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Captain America – Marvel Legends – Red Skull Wave

Of course the first picture I want to post on here is Capwolf! How many Captain America’s have we had? Plus we are getting another one in the next wave of Marvel Legends to go along with Civil War. So, really the only reasons to get Cap is for the BAF part, and/or Capwolf.

Cap is fairly straight forward as figures go. he has all of the articulation in all of the right places. He is strong, muscular, and represents the comic version very well. So far, I have 8 Caps ranging from the Marvel Legends size down to the 3.75 inch figures. Sometimes they are good, and sometimes they are not the best, but overall, Cap has always had a good representation in the figure world.

I guess with this wave being Red Skull, we needed to have Captain America in there. As it stands, there are three good guys and 5 bad guys including the Red Skull BAF, so they needed another good guy in there. Guess they thought people wanted Cap in there to punch out Red Skull yet again. But this time around, they were nice enough to give us Capwolf’s head, so at least we don’t have to have quite so many of the same guy lining the shelf.

He comes with two hands, that we have seen before. He has a pointing hand, and a saluting hand, that could be used as a karate chop hand too, I guess. He also comes with his shield that has a swivel piece on the back that allows it to be worn on Cap’s arm, or it can be turned to reveal a post so Cap can wear it on his back.

There have been others who have already talked about the one last accessory that is a total waste. The shoulder straps. Within seconds of me getting Cap out of the box, the straps fell off. The only way I can see keeping them on would be to add a strap across the back that holds the two straps in tight to his shoulders. I figured I would tinker around with that when I have a free moment.

Speaking of free moments, mine have been quite filled. I have begun work on my next diorama piece that I have to say has started out fantastically. I am working with some new mediums and branching out into other concepts, such as height to my scene. I will be showing the preliminary photos next of some of the work I have done.

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