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Windblade – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Warrior Class


Back in 2013, Windblade was the first fan-created figure. She has since come out with three iterations of that figure. Now she has become a part of the Robots in Disguise line. It was not a big surprise that she would become a part of this show, as she was fan-created, it should draw people in to watch her. In the show, she is a hard@$$, not really in the mood to make friends at the start. Her character was hard to like at first, but you couldn’t complain about her results.

Now in toy form, we get that same lady-bot. The initial impression is that we get a very similar robot with some less detail, as we see in the RiD line. You can check out my original Windblade review here: http://wp.me/pRvoW-t2

The colors of Windblade are well done. She is lighter on top, and darker below, giving her a strong stance. She has some added highlights with the bright knees. The RiD line loves using that baby blue color somewhere on a lot of their figures. It is a bit out of place on Windblade, but it does carry across her chest, and into her eyes.

Windblade comes with three accessories. She has a removable headpiece, that she can use as a fan weapon. She also comes with her sword, the same sword that came with the Generations version, but with no color. It is just a black sword. But, she does get a sheath again. It is different than the last sheath, but this one can be used in jet mode, and works.

Speaking of jet mode. When I first transformed her into jet mode, I kept going back and forth as the wether or not I liked the jet. Overall, I like it. And I like it better than the initial release version. In this release, she has her arms hanging off to the side. In the initial release, her legs were sticking out of the top. So, it is a bit better with the arms tucked under the wings than having major greeble over the top of the jet.

The jet has a very interesting look. It has a shorter nose, but has more of a Harrier look, which works well for a VTOL vehicle.  One of her attributes is being a VTOL jet. She has the turbines that spin, as well as being able to rotate. It does look a bit weird having turbines that are sealed on top. That just doesn’t seem logical, but I am sure there is a good reason for it… No, there really isn’t.

I stated earlier that the sword is able to be used in jet mode. It attaches to the bottom of the jet, and acts as a giant cannon. There is even a tab on the bottom that acts as landing gear.

She is the second flyer to come out in the recent wave of RiD releases. She is great in robot mode, just like Starscream. She looks really good on jet mode too, with both having their arms hang off to the side of the body. At least they are consistent.

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