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Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers – 5 inch figures

I figured if I went with the 6.5 inch look at the Power Rangers yesterday, why not take a look at the MMPR wave we got a while back.  It took me a fair while to get my hands on the whole team.  All except the White Ranger.  Getting a painted Saba was not enough for me to pull the trigger for a second White Rangers since I have the same figure from Super Megaforce.

Gotta love the triangle boxes these figures came with. This was fun to get the whole team. I came into collecting Power Rangers later, just at the tail end of Super Megaforce, so most of the Rangers I have were from that line with the 5 inch figures, after the bump up from the 4 inch.

Overall, these figures are really fun. Since they are all the same scale, they can hang with Rangers from past seasons as long as they came out in the Super Megaforce line. We did end up with a whole bunch of Red Rangers and secondary Rangers, but not full teams beyond Super Megaforce, and of course Dino Charge that is going on now.

Now we are moving into the new 6.5 inch figures, and everything is changing again. I do hope they stick with the 5 inch figures, in case the 6.5 inch series does not gain traction. I do like the bigger figures, with better articulation, but these guys are pretty good on their own.  It will be a lot of fun to watch and see what happens with the future of Power Rangers moving forward.

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