Ressha Sentai ToQger – EX Legend Ressha (Full)

One of the fun aspects of ToQger was the crossover specials.  This is a tradition in the Super Sentai shows, where there is a great team-up with a past team, or with a Kamen Rider(s).  In ToQger, there was a team-up with both with ToQger vs. Kyoryuger.  Sadly we will not get to see ToQger in the US, as Saban is going to skip right over it.  There are a lot of aspects of the show I like a lot, and would liked to have seen where it would go in the US, but we don’t have the great train system of Japan, so it would be a really hard sell.  Well, with a little swap of the front engine of Red Ressha, Bandai was able to make a slew of new Ressha dedicated to past Super Sentai Teams.  And though Kyoryuger was the only one that was actually featured on film, the rest make a great collection, and connect to past Power Rangers teams.   Let’s get started…

EX Legend Ressha Shinkenger:

Shinkenger or as it is known in the US, Samurai and Super Samurai.

The Lion Folding Zord Ressha looks great. They did a great job of capturing the face of the lion and adding the top detail as well.

In robot mode, the head opens to reveal Samurai Megazords face, if not a little small. But the details are there.

EX Legend Ressha Gokaiger:

Gokaiger Ressha is related to the US version of Megaforce and Super Megaforce.  This is probably my second favorite of the Legend Ressha.

The front end looks like the Skyship, complete with the shield and everything.

EX Legend Ressha Kyoryuger:

Nobody can mistake the T-Rex Zord from Dino Charge and the upcoming Dino Super Charge. This Ressha version of Rexy looks great.

He has an opening mouth that makes him my favorite of the line.

He can be attached to the body to form ToQ-Oh Kyoryuzin, or it can be placed on the arm to make a mouth claw. Fun little extra.

Ressha Kyoryuger was the only Legend Ressha that was actually featured in the show, when they made ToQger Vs Kyoryuger.

EX Legend Ressha Den-O:

Ressha Den-O is the only Legend Ressha that cannot combine into the main torso of the ToQ-Oh.  In the movie, he was not a part of the body for long before being bumped out of place and forced into being the legs.

So, he was given a pair of twin Ressha that form the two legs.

EX Legend Ressha Go-Buster:

Ah, Go-Buster. One of the few Super Sentai shows that was not made into a Power Rangers show. Though there is talk about Dino Super Charge bringing some aspect of Go-Buster into the show.

The Go-Buster Ressha is based off of CB-01, the Red Buster’s car, that turns into a cheetah. So, we get a Reesha with a cheetah head. Pretty good idea for a bullet train, no?

EX Legend Ressha Go-Onger:

We are going to jump into the way back machine for Go-Onger which was from the US version of RPM.   It has a great engine coming out of the top of the train, with big wheels on the front.   Definitely a toy only Ressha.

EX Legend Ressha Goseiger:

Finally the Ressha of Goseiger, or Megaforce.  The Ressha has Gosei Dragon’s head, and it looks great.

This line is a whole lot of fun.   I am sad to see it end.   I have one last ToQger set to look at before I bid them farewell, as we move on to other series.  I am still holding out for a few other Ressha to eventually fall into my collection, but the prices have gone insane for for some of them, so I will be short just a couple of the Auxiliary Ressha.  Sometimes those are the breaks of toy collecting.

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