Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Mini-Con 4-Pack Wave 2

Wave 2 of the Mini-Cons 4-pack brings us 4 characters we have already seen. Three are repaints, while one gets the new Weaponizers look before everyone else goes full Weaponizers.

Hammer, Anvil, and Undertone are repaints of characters we have already gotten in single packs, or the first wave of the 4-pack.Undertone and Anvil do not come with the armor sprue. Undertone changes from a ball to a robot. Anvil is a little more fun by changing from a ball to a bat. These two are not the most interesting of characters.

Hammer comes with a clear/green sprue. The armor gives him a lot of firepower as well as some extra protection around the head. He changes from (yep you guessed it), a ball, into a dragon. Thankfully a different dragon than Dragonus, so we have a few types of dragons going on here.

The odd man out this time around is Slipstream. He is still in his original red color, but this time around he is a Weaponizer. He has the same basic underbody. Everything colored grey is the same. The red parts on this version are all new to create a double barreled cannon.  He comes with light blue clear armor, which is really a helmet and a bunch of firepower accessories. He looks good with or without the armor, and can utilize the armor in cannon mode.

He has a handle that flips down to allow anyone to hold him as a weapon. For the Warrior Class, he is a sizable weapon, but not out of scale.


I am excited to see where the Weaponizers go from here. I think the balls, discs and torpedoes has been beaten into the ground. It will be nice to have more usable figures.

2 waves of 4-packs. Decepticons on the left, and Autobots on the right.


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