Spider-Gwen – Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Series

Spider-Gwen, alternate reality Gwen Stacy. Can’t go wrong with having one of the current favorite characters hitting the Marvel Legends line.

It was a pretty natural choice to make. We have already seen two Spider-Girls using this body, so it is not a surprise to see it once again.  This is not my favorite body. It is fairly thin, and that means we see a lot less articulation than we do with other, larger figures. Even the recent Mockingbird was big enough for full Marvel Legends articulation.

We see a pair of new heads this time around. Spider-Gwen’s mask is a nod to Spider-Man’s mask in the eyes, but with a pink spray around the eyes. It is definitely unique form all of the other Spider-People. She also has a hood that she can wear up. It allows for her head to move beneath, which is a nice touch.  Pop off the head, and you can change the hood to a down position. We also get an unmasked Gwen head, which is a must have. How many Spider-Men have we had without an unmasked version. We NEED a Peter Parker so Gwen and Peter can have a talk.

Gwen only comes with the hands that were on the body. For all of the hands we get with Spider-Man, we don’t see a lot of extras with the Spider-Women. It would have been nice to get alternate hands with this one. She has a fist and a web-shooting hand.

The BAF accessory she comes with is a wrecking ball for Absorbing Man. It is a plastic ball of junk. The chain is molded into place, and not in a good design. The ball is hollow, with a big fat seam running around it. I think this one is definitely going to need to be customized after I find the right thickness of chain to go with it.

Overall I like her. I don’t love this figure, mostly because of the small body with some poor articulation.She is definitely a must-have for Marvel Legends and Spider-Man fans. Anyone who doesn’t care about Gwen can skip her, since she does not have a necessary accessory for Absorbing Man.


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