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Namor – Marvel Legends – Walgreens Exclusive

The newest of the Marvel Legends figures as a Walgreens Exclusive is Namor.

Namor is a solid figure. He has all of the requisite articulation, and a paint job that is top. The pearl blue in his vest is outstanding.

He comes with two accessories. He has his trident that is painted white at the top and blue accents painted down the gold plastic handle. It was nice and straight out of the box. Sometimes when we get accessories as tall as a figure, they can get a bit warped in the packaging. Not this one.

He also comes with a pair of flat hands. We have seen these before with Iron Fist and his chopping hands, and with Speed Demon as his fast running hands. This time they are once again well used as swimming hands.

This figure came with a lot fewer accessories than The Punisher, but I don’t know what all you would want to add to him. A fish maybe? I was not looking forward to Namor as much as I was looking forward to all of the rest of the Walgreens Exclusive figures (Punisher, Ant-Man, Daredevil, and Agent Venom). He is a good looking figure, and a welcome addition to the family, especially since I missed him the first two times he was released a long time ago.

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