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Darkmoon and Astrotrain – Transformers: Generation – Titans Return – Voyager Class

Anyone who picked up Infinitus and Sentinel Prime was not surprised that Astrotrain was close behind. It is a fun design since Astrotrain was not a Headmaster back in the day.

Standing with Sentinel Prime, Astrotrain’s colors are a lot better. While Sentinel looks like he is wearing a deco like a sun or lava (they went a little overboard with the red, orange, and yellow), Astrotrain has much subtler colors in his original grey and purple. Hey, purple. He must be a bad guy. He comes with the same two guns that Sentinel comes with. One is a rifle, while the other is a gun that his Titan Master rides in.

Speaking of a Titan Master, Astrotrain comes with little Darkmoon, created just for this version. Nothing special here, just another Titan Master.

Transforming Astrotrain for the first time, creates his shuttle mode. It is quite a machine.

There are some better paint apps than with Sentinel, so you can see so much more of the detail work.


It really has the feel of the 1998 version of the Jupiter II from the Lost in Space movie.

Split the ship in half with a few twists and turns, and you get the train from hell.


It looks like it was taken right out of the screen of a Toqger episode when the Power Rangers take on the trains of the Shadow Line.

You certainly get the sense from looking at the two trains that one is a good guy and one is a bad guy.

If you want Astrotrain to get a bit of a darker look, and I know you do, team him up with Apeface. The colors are right on, and it gives Astrotrain a darker head with a more menacing look.

This is a good figure overall. Even though it is a triple changer, he has a good robot mode, and a good spaceship. The train is a bit off with some wings and other parts floating around there, but that is to be expected with a triple changer. The overall design is well done and has a lot of playability.

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