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Twin Cast and Blaster – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return – Leader Class

This is an interesting pairing. Blaster, the original beat box is paired with Twincast or Twin Cast, who was a clone of Blaster. That is pretty fun.

Blaster looks great. He is tall and strong looking. He is what we saw back in the day. A robot that transforms into a boombox, but is way too big to ever squeeze down into the proper scale.

Since he is Leader Class, his Titan Master would be way too small when used as his head. Hasbro came up with a helmet idea that allows the Titan Master to wear the helmet while allowing the head to turn. The helmet is attached to the body, and can flip up and away and be stored in the back with no notice that it is there… in case you want Blaster to have a pinhead.

As we move him around, it is clear he is a boom box. There have been a few other examples where we have seen some pretty fantastic transformations to allow flat parts to become body parts. The legs are basically the bottom and speakers of the boombox folded into solid legs.

Twin Cast is painted to match Blaster. In the Takara release, it sounds like he will be repainted to match Twincast using blue and yellow. That would have been a nice touch here if they had done it for us too.

There are a lot of little sets and tweaks to get Blaster into his boombox mode. It is a lot of fun to play with and get just right. When he gets there, he looks amazing!!! He looks perfect from the front to the back.

He has a port in his back that allows for the storage of his gun. I would like to have seen it get stored inside, but this way, you can foreseeably use it as an antenna.

One of the big things about this guy back in the day was being able to hold cassettes. Today he holds tablets instead. He comes with one that becomes a sled and gun system, but he can hold any of the other tablets as well.

Press the eject button on top, and the door falls open. Slide the tablet inside and close the door. It is pretty simple, but there is a lot of fine engineering that went into getting this all to work. And it does a great job.

As a Leader Class Titan Master, we get a triple changer. The third mode is a base. This guy is loaded with firepower. He has his gun, the sled, and the back of his arms all become weapons on the display.

Twin Cast, or any of the Titan Masters can use any of the posts located all over Blaster to power weapons or whatever they want to do.

There are two pads, one on each side. They can accommodate the Titan Master’s vehicles, or the slightly larger vehicles of the tablets.

The base is supposed to be able to attach to Fortress Maximus. When I set Blaster next to Fort Max, the two docking ramps would not meet. That is a bummer.

I moved it to the front to see if Blaster could attach to the other ramp, but it could not reach there either. I am going to have to work on this and see how to get them properly matched up. For such a great figure in every other regard, it stinks that one of the most important gimmicks doesn’t work. Now I am worried about the others not being able to match up later when I find them.

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