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Apeface – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return

Ape face is part of Wave 2 of the Titan Master Class figures, along with Brawn and Clobber. I found Brawn, but Clobber was nowhere to be found. It looked like they packaged a part of wave 2 with a return set of wave 1. So, we will wait and see what happens there. Now we are getting ever closer to the holiday season, and weird things happen on the toy aisle.

Anyway, let’s take a look at this duo. This one feels more like a team than most of the other Titan Master sets. Apeface comes with a gorilla looking figure with wings. Flying monkey anyone? The vehicle is based on the G1 Apeface that was a triple changer of an ape, jet and robot. The Titan Master retained the name of the robot, while the original Headmaster, Spasma is lost to time.

Apeface can of course ride this flying gorilla. It reminds me of Hiro riding Baymax in Big Hero 6. The “vehicle” is well done for a little Titan Master vehicle. It has moving arms that swing forward and back. The back “legs” and the front arms have sweet spots where all four legs touch the ground at the same time and give the forward-leaning ape suggestion. The ape has a great expression on it’s face. It appears to have very sharp teeth.

As a triple changer, the vehicle becomes a jet. Not a big surprise, as the ape had wings and all. The jet is a fun little thing. It is a solid design. The red from the ape’s visor carries over to the nosecone of the jet. Apeface slides down inside the top of the jet and becomes a part of it.

And then the third transformation of the vehicle is the requisite gun. Basically jet mode with the wings flipped forward. That puts the jets facing the front, and they becomes double barrels for the gun. Not too shabby.

The fun isn’t over yet, as Apeface becomes a head. This is one mean looking guy. Hasbro made an improvement over the original head of Apeface, that was Spasma. He looks a lot more menacing. Not what I would expect from a figure named “Apeface.”

This is a great start to the second wave of Titan Masters. Get ready for our next guest, Brawn. There is some strange stuff going on over there with that G1 favorite character. Just wait and see.

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