Terri-Bull – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return – Titan Master

I get it. He is a Decepticon, so he is terrible, thus “Terri-Bull.” Though I do think we should have seen something that resembles a bull to at least make the name fit.

Ironically enough, when he was known as Horri-Bull back in 1988, he was the body for a Headmaster to attach to. So, why did he become the Titan Master this time around? It seems like this Titan Master should have been named Kreb, the name of the Headmaster that came with Horri-bull.

Anyway, he is here, and he is not a nice guy. We have that covered. Terri-bull comes with a tank that triple forms into a jet and a weapon that fits in any 5mm hand port.

Terri-bull can ride in the tank. His legs slide into the turret and he locks in nice and tight. I am glad for the sake of kids that all of the Titan Masters fit tight into their vehicles. It could be very easy to lose a tiny Titan Master.

As with Nightbeat, there is a combination transformation that involves a vehicle and a weapon. In this case it is the jet mode. The tank is turned upside down, and a cockpit is flipped out. Wings fold out, and you have flight mode with Terri-Bull sliding into the back of the jet. One of the modes seems to always have the Titan Master integrate into the vehicle. To make the jet into a weapon is just a flip of the handle and then someone (Scourge in this case) can hold it and use the quad-barrel gun.

Of course, let’s not forget about the head part of the Titan Master. His transformation becomes a very good updated resemblance to Horri-Bull. The blue over gold is a nice touch. A bit of red eyes lets the viewer know right away he is not nice.

Terri-Bull has a really good vehicle accessory. The tank is really fun, and the jet is functional. As with Nightbeat’s gun, it looks like a vehicle in the Deluxe Class figure’s hand, so no real points there. The head is right on. This was probably a good choice for a head-only Titan Master, since we have already seen an animal in the first wave of Deluxe figures.

On to more Titan Masters, as we work our way through the fantastic wave 1.


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