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Ressha Sentai ToQger – EX Legend Ressha (Full)

One of the fun aspects of ToQger was the crossover specials.  This is a tradition in the Super Sentai shows, where there is a great team-up with a past team, or with a Kamen Rider(s).  In ToQger, there was a team-up with both with ToQger vs. Kyoryuger.  Sadly we will not get to see ToQger in the US, as Saban is going to skip right over it.  There are a lot of aspects of the show I like a lot, and would liked to have seen where it would go in the US, but we don’t have the great train system of Japan, so it would be a really hard sell.  Well, with a little swap of the front engine of Red Ressha, Bandai was able to make a slew of new Ressha dedicated to past Super Sentai Teams.  And though Kyoryuger was the only one that was actually featured on film, the rest make a great collection, and connect to past Power Rangers teams.   Let’s get started…

EX Legend Ressha Shinkenger:

Shinkenger or as it is known in the US, Samurai and Super Samurai.

The Lion Folding Zord Ressha looks great. They did a great job of capturing the face of the lion and adding the top detail as well.

In robot mode, the head opens to reveal Samurai Megazords face, if not a little small. But the details are there.

EX Legend Ressha Gokaiger:

Gokaiger Ressha is related to the US version of Megaforce and Super Megaforce.  This is probably my second favorite of the Legend Ressha.

The front end looks like the Skyship, complete with the shield and everything.

EX Legend Ressha Kyoryuger:

Nobody can mistake the T-Rex Zord from Dino Charge and the upcoming Dino Super Charge. This Ressha version of Rexy looks great.

He has an opening mouth that makes him my favorite of the line.

He can be attached to the body to form ToQ-Oh Kyoryuzin, or it can be placed on the arm to make a mouth claw. Fun little extra.

Ressha Kyoryuger was the only Legend Ressha that was actually featured in the show, when they made ToQger Vs Kyoryuger.

EX Legend Ressha Den-O:

Ressha Den-O is the only Legend Ressha that cannot combine into the main torso of the ToQ-Oh.  In the movie, he was not a part of the body for long before being bumped out of place and forced into being the legs.

So, he was given a pair of twin Ressha that form the two legs.

EX Legend Ressha Go-Buster:

Ah, Go-Buster. One of the few Super Sentai shows that was not made into a Power Rangers show. Though there is talk about Dino Super Charge bringing some aspect of Go-Buster into the show.

The Go-Buster Ressha is based off of CB-01, the Red Buster’s car, that turns into a cheetah. So, we get a Reesha with a cheetah head. Pretty good idea for a bullet train, no?

EX Legend Ressha Go-Onger:

We are going to jump into the way back machine for Go-Onger which was from the US version of RPM.   It has a great engine coming out of the top of the train, with big wheels on the front.   Definitely a toy only Ressha.

EX Legend Ressha Goseiger:

Finally the Ressha of Goseiger, or Megaforce.  The Ressha has Gosei Dragon’s head, and it looks great.

This line is a whole lot of fun.   I am sad to see it end.   I have one last ToQger set to look at before I bid them farewell, as we move on to other series.  I am still holding out for a few other Ressha to eventually fall into my collection, but the prices have gone insane for for some of them, so I will be short just a couple of the Auxiliary Ressha.  Sometimes those are the breaks of toy collecting.

Fracture – Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Fracture is a good figure overall. He looks like his cartoon self, and has a great Decepticon paint scheme. Nothings screams Decepticon like being painted purple.

He comes with his large rifle. On the packaging, he is shown holding it with both hands. It doesn’t really work all that well. This is more of a single handed weapon for Fracture.

He transforms into his Earth version of a chopper. He has a great transformation that is a little more tricky than most of the Robots in Disguise figures, and it pays off with a great motorcycle. The main body is a little more bulky and short than it looks in the show, and an interesting change about since he is a tall skinny robot. The front end sticks out there really far, and looks great.

His rifle folds up and pegs onto the side of the bike like an exhaust pipe.

Overall I am really happy with this guy. I didn’t want the one-step changer version, and I am not really that excited about the Deployer version, so I was really happy that this version finally came out.

Taskmaster and Red Onslaught – Marvel Legends – Red Onslaught Wave

Finally I was able to get my hands on the last figure I needed in the Red Skull Wave. It was a bit difficult. I could not find him in the store after I passed on him to get Mockingbird and Scourge on a weekend getaway back when the wave was first released. So, having seen him in the store and not getting him kind of stung a bit later on. I could see him on Amazon, but he was going for $34, and I was not going to pay that much extra for him. Finally at the end of last week, the price dropped at Amazon to a reasonable $19.99.

Taskmaster is a really nice figure. I was laughing at him initially when I got him out of the package. He stole his shield from Captain America. His mask looks like he copied Skeletor. He took his light saber from Darth Vader. Add in metal limbs stolen from RoboCop, and this guy doesn’t look all that original. But really, he does.

He is very well done indeed. His details are great. From the paint on his torso, to the great details on his limbs. He has fantastic articulation, as we should get from ALL of the Marvel Legends. The overall outfit is the New Taskmaster outfit. Much more tactical and less flashy. He has gun holsters over his shoulders.

His shield is Captain America’s, but painted with Taskmaster’s emblem. That is good because it has the swivel on the back to be a clamp for his arm, or a post for his back. He also comes with an orange sword. I had not seen him using a laser sword before.

Tasky comes with an alternate head that goes along with the New Taskmaster outfit, but he looks less like Taskmaster with the dark hood and more skeletal face plate.

Red Onslaught:

Let Red Skull rise again!

This is not the Red Skull we saw in Captain America: The First Avenger (which we did get a figure of). This is Red Onslaught, and he is bad news. Very powerful and very smart. Something that Red Skull had a problem with before. He was smart, and could hold his own in a fight for a little while, but he could not compete with Cap for the long haul.

This is a perfect example of a Build-a-Figure. He is huge, standing two heads taller than any other figure in the line. He is solid. The pieces fit together well, and he has heft to him to keep him in place. And he is beautiful. Taking into account the horrible red skull face, (which is well done in it’s own right) the rest of Red Skull is a lovely mix of red and purple. And it is so shiny.

Overall this is a fantastic wave. The eight figures are so different and fantastic when placed together. The four main bad guys are well done, with two that look more tactical, and two that are fun and cartoony.  On the other side, the three good guys are well done in their own right. Cap, which we have seen so many times, came with a wolf head this time. The two ladies are different body molds, so they don’t look too similar.  And then there is the great Build a Figure that just completes this set.

Up next, we finally get to move onto the Absorbing Man wave that came out at the same time as this one.  I was able to track down all of those figures a bit faster… so stay tuned.

Decepticon Hunter Bumblebee vs Major Mayhem and Decepticon Hunter Grimlock vs Back/Forth – Mini-Con Battle Pack Wave 2 (Robots in Disguise)

This is wave 2 of the Mini-Con Battle Packs that includes on Autobot with a bunch of special armor, and a Decepticon Mini-Con.

Decepticon Hunter Bumblebee vs Major Mayhem:

Bumblebee comes with Major Mayhem. In the show, Major Mayhem is a bunch of characters, so it is a bummer for anyone who wants to army build this guy. You will have to army build with a bunch of Bumblebees too. That could get pretty expensive.

Our fearless leader is in the new Commander-style scale, where he is an in-between size from the Legion and Warrior Classes.

He fits in so well in scale with the Warrior Class figures of the big guys like Grimlock and Optimus.

Bumbleebee comes with 5 pieces of armor and a gun. The first gun we have seen the Robots in Disguise Bee carry so far. The armor is for the shins, shoulders, and head. The gun fits in well with what we have seen in the show.

Major Mayhem is a cyclone style mini-con, or a dude that changes into a ball. His transformation is as simple as it comes. He has a strangely long neck to get his head out to the front of his body.

Bumblebee’s armor can combine with his weapon as the gimmick goes. It becomes a gun.

It is very reminiscent of the gun that was given to the Generations Bumblebee back in 2013.

Decepticon Hunter Grimlock vs Back/Forth:

Grimlock come with 7 plates of armor and no weapon. He comes with Back/Forth who is yet another Cyclone Mini-Con. We have a lot of balls going on in this series. I would have thought we would see a torpedo type in here somewhere.

Grimlocks size is a bit on the small size, but he is a bigger figure, so he is too big for each of the scales. This Commander Class is too big for the Legion Class, and too small for other figures in the Commander Class with him. But he is not a total waste. This is the best example we have of Grimlock so far. He has better transformation than the Legion Class, and he doesn’t have the wobbly elbows that has plagued the Warrior Class Grimlock. The color is good, with more of a green look to him.

When he gets his armor on, it is clear that he IS the weapon. He didn’t have a weapon in his regular form, he shouldn’t need one as a Decepticon Hunter. On his forearms, he has long saws that can be used as a weapon.

When the armor pieces are combined, it creates a dangerous looking T-Rex head that Grimmy can wear on his arm.

Better yet, he can also use it in dino mode, where he gets an extra-big head to attack with.

Overall these are fun figures.  The armor works well, and stays in place.   The weapons are pretty fun for the most part.  I think they did a better job with Bumblebee and Grimlock with the execution of the armor, and combining it into a weapon.

There is one more wave coming out in the future with Strongarm, and it looks like Sideswipe again?  It looks like the next wave will feature Autobot Weaponizers versions of Mini-Cons, so we could get an epic Sideswipe and Strongarm with some great weapons capabilities.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Mini-Con Battle Pack – Wave 1 – Optimus Prime vs Bludgeon and Sideswipe vs Anvil

As we continue on in the world of Robots in Disguise, we are taken on a long journey of the Mini-Cons.  We are starting to see lots and lots of repaints popping up from Scorch to Blizzard paint jobs.  One of the new stand outs in the Mini-Cons sub line is the Mini-Con Battle Packs.  A Decepticon Mini-Con is packed in with an new scale Autobot, and armor for the Autobot to help catch the Mini-Con.  We are going to take a look at Wave 1, consisting of Optimus and Sideswipe.

Decepticon Hunter Optimus Prime vs Bludgeon

Optimus Prime comes with the transparent armor we have seen the Mini-Cons come with up until now.  They usually have a sprue with the parts attached.   Take them off and power up the Mini-Con.   This time around, the power goes to the Autobot!  Optimus comes with 6 armor pieces, and an axe.  He also comes with Bludgeon, who we see here for the first time.

The new scale for the Mini-Con Battle Packs is similar to the Commander Class scale we saw in the Transformers: Prime line.  This scale is larger, and has better articulation.

Pretty standard for transformation.  Optimus becomes the annoying truck that does not have a bend between the cab and the trailer.  I wish we were still in the days of Optimus being just a cab.  Bludgeon is a “cyclone” mini-con and turns into a ball.  He is a pretty spiky ball to be sure.

Dressed in his armor, Optimus looks pretty good.  It is a good start to this sub-line.  He keeps his articulation, and the parts hold fast.  The only trouble I had was the helmet does not want to click into the chest plate to stay attached very well, but it holds in place when over his face.

When all else fails, hit it with a bigger hammer.  All of the armor plates combine to form a really big axe, or what looks to me to be more of a hammer.  Optimus will really be able to catch some Mini-Cons with this!  This also stays together very well when all of the pieces are attached.

Decepticon Hunter Sideswipe vs Anvil

Sideswipe is the second character for the first wave of the Mini-Con Battle Packs.   He comes with 7 armor plates and a weapon.  It looks like some sort of cub.  Quite a change from his sword.  He comes with Anvil.  This is the first appearance of Anvil in the RiD toy line.

Sideswipe, like Optimus is a part of the new scale of what should be called Commander Class figures.   He is about half way between the Legion and Warrior Classes.   The best part of this new scale, is that he is now in scale with the Warrior Class of the larger characters like Optimus and Grimlock.

It allows the too-small Optimus in the Warrior Class to have a better scale to play with.

The transformation is again straightforward for both Sideswipe and Anvil.   Sideswipe is the same sports car we have seen before.  His transformation is closer to the Warrior Class than the Legion Class.   Anvil, like Bludgeon is a “cyclone”, this becoming a ball.

When Sideswipe dons his armor, it is pretty good.  He has claws on his hands.  The chest and helmet look really good.   On his shins, he has large plates that work well.   Then there is the star on his shoulder.  What a strange piece to include.  If they had two of them to allow for both shoulders, I could see that.  But this one shoulder star is a bit weird to me.

When Sideswipe dons his armor, it is pretty good.  He has claws on his hands.  The chest and helmet look really good.   On his shins, he has large plates that work well.   Then there is the star on his shoulder.  What a strange piece to include.  If they had two of them to allow for both shoulders, I could see that.  But this one shoulder star is a bit weird to me.

Combine the armor pieces together, and Sideswipe has a claw arm for catching Mini-Cons.  You know how yucky Mini-Cons are…  The claw actually does not open at all, so the opening is not large enough for holding a Mini-Con.

How unfortunate.

Together for Wave 1, Optimus and Sideswipe make a good team.   Their armor colors are a little too similar for being in the same wave.  Up next, we will take a look at Wave 2.  I think they got the ball rolling with these two, but the next two figures really are better.

Wreck-Gar – Transformers: Generations – Combiner Wars: Sky Reign

Wreck-Gar was originally supposed to be a part of Sky-Reign, even going so far as to have early box art that said as much. If you know the Combiner Wars line, Wreck-Gar can be used as a chest shield on Defensor, like Groove did in an earlier release. It seemed funny to do that, since there is no way to actually attach Wreck-Gar to Sky Reign’s chest.

Wreck-Gar is a retool of Groove. A retool in so far as a repaint with a new head attached. Not a whole lot of a retool there. The paint work is great, and really makes WG look quite different from Groove.  After getting Wreck-Gar for the first time in 2011 with a nearly flawless figure, a Legends Class figure is not a great way to follow it up. The robot mode is okay.

The Legends Class figures are better than the Legion Class figures, which are just way too small and lack the articulation. These figures at least have elbows and knees, and have some fun transformations.

I cannot say that this looks a whole lot like a motorcycle. It is a bit more like a giant scooter. I think it was probably pretty hard to get something in this scale to look like a good motorcycle. Leave that to the larger Deluxe scale from now on. Though we are going to potentially see this reused as Rust Dust for Victorian, and Override if you are after some of the Japanese releases.

Overall, I have been so happy with the Combiner Wars line. It has been very successful. With only a few hick-ups along the way, it is a great line.

And a side note.  Don’t join the Combiner Wars if you don’t have a Combiner to attach to…

Whirlwind and Cottonmouth – Marvel Legends – Red Skull Wave

Just a couple of strange units out to make someone’s day pretty terrible.



Whirlwind is quite and interesting dude. He started off his criminal career known as the Human Top. Come on! The Human Top! Really?!?! He went away to prison for a little while and later came out and donned his new outfit as Whirlwind. A great upgrade to costume and name.

With this new Whirlwind, he has the mutant ability to spin around really fast, thus the moniker Whirlwind. As if a guy who can spin around, fly, and create tornados is not bad enough, he attached saw blades to his wrists to up the ante on his level of danger.

The figure is really well done. It looks just like the comic version in color and design. He is one of the lesser known figures in the wave, so he really needed to stand apart for people to get him. The outfit is pretty great, with a really nice mix of the dark green and dark metallic grey to give a more menacing look to a potentially silly looking character.

He has all of the standard movement we love in the Marvel Legends line by Hasbro. It is kind of funny that he is in the wave with Cap, since it was apparent when I set them up to fight, that they have the same legs, and biceps. A few reused parts is something we have seen before, and should not be surprised by now. It is fine since the legs work fantastically for his comic accurate appearance.

His chest is all new, as well as his forearms. The arms have posts attached at the wrists for the saw blades to attach. The blades are removable.

The head is the part that stands out the most. A bullet with fins. He also has a face under that mask. I am really impressed with Hasbro here. If you take off the head, there is a sculpted face under there, and the helmet is attached to the face/head. I would love for someone to take it apart to figure out what they did there, but it sure isn’t going to be me.


Cottonmouth is a lot bigger than he appears at first glance. He is about half a head taller than the other figures in the line.

He is a pretty menacing looking guy, for wearing purple and yellow. He uses a pretty standard buck with a specially sculpted head. He also has big hands with sharp claws. I am not positive, but the hands seem familiar, and I think we have seen them before.

His face is front and center there under his suit. He has a bit of a crazy look in his eyes. It turns out we don’t get to see all of what Cottonmouth is about with this head sculpt. He has a bionic jaw that he can open wide enough to hold a human head.

This is a pretty much unknown trio of bad guys to be put together for the casual comic reader. They dug deep into the depths for these three, but they are all different, and they make a fun team.  Cottonmouth and Whirlwind combine forces with Scourge to try and put the hurt on S.H.I.E.L.D. Cap and the ladies have something to say about that.

And now there is just one missing.  Where oh where are you, Taskmaster?!?  I will find you!

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