Thunderhoof – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Warrior Class Wave 6


I could not believe that one of the earliest bad guys from RiD would not be in the first wave of figures. Instead, he was relegated to Wave 6. We have seen him in Legion Class, and 3-step changers (or 2-step, or whatever those terrible figures are called), but really it is the Warrior Class that really matters.

I think it was a good call to wait for him to get made. That way, he was made better. The colors are really well done. He matches blue all the way around. None of that part paint and part color matched plastic they try to get away with. He is all glossy and beautiful. Well, as beautiful as a tractor can be.

Again we see the animal theme going with the Decepticons. This time Thunderhoof represents a deer. So much so, that he has hoofed feet A nice touch there.

It was a nice pairing to put him with Quillfire. They could not be more different. From their overall look to their color schemes.


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