style.
On top of that, we get the female Rangers. In Japan, they only got the 3 male versions, and no female versions. They did get more weapons with theirs as opposed to us just getting the sword, but they never were able to complete the set.

Overall, I am happy with the figures. The swords are a bit oversized, but I can live with it. The better movement in the lower half of the women is a plus. I am looking forward to getting my hands on the bad guys.

I am still on the fence about the Megazord. It is sitting there in every store, next to the Rumble Tusk Megazord, which is the same Megazord with a different center figure and new plastic coloring. I don’t know if I want to open the can of worms of getting a whole pile of new Megazords. It was fun collecting the Dino Charge Zords, with all of the different dinosaurs, but to have to buy a whole new Megazord just for one small figure is pretty crazy. I don’t know how well this idea is going to work. Apparently, parents were not buying the single dino zords like they were the bigger Megazord sets.

I am also going to make a hard pass on collecting the Power Stars. They look terrible, and the foam is not going to hold up over time. I think Bandai Japan had a great idea for being able to attach the Power Stars to the Megazord to make the new faces. We don’t get that here. There seems to be less to tie all of the different aspects of the toys together. In Dino Charge, the Chargers could power the Zords, as well as the blaster, swords, and auxiliary weapons. That was well planned. Not so much this time around.

Autobot Throttle and Autobot Breakaway – Transformers: Generation – Titans Return – Deluxe Wave 3 Complete

Oh, here we go again with the copyright stuff. They call the guy “Autobot Breakaway”, though he was really Getaway. It seems that if you are going to all of the trouble to call him “Autobot ___” then you should be able to use “Getaway.” I will never understand the copyright laws. In the meantime, Throttle was renamed from Getaways Powermaster counterpart, Rev. A robot that turns into an engine named “Rev” is perfect. Throttle is good too, though this time around he is a head, not an engine.

At first look, you know there is something familiar about this bot. Not that long ago, just the l last wave as coincidence would have it, we had another bot that looked very similar. And by similar, I mead the same except for a different Titan Master, and a different paint scheme. That bot was the one and only Chromedome. It has to be hard to be the follow-up character to someone like Chromedome.

The really cool thing about Breakaway is that the paint was applied in such a way that he looks very different from Chromedome. The accent colors accent different parts of the really well done armor.

Breakaway again shares the same weapons as Chromedome, who shares them, and a few armor parts with Blurr. It would be nice if we could at least get a new gun here or there, especially the terrible flat gun they all get for the Titan Master to ride in.

The last three Titan Masters we looked at, Firedrive, Daburu, and Blowpipe, all looked like their G1 counterparts. This time around, Throttle looks nothing like his Powermaster version. The colors are wrong, and the mold is not right. It could not have been further from the original. And we were doing so well with this wave. Not that that is such a big thing. It is quite a change from a Powermaster to a Titan Master, os we have to give them some leeway there.

Transforming Breakaway into his vehicle mode is the same as Chromedome (no surprise there). I think he ends up being a better looking sports car. He is mostly white, but he has some added paint details in red and blue. He is so patriotic for being a Cybertonian. He even has the yellow sun protector above the windshield that he had on his G1 version.

As with his brother, Breakaway has a cockpit that sits one. I still think the canopy opening in the way it does is quite remarkable, a really cool feature.

The guns can be mounted on the roof, which is a nice nod to the G1 version, which could do the same.

I feel like the only thing these guys are missing are spoilers on the trunks. It would have given them that little extra something that we got in the 80s.

The team is all built for Wave 3. Three Autobots and a Decepticon. There is one more wave coming that has been announced, and they are ALL Autobots, so I think the Cons should start to be a little worried, but the Cons do have Tripticon coming some time this year.

Blowpipe and Triggerhappy – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return Deluxe Wave 3

Well how about that, a team from 1987 that has been returned to new toy glory, and kept the same names. The first time we saw these two, they wereTargetmasters. This time around, Triggerhappy looks almost the same, while Blowpipe has become a Titan Master.

Triggerhappy is our lone Decepticon in this 3rd wave of Titans Return Deluxe Figures. He looks just like his Targetmaster counterpart from back in the day, 30 years ago. You can tell he is all about that firepower. He is carrying two cannons, and he has twin blasters folded up on each arm, showing that he is ready for a fight in any mode he takes.

Here is the best improvement over the original toy. In the cartoon, he had a mask over his mouth and eyes. When the toy came out in 1987, he had a mouth and a visor over his eyes. They gave him the opposite of what he really had. So, blast ahead 30 years, and finally the figure gets a head that is the correct configuration.

I don’t think it is cannon to the story, but Triggerhappy can reconfigure his arms to allow the dual cannons to take the place of his hands and then really have some nice firepower.

If he just wants to kick back and relax (not that someone named Triggerhappy would want to), his guns can be mounted to his back and he can have his hands free.

Blowpipe is more head and less gun this time around. He keeps similar colors to his Targetmaster counterpart, with a grey torso and blue everything else. He looks a lot better in this configuration, as opposed to having a giant cannon barrel stick above his head.

Hasbro actually did a really good job with the sculpt of the figure, giving him lots of the same body sculpt as the original, such as the round circle in the middle of his chest, and the design of his shoulders.

When Triggerhappy transforms into his ship, he looks like an upgraded version of his Targetmaster counterpart. And by upgraded, I mean really close to the original. It is like the next model year, where the vehicle is a little sleeker and sharper looking, but still has all of the charm of the original.

Everything from the blue and grey body, to the gold engine ports in the back. It is all right on.

The cockpit opens on this version and allows Blowpipe some comfort by riding inside.

Triggerhappy has a port on the underside to allow for flight posing. Again, I am using my Bandai Tamashii Stage Act.4 stand to get these shots.

Along with this new version, he gets a bit of a weapons change. Instead of a Targetmaster riding on his roof, he gets under the wing mounted guns. That becomes a lot of weaponry to work with.

It is interesting to note that this is the first figure in the Titan Returns line that does not have the capabilities of having the combined weapon and Titan Master riding on the vehicle somewhere in vehicle mode. It seems like this would be the vehicle we would want to see with the cannon on the back of Triggerhappy to nod to the Targetmaster arrangement.

Fear not. Blow pipe can ride in the cannons. I still don’t think this is valuable in any way other than messing with the weapons.

This is a fantastic figure. He looks right, he has a great transformation. He is the right amount of classic design with a good upgrade. I cannot imagine that this would not be a win for any fan of the G1 line.

Daburu & Autobot Twinferno – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return

Twinferno is an interesting choice of figures in this wave. 30 years in service, and he has not changed much. He still wields two heads as hands. Originally a part of the Monsterbots when he was known as Doublecross, he now finds himself again transforming into a two-headed dragon. He was a part of the Headmaster cartoon, but as far as I can tell, he never did have the Headmaster capabilities. Instead he had two heads that tended to not get along, chastising one another for being dumb. I am sure things are a lot better now that there are two dragon heads, as well as a Titan master. 😉

In robot mode, Twinferno looks like a really nice upgrade to the 1987 version. The colors match with their placement. Mostly grey and black with a touch of white and red here and there.

In the original version, he came with a “rust-ray” rifle. This time around, he comes with dual shoulder-mounted blasters. They peg in on his shoulders.

Because of the placement of the guns on the shoulders, when he moves his arms, the cannons move with the shoulder, and stay out of the way. Now he can shoot you, or bite you.

Not time to fight? Well, the guns can be mounted on his back as well.

Twinferno comes with Daburu, or sometimes knowns as Daburu Leo. He is actually modeled after White Leo, who was a Beastformer, also from 1987. As with Twinferno, this is the first time we have seen him in toy form since 1987. Here in the United States, we did not know them as Beastformers, we knew them as Battle Beasts. And boy did I love my Battle Beasts.

Daburu has some more color on him than most of the Titan Masters we have so far. He has a black toros with grey upper thighs and white everywhere else. I think he definitely needs a touch of blue here and there to connect him to White Leo.

A pretty fun transformation later, and Twinferno becomes a two-headed dragon. His body is pretty wide compared to the rest of his body. He also has a short stumpy tail. Unless the Transformers dragons come with a sword, used as a tail, they tend to have short tails, so this is not a big surprise. He has good movement in the neck, so there is some playability in this mode.

Daburu can sit in a cockpit in Twinferno’s chest. This seems to be standard for our Beastformers in this line.

Though Twinferno has plenty of bite with two heads, that probably still breath fire, his cannons can be mounted to his back for extra firepower.

There is a nice post hole in the belly of Twinferno to allow some flying poses. I used my Bandai Tamashii Stage Act.4 stand, and the post at the end fits well into the hole in the belly. Daburu can feel the wind in his mane as he rides up there on top of the twin-cannons.


I was more happy with Twinferno than I thought I would be. The beast mode Transformers rank pretty low on my list of favorites. They tend to lose something by being able to transforms into a beast of some sort. This time around, they did a really good job. Of course, Twinferno doesn’t have hands in order to have two heads, but that is something that gives him a unique look that is pretty fun.

Firedrive and Autobot Hot Rod – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return

Hot Rod has been a favorite character of mine for as long as I can remember. I have always been partial to leaders like Optimus Prime, and characters who live beyond their potential like Bumblebee. Hot Rod encompassed both of those. I like the idea of an unwilling hero being thrust into the spotlight and forced to lead.

Hot Rod comes with a pair of blasters that are mirrors of one another. It is clear by the way they are made, that they combine and have a tub for Firedrive to ride in.

The blasters are usable when they are together, though it is a bit hard for Hot Rod to hold onto both handles this way. His arms just do not want to bend like that.

Hot Rod is teams up with Firedrive. He looks like the anti-Hot Rod. While Hot Rod runs around with red, orange, and yellow paint, looking all bright and cool, Firedrive is grey. Firedrive’s name is taken from Hot Rod’s Targetmaster partner Firebolt, back in 1987 (yes that would be 30 years ago).

I do like this little guy. He is pretty much like all of the rest of the Titan Masters, with arm, head, hip, and knee movement. Nothing too special here, but I like how tiny they are.

When Hot Rod transforms, he is in his element. He forms his sports car. And not just any sports car, one with a HUGE spoiler on the trunk. That will allow for some major downforce. Add in the six side pipes, and he is living up to his name.

The cockpit allows for the seating of one Titan Master. Firedrive will feel right at home in the grey interior.

The car is so nice and sleek, very similar to the G1 version of Hot Rod, and pretty much all of the other versions too. He is one guy you just don’t mess with the design of.

The gun can be mounted on the sides of the car with ports right behind the front wheels. They are low, and stick out past the front rather far.

Put the guns together, and Firedrive has a place to ride high with some major fire power. This is a nice twin-cannon nod to his Targetmaster version where he rode with Firebolt who also mounted to his hood.

Iron Fist and Dormammu – Dormammu Wave – Marvel Legends

Tonight we are finishing up the Dormammu Wave of figures from the Doctor Strange Series. We have one last figure and then the Build-a-Figure of Dormammu,

First up, let’s take a look at Iron Fist. It hasn’t been that long since we received the white outfit version (First wave of 2015). You can see him in my review back then:

This version is similar, using the same body, if not one that is very similar. It is the thin Spider-Man body with really good dynamic articulation. If you can’t make the pose with this body, the body wasn’t meant to bend that way. The white version had more of a realistic head, while this green version has more of a comic head.

The white version came with a huge assortment of hands that pop on and off at the wrist. This version has a unique variation. The wrist and forearm are together in one part. Iron Fist comes with energy fists attached. They have a really cool look of being clear yellow, but you can see something inside, like his skin is glowing but not the bones underneath. In this version, there is no wrist movement, which is what you would want in a punch anyway.

The other set of hands are wrapped, from the attachment point on the forearm to the fingers. This is more of a classic look for him.

He also comes with flames for his fists, which the white version did not receive. That gives a lot of different pose potential.

Building Dormammu. He has a lot of parts that come with the different figures. There are the standard parts, 2 arms, 2 legs, torso, waist, and head. He also comes with football player type shoulder pads, as well as a set of flaming skulls.

The building of Dormammu is pretty straight forward. I did have some trouble getting the legs attached. I found that if I removed his skirt, I could get the legs onto the pegs, and then put the skirt back on. The rest went together really well.

The paint is beautiful. The purple is bright and dark at the same time. It has a shimmer to it, even though it is a matte color. The red parts are gloss, while the black parts are mixed gloss and flat. His muscle tone is so well done. Being a figure that is a head and a half taller than the other figures, he has to be done well, since you can see all of his musculature so much better. From the front to the back, everything is so well detailed.

Now for the flaming skulls. They were so hard to photograph, since they are bright green and blue. On the box the art shows Dormammu holding the two skulls. If you were to look at the bottom of them, they have a rounded post hole that looks like it could fit…

That’s right, on the neck post of a figure. It works pretty well. They are a little high on the neck, but it gives the desired effect, and would definitely leave the Marvel Universe worrying if Dormammu was able to control other characters.

This is a pretty good wave overall.  There are a few I would have skipped if I didn’t want to build Dormammu, but I did get them for a good price on Amazon, so I am not terribly distraught about getting those figures.   There is a lot of magic going on in this wave, and now we can have some good magic wars.

Brother Voodoo and Baron Mordo – Marvel Legends Dormammu Wave

Continuing the Dormammu Wave of figures for the Doctor Strange Movie, we have two guys that sound like they should be bad guys. Brother Voodoo and Baron Mordo. Usually the portrayal of Voodoo and Barons in movies and comics are for bad guys. In both of these cases, they are allies of Doctor Strange’s, for at least a little while.

Brother Voodoo:

First up, Brother Voodoo. Even his look does not say “good guy.” He comes with a pretty well done dynamic outfit. The look of the skin tight suit is taken from 2009 when Brother Voodoo became Doctor Voodoo and took over as the Sorcerer Supreme. His outfit really fits what Billy Tan had drawn back then. From the hand painted white markings on his chest and thighs, to the red cape. They even gave him a great sash that makes it look like it is blowing in the wind. The head sculpt is well executed with the mix of black and white dreadlocks.

His staff leaves a lot to be desired. It is a new item, but it does not seem to fit in to me. I am thinking I may go back later and make him one that is more fitting.

Baron Mordo:

Baron Mordo is played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, whom I have a yearly date with, as my wife and I have watched Love Actually every Christmas, since the movie came out. 12th annual viewing just a few weeks back. Though there were never any Love Actually figures (that I know about), we do get Chiwetel Ejiofor in toy form with Baron Mordo.

The likeness is pretty good. These are not 1/6th scale Hot Toys figures, so the likenesses are not going to be spot on to the actors, but this one comes pretty close.

He is wearing his tunic from the movie, and as with Doctor Strange, Hasbro did a really good job of executing the layers of clothes, and including realistic wrinkles and folds.

This is a great take on the character, as opposed to the comic character that seems a bit more cartoony, much the way that Steve Ditko drew back in the day. He was over the top evil, even teaming up with Dormammu. The movie version of the character seems to be much more layered, with some good reasoning for how he acts at the end of the movie.

Baron Mordo comes with Dormammu’s leg, but he also comes with some flaming skulls.  Those are pretty awesome, just wait for my Dormammu review.  They could be the best accessories ever!

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