Pipes – Combiner Wars – Legends Class

I am glad these last few Combiner Wars guys are still floating around. It probably isn’t terribly important for me to get my hands on Pipes, but he is different enough that he seemed worth tracking down.

This is by no means a new mold. We first saw this body in the Generations line back in 2013 with Optimus Prime. Later it made a comeback with a new head and a new paint scheme as Huffer earlier in the Combiner Wars line. Now we see it one more time as Pipes with a whole body repaint.

Just like the original G1 release of Pipes, he was a repaint of Huffer, so this made sense. It also makes sense that they are smaller scale trucks, just as they were back in the G1.

The color scheme is bright, with the blue and silver, and a touch of red. Having the red face gives him a bit of a menacing looks. They took the red on his head a lot further than he had originally.

Ironically, the head of this version has no face plate. In the G1 line, he did, as he did on the show. It was Huffer that also had the face plate on the toy, but not on the show. So, they fixed Huffer by representing him, mask free, but now Pipes is wrong with a showing face. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

These Legends scale figures are pretty good. They have better articulation than the Legion figures we had before Generations. Even though they are small, they are able to be posed. Some places they have trouble is in the transformation, when parts like the feet stick up in the back. Again, not much we can do about that.

Overall, an okay addition to the team. Must have? No. He is pretty forgettable. He will live on the shelf along with Huffer in Legends scale limbo as we move onto bigger and better figures.

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