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SafariGaOh from Ressha Sentai ToQger: The Movie – Galaxy Line SOS

SafariGaOh is from Ressha Sentai ToQger: The Movie – Galaxy Line SOS. Basically a repaint of ToQ-Oh with new lion parts added.

The biggest change is with the redesign of Red Ressha inot Lion Ressha. Lion Ressha is still a steam locomotive, but this time around with a lion head at the front, and some added details down the sides.  It comes with a redesigned Fumikiriken, this time taking on the appearance of a lion tail, as opposed to a railroad crossing arm. It also comes with a lion mane, two claws for the front hands, and a large white piece that allows the back legs to be angled down to the ground for a four legged stance.

Eagle Ressha is a repaint of the long Shinkansen of Blue Ressha. This time around it is primarily orange and white.

Wildcat Ressha is a bit of a change. It is pink like the Pink Ressha, but it is powered by ToQ 3gou (yellow). The Pink and Yellow ToQgers have to switch sides in SafariGaOh since of course the arms cannot be on the opposite sides.

Aligator Ressha gets to keep the green color of Green Ressha, one of only two that retain their colors.

Panda Ressha is a black and white version of Yellow Ressha. In the movie, the ToQgers take on new forms when they use the Ressha in their ToQ Changers. It was a natural fit to switch Yellow and Pink for this formation because the attitude of Yellow is more fitting for a Wildcat, while Pink was much more suited for a Panda. Why they didn’t just recolor their own Ressha, I will never know, but it was done, and that is that.

The formation into SafariGaOh is the same as ToQ-Oh with the exception of adding the piece to the back for the hind legs. The lion mode of SafariGaOh is really good looking. The colors are much more subtle than ToQ-Oh, since most of the trains are white and then additionally colored.

There is quite a bit of movement in the forearms, allowing for some additional posing.

SafariGaOh has a robot mode as well as the lion mode. In the movie, SafariGaOh takes on the robot mode for a mere two or three seconds, just enough time to work with ToQ-Oh to attack with the ToQ Safari Double Kick! to destroy the enemy.

When the two Mecha are standing side by side, there looks to be a height advantage for SafariGaOh, since he additional hip accessory becomes a part of the neck area. This gives SafariGaOh just a slight advantage in height.

I did not know quite what to expect when I got this set. I knew it was going to be ToQ-Oh repainted, with some additional accessories. The new front engine, and the accessories really make this guy his own Mecha. Having him in Lion mode really stands out from the other figures in the line, since they are fairly flat figures.

This is the end for my Ressha Sentai ToQger collection, unless I am able to find a few of the missing support Ressha for a good deal at some time in the future. I am certainly not done with Super Sentai yet. ToQger has only fueled the fire of the Japanese versions of the toys, and I have already started to amass a new army, that I will hopefully be debuting after a cross-country vacation, where I am going to be taking my camera and new toys and hopefully finding some epic locals for some great photo shoots.

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